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MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU: New creams harness the power of natural electricity

Beauty Wonkette is no stranger to the use of microcurrents in skincare. In fact, she is quite fond of her NuFace device. And, yes, it has long been understood that skin cells naturally communicate and stimulate repair and regeneration via tiny electrical currents. These currents are stronger in young skin, and weaken as we age.

This knowledge inspired U.S. scientists at Johnson & Johnson, parent company of the skincare giants RoC and Neutrogena, to discover a way to harness the power of natural bio-electricity in a pot. And this year, both companies launched new high-tech skin creams which claim to do just this.

Described as a 'true revolution in skincare' RoC's Brillance range contains E-Pulse Skin Electro-Stimulation Technology, which is protected by no less than ten U.S. patents, while Neutrogena's Clinical Skin Care also contains a patented ion2 complex.

Both claim to rejuvenate in a similar way - by producing low level micro-currents to boost collagen, making sk…

Beauty Wonkette Plays Frugalista with a Fabulous Foundation

Although Beauty Wonkette doesn't wear foundation herself, L’Oreal True Match foundation ($9 at just about any drugstore) caught her eye when burlesque star Dita Von Teese recommended it on Twitter. It turned out that Beauty Wonkette's 3 testers also loved the light, buildable coverage. And, with 24 different shades in three undertones (cool, warm, and neutral), you’re sure to find a perfect match for your skin. BW's tip: Apply foundation with your fingertips and then follow by buffing your skin with a powder brush for a flawless finish.

Woo Hoo - Beauty Wonkette Loves This Full Body Facelift!

Beauty Wonkette seriously loves spa days, but has trouble finding the time. So, when she finds an at-home treatment that is truly worthy, she becomes a true devotee. Well, this little jar of magic isn't just spa WORTHY, the fact is it yields better results than just about any spa treatment Beauty Wonkette can recall.

Yes, indeedy, masques/masks aren't just for faces anymore -- to give your body a full tune-up for swimsuit season, try Ole Henriksen's African Red Tea Indulgent Body Mask. Algae firms up areas where skin is loosing elasticity, Bentonite and kaolin clay detoxify, honey inhibits bacterial growth, yogurt and vitamin C hydrate and improve skin tone. Either incorporate the mask into your daily routine -- midway through your shower, after cleansing and exfoliating the entire body, work the mask with your fingertips into every inch of your skin, from the toes to the neck. Wash off after 30 seconds. For a deeper firming treatment, Henriksen suggests applying the mask…

The RETURN of Beauty Wonkette !!!

Yup - this time I'm back for good (more or less. Yes, my lovelies, Beauty Wonkette missed you....sorta. BW cannot tell a lie. We spent 3 months in Tuscany renovating our dream house. BW loves you, but did NOT miss you - or anybody else for that matter... xoxo