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Exfoliators: The Unsung Heroes of Skin Care

Hopefully, by now, Beauty Wonkette has convinced beauty wonkettes everywhere that if you’re not regularly buffing your skin, it’s not living up to its total hot potential. Indeed, almost all dermatologists agree that exfoliators are the unsung heroes of skin care. It’s easy enough to understand.

As teens, our skin cells flake off and reveal a more luminous layer ever 14 days. But for every year past the age of 20, that rate increases by a day. Put your shoes back on! Calculations are NOT necessary. If you’re old enough to be reading Beauty Wonkette, you should be exfoliating ! Now, although there are loads of exfoliators out there – some of ‘em gritty, others packed with acids in the form of fruit enzymes – the fact is that Beauty Wonkette doesn’t want you to slap just any crap on your kisser. Furthermore, please remember that truly seeing results that last more than an hour or so after exfoliating, you need to do it consistently. Hence, you have to find what’s right for you. …

New Year's Guide 2011

New Year's Eve is most definitely NOT Beauty Wonkette's favorite holiday. In fact, it's probably below Flag Day on Beauty Wonkette's list of favorite holidays. But, since it's unavoidable, here are thirteen sparkling-cocktail recipes from some favorite NY drink dens to help you ring in the New Year with a pop.

Aperol Spritz (View Recipe)
From The Mermaid Inn
This simple cocktail has just two ingredients: the tart, rhubarb-infused spirit Aperol, and the wallet-friendly prosecco. Finish with a twist.

Aviators Tipple (View Recipe)
From Martim Ake Smith-Mattsson at Double Crown
This drink gets a pop of color from maraschino syrup and a swirl of creme de violette.

The Bianco Royale (View Recipe)
From BLT Bar & Grill
VeeV acai liqueur, honey syrup, lemon juice, and rose water mingle with chilled prosecco in this floral cocktail.

Black Mission Fig Mimosa (View Recipe)
From Marc Forgione
For a dose of farm-to-table in a glass: This drink marries homemade fig syrup with walnut l…

5 quick fixes using stuff you probably DO have

Holy Guacamole!!! Beauty Wonkette was NOT ready for yesterday's storm. Fortunately, the holidays left BW well-stocked with food and spirits. But, it always seems to be the case that even a hoarder like Beauty Wonkette finds herself without certain essentials - and there needn't be a snowstorm to cause it. Anyway, anyway, here are a few gems we've collected for what happens when you just are OUT of something...

Shampoo as makeup remover: It's not ideal, but this will do until you can make it to your beauty supply store to pick up makeup remover. Baby shampoo with water will help remove thick layers of makeup from your face, and it won't irritate your eyes.

Conditioner as shaving cream: You may have forgotten to put shaving cream on your shopping list, but no worries. You probably have conditioner, which will do the job for now. Its moisturizing ingredients should help the razor glide over your skin smoothly and help avoid razor burn. In fact, Beauty Wonkette uses …

Claire's lashes ?!?!?!

Are Claire Danes' luscious lashes giving her hell? The Emmy Award-winning actress joined Brooke Shields this summer as a celebrity spokesperson for Latisse, the eyelash growth treatment from the makers of Botox -- but she seems to have suffered one of the product's side effects.

Danes, in a flouncy dress, touts, "When Your Lashes Grow, Your Lashes Show," while showing off longer, darker lashes in a TV and online commercial with the list of possible adverse reactions.

In a video diary on the Latisse Web site documenting her 16-week journey, Danes admitted, "When I first started using Latisse, I did actually have a side effect, the skin around my eyes was a little bit red that lasted for about a week. But since then, no, I haven't had any side effects."

However, a highly reliable source claims that Danes' makeup artist has to plaster on concealer to cover the purplish and yellowish shade. "It is hard to cover it up," the source said.

Beauty …

les perles de chanel.....spring 2011

Although Beauty Wonkette generally doesn't shrink away from the cold, (IN FACT, she likes the winter), for some reason she was longing for a little bit of Spring. Guess what? The ghost of Coco Chanel responded!

TAAAA DAAAAAA! (drum roll....)
Chanel's Spring 2011 nail polish lineup! Les Vernis in Pearl Drop, Black Pearl and Peche Nacree.

