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Winter Has Arriived....And so has dry, itchy skin

Beauty Wonkette is a child of the Mediterranean.  Translation:  Beauty Wonkette has pretty oily skin.  But, even with a humidifier running, the dry air that heats both her home and office makes for itchy, sometimes downright ashy, (body) skin.  Beauty Wonkette cannot walk around scratching like a monkey.  Nope.  BW refuses to live with winter itchiness.

“A body conditioner works just like a hair conditioner, but on your body,” reads the label onLush’s body conditioner, African Paradise. Translation: This is the product you need if you cannot live with skin dryness. It's heavy-duty stuff. 
BW approached African Paradise as if it were a hair conditioner and rubbed on a handful after a shower. It smelled nutty, like melted chocolate — a result of the cocoa and shea butter rounding out the ingredients list. Other oils, including almond, moringa, and baobab, make the conditioner into a moisturizing magnet. I let it sit on my skin for about a minute (the directions don’t indicate how lon…

A Bargain Shampoo That Cleanses Like a Pro

Hello hello hello.  It's good to be back in the U.S. (mostly...hehe).  As Beauty Wonkette resumes posting, in order to keep things fresh, we occasionally use friends, family, and people we kidnap as LAB RATS.  It keeps things fresh.

     In this case, BW was assisted by her able VERY CURLY HEADED assistant to test this new shampoo.  BW could have used her own head, but BW wanted to try it on somebody who used ALOT of hair product for reasons that will soon be apparent.  She fit the bill better than BW.  So fellow Wonkettes.....

Here's the rub with curly, dry, or chemically treated hair: While moisturizers, masks, and oils keep dull and dehydrated hair at bay, they also leave a nasty coating of buildup on the scalp. This buildup, which often resembles greasy gray yogurt (fun!), inhibits hair growth, triggers flakes, and cramps any decent style. Hair Food's Root Cleansing Shampoo claims to wash away cakey buildup without drying hair. Seeing as how my Lab Rat's scalp…

Skin-Care Secrets From Around The World: FRANCE

France: Natural Beauty?

     Beauty Wonkette knows that it’s not news that French women are ahead of the curve in the realm of aesthetics — beauty being no exception. But, their beauty “secret” might shock most American women, because the way French women stay beautiful is not necessarily a secret — it’s more a state of mind.
     “French women understand that perfection is not possible and accept the good and the bad. They prefer the look of bare skin, to have a healthy glow, and be proud of it,” says Isabelle Bellis, a French-born epidermologist and holistic nutritionist. “French women are more concerned with keeping their skin soft, glowing, and clean rather than treating wrinkles and dark spots.” 
     And, while Bellis admits that wrinkles and anti-aging are issues, she notes that women in France will focus more on the overall feel and texture of the skin as opposed to erasing the effects of time. “They’re more obsessed with the softness of the skin,” she says, adding that they bala…

Skin-Care Secrets From Around The World: U.K.

Beauty Wonkette's series on international beauty secrets continues.  Let's check out what's happening across the pond in the U.K.

U.K.: Ahead Of The Curve

     Our sisters in the U.K. are often the first to catch on to many trends, be it the latest reality show or the next boy band. AND Beauty Wonkettes in the UD can also teach us a thing or two about beauty, says Jane Cunningham, editor of blogs British Beauty Blogger and The Beauty +. 
     While American women are accustomed to cutting-edge beauty services being as accessible as a cup of Starbucks coffee, our British counterparts have become far more industrious — and knowledgeable — about beauty. “There isn’t a nail bar on every corner, even in London,” says Cunningham. “And, there isn’t a waxing salon on every high street, which means we’re more likely to tackle those things at home. It makes us very adept at waxing our own legs and doing our own manicures and blowouts.”
     Which is not to say the Brits are missing out …

Skin-Care Secrets From Around The World: CHINA

Okay, my sister Beauty Wonkettes, our global tour continues.  Today, let's take a look at China.

China: Light Bright

     Bottom line: Chinese women are way ahead of their American counterparts in terms of protecting their skin from the elements. Dr. Yuanhong Li, professor and vice chairman of the department of dermatology at China Medical University, says Chinese women are typically more concerned with achieving whiter, brighter skin as opposed to combating wrinkles, which she says is a result of careful planning (and a bit of genetic luck).
     “Thanks to the inborn yellow color in Chinese skin, which acts as a natural barrier to photo-aging, Chinese women typically don’t worry about fine lines and wrinkles until their 40s,” she notes. She adds that, unlike American women, Chinese women are taught from a very early age to worship the sunscreen, not the sun. “They’ll wear a thick layer of sunscreen, a wide-brimmed hat, and even an umbrella in the sun,” says Dr. Li.

