Visit the OPI website and have some fun!

Beauty Wonkette admits it; she has tested out a polish or two (or eight) while standing in the cosmetics aisle of her local Duane Reade. Perhaps you've seen Beauty Wonkette, standing there, not looking the wee bit guilty, with muli-colored tips, testing out the seasons hottest new shades, stinking up the store, and earning some serious dirty looks from many a passerby.

Yes, indeed, Beauty Wonkette is guilty as charged. But, now, OPI has created the perfect, non-offensive way to try out colors against your skin tone and nail length. My fellow aisle 3 testers, we’ve been saved by OPI’s Try it On Application. Conveniently located on their website, you can test over 200 colors and choose exactly what suits your occasion.

No more standing in front of shelves filled with lacquers while your poor manicurist waits impatiently at her station. You’ll know what to look for going in or can head to your local drugstore before your appointment and pick up a bottle, knowing whether or not it works for you.

On the site, you can filter colors by shade (pinks, purples, brights, etc.) or by collection. Which is way more organized than what your local Walgreens is offering up.

And, if you’ve had your heart set on a shade and (gasp!) it’s not at the drugstore when you get there, have no fear! Just download the free OPI app for your iPhone and you can test out the options from your phone, without resorting back to your aisle 3 tester ways.

Visit and click the “Try On This Color” tab or download the application at itunes.


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