Coco Chanel believed the light-reflecting property of pearls enhanced a woman’s natural beauty by bringing a delicate luminosity to her skin. Peter Philips, Global Creative Director of CHANEL Makeup, captures this quality in a radiant Spring 2011 Collection, LES PERLES DE CHANEL. Pearlized shades of black and white are accented with pinks and corals, brightening the complexion and creating a natural glow."

Ohhh that Coco! The polish will be available in January on and Chanel counters for $23.

Beauty Wonkette needs a mani/pedi way before then.

A Model of Enduring Beauty....

Beauty Wonkette has always thought Iman was amazingly gorgeous, with her regal body and perfect skin. And — after 35 years as a beauty and fashion icon, she's still recognized as an enduring beauty by both the public and the industry (she received a Fashion Icon Lifetime achievement award this year from the Council of Fashion Designers of America.)

So how has she managed to keep her spectacular body and looks after 35 years in the public eye?

Iman told Allure that she credits her radiance in middle age to things that many of us could do better (like sunscreen everyday), and to things that some of us consider a luxury - like professional facials. And, of course, it doesn't hurt that she has her own makeup artist who uses things like mink false lashes to create her gorgeous looks.

But not all of her beauty secrets are highbrow. For instance, the former supermodel admits that she doesn't know how she ever lived without Moroccan Oil (neither can Beauty Wonkette, actually). Mo…

Beauty Wonkette wishes you a Merry Merry....

Ahhhh I know. Beauty Wonkette has been a bad girl. She hasn't posted for so long. Indeed, some would argue that all Beauty Wonkette deserves in HER stocking is a big, old, dirty lump of coal (that's right, you say, COAL not KOHL).

But, Beauty Wonkette has an excellent excuse. First, Beauty Wonkette is now MRS. Beauty Wonkette. No, no - I didn't marry somebody named Beauty Wonkette BUT I did marry. Yep. Again. Hehe.

AND, one of the perks of BW's real job is international travel. And travel BW did...

Okay - enough! Bottom line: BEAUTY WONKETTE IS BACK!

And, she's wishing you and yours a very MERRY MERRY...

Beauty Wonkette likes her tresses shiny BUT if you want to rock the matte trend....

Fashion swings like a pendulum, and these days, it’s describing an arc away from super-shiny hair of dubious provenance, toward matte tresses as messy as an unmade bed. The look began on the Paris runways this spring and summer, where models wearing shimmering, reflective fabrics sported hair that was the opposite of the glossy clothes: flat in texture, full of body and deliberately dulled down.

Surprisingly, the look of two-day-old hair seemed fresh, and the trend has taken off, appealing to women who want a bad-girl edge that says “I’m not trying too hard.” For its star practitioner, look no further than Twilight’s Kristen Stewart, an actress who rocks the matte look both on and off camera.

Careful readers of fashion magazines will notice that the “no product look” can be seen on models in both articles and ads, with bed-head hair that is neither shiny nor stick-straight. It’s as if they all “just said no” to silicone (products, that is).

Get the Matte Look
Summer is the perfect time to…

Purdy tootsies CAN be achieved

SOME PEOPLE are convinced that Beauty Wonkette has a foot fetish. WEG.... Nah, she doesn't really. BUT, Beauty Wonkette does believe that good grooming includes keeping her tootsies soft and purdy. It ain't hard. Really. Read on!

For stunning tootsies all year round, follow this nourishing routine:

The 6-step Professional Pedicure
At least twice a year (once before the summer season and once before the winter holidays), treat yourself to an intensive professional pedicure. Beauty Wonkette indulges far more frequently. Costly? Nah. Beauty Wonkette does it herself. But, whether the pampering will be done in the privacy of your home or at your favorite spa or salon, choose a treatment that includes the following steps:

1. A salt bath to soften feet.

2. Callus removal, which therapists usually carry out by first brushing a special softening solution onto the affected area and then using a brand-new or properly sanitized tool.

3. A sugar scrub to exfoliate the whole foot.

4. A fo…


Take raspberry seed oil, add a splash of apricot, honeysuckle and lavender, shake well with gingko leaf and carrot root, and top with a dash of rye seed.