Skin-Care Secrets From Around The World - a new series from Beauty Wonkette

Beauty Wonkette is a red, white, and blue AMERICAN GIRL.  But, with that said, Beauty Wonkette must admit that while we Americans may think we know our beauty, anyone who’s ever witnessed the detailed skin-care program of a gal from Korea knows there’s, um, always room for improvement. Read on to discover the many, many ways women around the globe are light-years ahead of us in the States when it comes to taking care of their skin — and then steal some of their secrets. Check back often as Beauty Wonkette globe trots, tossing out fab skin care secrets as we go....

First up:  


     Innovation and newness are biggies with the beauty-obsessed Japanese consumer, and Japanese women are up for pretty much anything to combat the signs of aging, says model, blogger, and Tokyo transplant Cynthia Popper. “Japan is obsessed with youth — maybe even more so than the States — and anti-aging products sell like mad here,” she says. Popper notes that even gimmicky offerings likedrin…

Beauty Wonkette's CliffsNotes Guide to Acid 101

Acids can be the most important part of your skin-care routine. That is, as long as you know your ferulic from your salicylic. Indeed, all acids are not created equal, which is why it's worth it to learn the real deal on each one and, in turn, avoid unnecessary reactions (not to mention, never shell out big bucks for a product that's totally wrong for your skin type ever again).  After consulting with several of Beauty Wonkette's favorite dermatologists, we present a reasonable approximation of which acids will brighten us up, zap our acne, and generally leave our mugs as smooth as a baby's butt. Read on and bring this along as a cheat sheet the next time you go skin-care shopping.

Salicylic Acid 
Salicylic acid also goes by the name beta hydroxy acid.  It is a keratolytic agent (meaning that it removes the top layer of skin when pores are clogged). BW's derm recommends the ingredient for oily skin, but reports that it can also be used on drier or sensitive skin, as…

Go Bang Yourself!

No this is not a post about masturbation!  It is about bangs - do it yourself bangs to be more precise.

    Shortly after Beauty Wonkette's last haircut, she regretted not having asked for bangs.  We've all been there at one time or bang or not to bang.  It is a quandry you can belabor for ages!  But then, once you decide to indeed bang, if you are anything like Beauty Wonkette, you want to do it right that minute!  So, what to do?  Do you head back to see your stylist?  If your stylist is anything like mine, you can forget the whole RIGHT NOW thing.  What to do?  Bang yourself!  It's easy.  Follow BW's instructions and we promise you will not end up looking like your sibling attacked you with arts & crafts scissors (and, yes, BW's brother did just that when she was 9).

Here it is.  Beauty Wonkette's go-to guide for fixing up some face fringe in five quick steps.

1. Get your hair completely straight. Blow your hair out, add a flat iron, do w…

Beauty Wonkette investigates whether lip balm helps OR makes lips more chapped....

In this winter of our discontent, where every inch of skin moisture counts, Beauty Wonkette comes head-to-head with the age-old beauty dilemma: Does applying lip balm actually make our lips drier with every swipe?

Soooo, wanting to get the truth about the hydrating abilities of lip balm, Beauty Wonkette talked to Dr. Joshua Zeichner, a New York-based dermatologist and director of cosmetic and clinical research at Mount Sinai Medical Center.

It turns out, the formulation of some lip balms and treatments can cause your lips to feel drier, even with religious application. For example, formulations that contain salicylic acid, which is often included to slough off dead skin cells from the lips, might not be the best idea. “Ingredients like salicylic acid can exfoliate dead cells from the surface of the lips, but can also cause skin irritation, leading to inflammation and dryness,”says Zeichner.

Other potential irritants include camphor, phenol, and menthol, which are included in some for…

LASHES & LIPS! BEAUTY WONKETTE hits the drugstore :D

Beauty Wonkette has many secret shames, but the love of cheap, drugstore beauty products is definitely NOT one of them. Last month, on a business trip to Europe, the airline lost my entire, carefully packed suitcase for four days (which especially sucked since BW was only there for 5 days ..... grrrrr).  Besides, sometimes you just want something amazing that costs less than a double espresso.  AND sometimes you just want to try out a wild color without necessarily committing to it. Beauty Wonkette dutifully tested hoards of the newest drugstore lip and lash products — and some winners emerged. From two-dollar Popsicle lips to a mascara guard that protects against smudgy upper eyes, Beauty Wonkette's favs?  Read on my lovelies....

Revlon's ColorBurst Matte Balm is Beauty Wonkette's new favorite drugstore lip product. I went to an event the other night where this fell out of my overpacked bag, and a bunch of beauty editors all proudly flourished the very same product. The c…