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Beauty Wonkette likes her tresses shiny BUT if you want to rock the matte trend....

Fashion swings like a pendulum, and these days, it’s describing an arc away from super-shiny hair of dubious provenance, toward matte tresses as messy as an unmade bed. The look began on the Paris runways this spring and summer, where models wearing shimmering, reflective fabrics sported hair that was the opposite of the glossy clothes: flat in texture, full of body and deliberately dulled down.

Surprisingly, the look of two-day-old hair seemed fresh, and the trend has taken off, appealing to women who want a bad-girl edge that says “I’m not trying too hard.” For its star practitioner, look no further than Twilight’s Kristen Stewart, an actress who rocks the matte look both on and off camera.

Careful readers of fashion magazines will notice that the “no product look” can be seen on models in both articles and ads, with bed-head hair that is neither shiny nor stick-straight. It’s as if they all “just said no” to silicone (products, that is).

Get the Matte Look
Summer is the perfect time to…

Purdy tootsies CAN be achieved

SOME PEOPLE are convinced that Beauty Wonkette has a foot fetish. WEG.... Nah, she doesn't really. BUT, Beauty Wonkette does believe that good grooming includes keeping her tootsies soft and purdy. It ain't hard. Really. Read on!

For stunning tootsies all year round, follow this nourishing routine:

The 6-step Professional Pedicure
At least twice a year (once before the summer season and once before the winter holidays), treat yourself to an intensive professional pedicure. Beauty Wonkette indulges far more frequently. Costly? Nah. Beauty Wonkette does it herself. But, whether the pampering will be done in the privacy of your home or at your favorite spa or salon, choose a treatment that includes the following steps:

1. A salt bath to soften feet.

2. Callus removal, which therapists usually carry out by first brushing a special softening solution onto the affected area and then using a brand-new or properly sanitized tool.

3. A sugar scrub to exfoliate the whole foot.

4. A fo…


Take raspberry seed oil, add a splash of apricot, honeysuckle and lavender, shake well with gingko leaf and carrot root, and top with a dash of rye seed.

Beauty Wonkette licked her lips (yes, yes 'tis no secret that Beauty Wonkette loves things that taste good :D )But, Beauty Wonkette snapped out of it cause she knows this isn't the recipe for a super antioxidant smoothie. It's what's in the new protective serum from luxury organic skincare line Om Aroma & Co.

Launching today, the all-natural, paraben-free Red Raspberry Serum ($58 for 1 oz.) has everything necessary to deliciously fight fine lines, restore natural glow and provide natural UVA and UVB protection. Just massage in the serum twice a day after cleansing.

Are you a NYC Beauty Wonkette? Need your daily serving of fruit? Join Om Aroma tonight to celebrate the launch at their storefront in Limelight Marketplace from 6-8PM, and enjoy red raspberry mocktails and special offers.


Om Aroma & Co. at Limeli…