Beauty Wonkette licked her lips (yes, yes 'tis no secret that Beauty Wonkette loves things that taste good :D )But, Beauty Wonkette snapped out of it cause she knows this isn't the recipe for a super antioxidant smoothie. It's what's in the new protective serum from luxury organic skincare line Om Aroma & Co.

Launching today, the all-natural, paraben-free Red Raspberry Serum ($58 for 1 oz.) has everything necessary to deliciously fight fine lines, restore natural glow and provide natural UVA and UVB protection. Just massage in the serum twice a day after cleansing.

Are you a NYC Beauty Wonkette? Need your daily serving of fruit? Join Om Aroma tonight to celebrate the launch at their storefront in Limelight Marketplace from 6-8PM, and enjoy red raspberry mocktails and special offers.


Om Aroma & Co. at Limeli…

MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU: New creams harness the power of natural electricity

Beauty Wonkette is no stranger to the use of microcurrents in skincare. In fact, she is quite fond of her NuFace device. And, yes, it has long been understood that skin cells naturally communicate and stimulate repair and regeneration via tiny electrical currents. These currents are stronger in young skin, and weaken as we age.

This knowledge inspired U.S. scientists at Johnson & Johnson, parent company of the skincare giants RoC and Neutrogena, to discover a way to harness the power of natural bio-electricity in a pot. And this year, both companies launched new high-tech skin creams which claim to do just this.

Described as a 'true revolution in skincare' RoC's Brillance range contains E-Pulse Skin Electro-Stimulation Technology, which is protected by no less than ten U.S. patents, while Neutrogena's Clinical Skin Care also contains a patented ion2 complex.

Both claim to rejuvenate in a similar way - by producing low level micro-currents to boost collagen, making sk…

Beauty Wonkette Plays Frugalista with a Fabulous Foundation

Although Beauty Wonkette doesn't wear foundation herself, L’Oreal True Match foundation ($9 at just about any drugstore) caught her eye when burlesque star Dita Von Teese recommended it on Twitter. It turned out that Beauty Wonkette's 3 testers also loved the light, buildable coverage. And, with 24 different shades in three undertones (cool, warm, and neutral), you’re sure to find a perfect match for your skin. BW's tip: Apply foundation with your fingertips and then follow by buffing your skin with a powder brush for a flawless finish.

Woo Hoo - Beauty Wonkette Loves This Full Body Facelift!

Beauty Wonkette seriously loves spa days, but has trouble finding the time. So, when she finds an at-home treatment that is truly worthy, she becomes a true devotee. Well, this little jar of magic isn't just spa WORTHY, the fact is it yields better results than just about any spa treatment Beauty Wonkette can recall.

Yes, indeedy, masques/masks aren't just for faces anymore -- to give your body a full tune-up for swimsuit season, try Ole Henriksen's African Red Tea Indulgent Body Mask. Algae firms up areas where skin is loosing elasticity, Bentonite and kaolin clay detoxify, honey inhibits bacterial growth, yogurt and vitamin C hydrate and improve skin tone. Either incorporate the mask into your daily routine -- midway through your shower, after cleansing and exfoliating the entire body, work the mask with your fingertips into every inch of your skin, from the toes to the neck. Wash off after 30 seconds. For a deeper firming treatment, Henriksen suggests applying the mask…

The RETURN of Beauty Wonkette !!!

Yup - this time I'm back for good (more or less. Yes, my lovelies, Beauty Wonkette missed you....sorta. BW cannot tell a lie. We spent 3 months in Tuscany renovating our dream house. BW loves you, but did NOT miss you - or anybody else for that matter... xoxo


No, no - it's NOT that time of the month.... NO, no - it's not a zit..... Well, then, what provoked that shriek, you ask? Well, last week, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration acknowledged that triclosan--the ingredient in everything from your cutest skivvies to cosmetics to toothpaste and antibacterial soaps--may pose a health risk. Specifically it may mess with your hormones, contributing to endocrine disorders (which impacts everything from fertility to metabolism) and may be the cause of increased resistance to lifesaving antibiotics. Disturbing fact of the day: Triclosan is so ubiquitous, in fact, that it's found in the urine of 75 percent of the population. So, it has taken Beauty Wonkette a bit of time to calm down as Beauty Wonkette is very sensitive about anybody messing with her hormones and / or endocrine glands!

Of course, the FDA is not telling us to ditch our triclosan-laced products just yet. They emphasize that they are reviewing the existing science…

Beauty Wonkette Celebrates Spring with a Zingy Peppermint Facial

Beauty Wonkette adores Spring. Maybe it's the bright sunshine, the cherry blossoms, the azaleas.... Whatever the reason, Spring is a time when everything feels new and energized and it is a fabulous time to give yourself an at home facial. Facials at home can be SUCH a relaxing experience, and something to look forward to after a day of Spring cleaning (you guessed it - Beauty Wonkette HATES housecleaning :( ). Once thought of as indulgences, today, facials are largely considered to be an essential part of a healthy skincare regime.

And why not? Facials can increase natural cellular regeneration by aiding in faster skin cell renewal and help make your skin healthy and vibrant. The use of exfoliating, extracting and hydrating helps remove daily impurities to reveal the skin’s natural state. Not only will you look better, you'll FEEL better.

And, as their popularity has increased, facials have evolved from the dull, old steaming and extracting routine to experiences where sc…

Raising the bar (of soap, that is..... :D )

Being a bonafide product junkie, Beauty Wonkette has tried ALOT of products (ah, haven't we all???). That said, there are certain products that are etched in Beauty Wonkette's memory forever.

First up was some ungodly creation that was called something like Phisohex or Phisoderm?!?!? It came in a big green plastic bottle and was supposed to guarantee that my pubescent face remained zit-free. Unpleasant as the stuff was, I think it worked.

Next up was Noxema. The smell still makes me nostalgic. Then, I went the Clinique route. Everybody probably did at one time or another. But, then, Beauty Wonkette grew up and got a fancy shmancy job in fancy shmancy NYC and it was time for a real skin routine. That was when Beauty Wonkette became an Erno Laszlo girl (12:00 she was if the feeble memory still works). There was no product that made the impact that Laszlo's black soap made on Beauty Wonkette. ADORED it !

How can somebody get excited about soap (a question only the …

Visit the OPI website and have some fun!

Beauty Wonkette admits it; she has tested out a polish or two (or eight) while standing in the cosmetics aisle of her local Duane Reade. Perhaps you've seen Beauty Wonkette, standing there, not looking the wee bit guilty, with muli-colored tips, testing out the seasons hottest new shades, stinking up the store, and earning some serious dirty looks from many a passerby.

Yes, indeed, Beauty Wonkette is guilty as charged. But, now, OPI has created the perfect, non-offensive way to try out colors against your skin tone and nail length. My fellow aisle 3 testers, we’ve been saved by OPI’s Try it On Application. Conveniently located on their website, you can test over 200 colors and choose exactly what suits your occasion.

No more standing in front of shelves filled with lacquers while your poor manicurist waits impatiently at her station. You’ll know what to look for going in or can head to your local drugstore before your appointment and pick up a bottle, knowing whether or not it work…

Are you shampooing your hair the RIGHT way???

Okay, now, STOP ROLLING YOUR EYES THIS INSTANT! How does Beauty Wonkette know that you are rolling your eyes? Wellllll, because when Beauty Wonkette first read this SHE rolled HER eyes. After all, we've been washing our hair for an awfully long time. One assumes that one is doing it RIGHT. Si?

Well, maybe you are. But Beauty Wonkette still thinks this is a useful read....

Say goodbye to "bad hair days" with the right shampoo. Learn what to look for in a shampoo and which shampoos are right for your specific hair type. Beautiful, healthy hair is just a shampoo away!

Is your hair frizzy and out of control? Maybe it has no body and will never hold a style. If you’re not happy with the way your hair looks, your shampoo could be the problem. Even if you love your current look, the right shampoo can cut down on those hours spent blowing, teasing, and spraying in front of the mirror each day.

Choose the right shampoo. One of the biggest mistakes women make is choosing a shamp…

A Must Have Beauty Palette from NARS

As far as Beauty Wonkette is concerned, beauty palettes are generally good for two things: taking up space in your makeup bag, and wasting your money on pairings of colors you end up never using. NARS Wild At Heart 15 Yr Anniversary Palette is NOT one of those palettes. Featuring 4 you-will-wear-them eyeshadow shades, Orgasm blush (Beauty Wonkette's all-time favorite blush, and in the beauty Hall of Fame), The Multiple in South Beach (a classic shimmer cream), 4 gorgeous lip glosses ranging from nearly-sheer to look-at-me red, and a huge, hugely convenient mirror, this palette now goes everywhere with BW. It's a limited edition, so grab one while you can.

The set contains:
- 0.03 oz Eyeshadow in Abyssinia (delicate pearl sheen)
- 0.03 oz Eyeshadow in Alhambra (golden champagne)
- 0.03 oz Eyeshadow in Ashes To Ashes (violet brown with shimmer)
- 0.03 oz Eyeshadow in Pandora (matte black)
- 0.15 oz Blush in Orgasm (peachy pink with shimmer)
- 0.12 oz The Multiple in South Beach (shimme…

Great workout gear that avoids the "ugh I STINK"

Since Beauty Wonkette is something of an exercise fanatic, we're always interested in products designed to help athletes perform at their best. And, as a wife and working woman, I love finding things that make my life easier. Heh.... Who doesn't?

Well, Beauty Wonkette has discovered a line of workout wear that does both: Icebreaker, made from New Zealand merino wool. Wool for running, stepping, etc.? Yup, but this stuff is a far cry from that itchy sweater you bought but never wear. Merino wool is soft, breathes better than cotton, wicks sweat beautifully and keeps Beauty Wonkette cool, even on hot days! That's all great but here's what Beauty Wonkette really love about Icebreaker gear: unlike synthetic fabrics, it doesn't get stinky after just one workout. In fact, you can wear the same top for a week before it even starts to ripen.

Icebreaker clothes come in several weights (Beauty Wonkette wears a couple of layers for cold-weather runs) and tons of styles, some c…

Skincare doesn't end at your chin !

Ever look at someone with a clear bight face, and then as your eyes travel down to the chest the skin revealed just where a couple of buttons are undone, you can see an area that’s freckled, wrinkled and darker than the face? Beauty Wonkette sees it all too often. It’s not pretty or youthful. What it IS is years of sun damage. Fortunately, Obagi Medical has come out with a system to treat it. The Elastiderm Decolletage System does a remarkable job of reversing some of that photo-aging damage.

Part one is a skin lightening complex that uses 4% hydroquinone (pleeeez DON'T start with BW about hydroquinone - NOTHING else is as effective) which reduces discoloration and age spots.

Part two is a wrinkle reducer that is a blend of minerals, copper, zinc and malonic acid which helps to restore collagen and help the skin produce healthy new skin cells. Start now and Beauty Wonkette promises that you'll see results in one month – just when you’ll want to be getting rid of that turtle…

Beauty that knows no borders....

One of the most buzzed about ingredients in beauty right now is argan oil. Ah, but my fellow Beauty Wonkettes already know that. Long before BW set foot in Morocco, she was blogging about the wonders of argan oil. It truly is amazing stuff. Beauty Wonkette still loves her MoroccanOil hair stuff, even if argan oil isn't the only thing - or even the primary thing, in there. But, when we're talking argan oil, a little bit goes a long way.

Found in Morocco, it is pressed from the nut of local argan tree fruit, where it has been used for centuries by Berber women as a skin and hair care cure-all for everything from acne and wrinkles to split ends and scar tissue. It is called the “gold of Morocco” for good reason. Argan oil is rich in vitamin E, loaded with potent antioxidant polyphenols and packed with hydrating essential fatty acids like lineolic acid which deeply moisturizes the skin (or hair!) while protecting it from free radical damage.

Argan oil can be used on its all ove…

Beauty Wonkette is back !

Yes, it's true! Beauty Wonkette is back. One of the perks of my REAL job means the occasional overseas posting in an exotic spot. :D Oh, okay - most of the time the postings aren't all that exotic, but this one truly was. If you ever have an opportunity to visit Morocco, don't think twice. It is, without question, one of the loveliest places on earth.

That said, it's very good to be home and really, while I've been places that I've loved, I still maintain that there isn't anyplace, at least on THIS planet, like New York. Yep - it's good to be home!

Now that we're back and unpacked and all settled in, Beauty Wonkette is ready to pick up where she left off. Soooo, let the posting begin!