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FIRST: coochie cream on your face NOW: nipple cream on your lips

Remember when Beauty Wonkette turned you on to a $7 coochie cream to replace your Smashbox Photo Finish Primer ( Ah thee of little faith scoffed. But then you tried it? If you did, Beauty Wonkette bets you're still a devotee. Well, now that you've gotten used to slathering your face with coochie cream, it's time to perfect your pout with NIPPLE CREAM.

Chapped lips are a common winter plague, especially in colder climates. So, you lick 'em, pick 'em, slather 'em with pricey balms. Still no joy. Just when you were about to forever resign yourself to a cracked, flakey existence, Beauty Wonkette comes to the rescue! We present (drum roll pleez) an unexpected oasis in the form of Lansinoh ointment. Like Beauty Wonkette, you're wary of so-called miracle creams. You've been burned one too many times to let just any old balm into your heart. But trust us – this is the one.

Now befor…

You COULD go bare ;-) orrrr you can try this and save some $$$

Pretty soon, it will be sufficiently warm for Beauty Wonkette to slather her gams with the very best self tanner on the planet(more on this in another post) and go happily bare legged for a few months. Oh the joy of it. No more screaming at the pooch for pawing her legs and ripping, running, DESTROYING her hose. Why, with all the money Beauty Wonkette will save, she can already hear Jimmy Choo calling her name! Yes, Beauty Wonkette knows that hosiery isn't the kind of thing that's meant to last, but buying new pairs really does add up over time. The key to saving on hosiery is extending its life, and Beauty Wonkette has a few great ways you can achieve that.

Start with buying the right type. Steer clear of nylon, and go for pairs that are at least 15 percent Lycra or spandex -- they're the most durable.

Runs are the ultimate enemy when it comes to hosiery. Everyone knows the old clear nail polish trick, but that only keeps existing runs from getting worse. The best way …

Drugstore Beauty - The Sequel

Dove Beauty Bar Nourishing Care Shea Butter
Bar soap devotees know that Dove Beauty Bars are the only way to go if you want to gently cleanse your skin. We love the Nourishing Care Shea Cream because it smells delish and is extra-hydrating, so it won't dry out your skin.
$11.99 for eight, available at

Eucerin Q10 Anti-Wrinkle Sensitive Skin Creme
The active ingredients in many age-fighters are effective, but they can irritate your skin to no end. This creamy anti-ager has coenzyme Q10 to help firm and vitamin E to protect, but lacks the harsh additives and fragrances that can cause redness and inflammation.
$10.85, available at

Nip + Fab Night Fix Intensive Anti-Aging Gel
This diffusion line of the much-loved U.K. brand Rodial features lots of covetable goodies, but this anti-aging night gel is our fave. It features retinol, rosehip oil, and hyaluronic acid to smooth skin overnight, so you wake up with a radiant, hydrated visage in the a.m.
$17.95, available a…

Bargain Bin Diving !

'Tis no secret that here at Beauty Wonkette, we love our fancy lotions and potions. But there are times (usually when we’re a week away from payday, our bank accounts are slim, and we just blew the last of our liquidity on those bee-yoo-tee-ful shoes) that we just can’t see shelling out major $$$ on beauty essentials. The good news? Beauty Wonkette is here to tell you that you don’t have to: There are gads of high-performance, low-cost beautifiers to be found at your local drugstore...if you know where to look. Fortunately, BW does! So, my lovelies, scrounge up the loose change in your sofa cushions and read on. The next few posts will reveal some of the best beauty products that (very little) money can buy ;-)...

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser
The gold standard of sensitive-skin cleansers, this gentle wash gets rid of dirt, makeup, and oils without stripping your skin. It's also beloved by pretty much every dermatologist on the planet, and who are we to argue with them?

Running TO the Graveyard!!! MAC ATTACK MAC ATTACK MAC ATTACK !!!

No, my lovelies, Beauty Wonkette did NOT make one of her famous thaipos. She really did mean to type running TO the graveyard. Not to worry - Beauty Wonkette is way too sophisticated to have fallen into a Twilight swoon. Read on...

If you're a MAC fanatic (to be honest, Beauty Wonkette is not, nor was she ever, but everyone else seems to be), you know that the brand has achieved cult status not just for packing a pigment punch and weaving a spellbinding color story, but also for the ability to sell out limited-edition stock within mere hours of a launch.

Pretty cool we suppose...BUT also pretty frustrating if you miss out, eh? MAC giveth and MAC taketh away. Candy Yum-Yum, a fluorescent hot pink lipstick that terrified boyfriends everywhere but made countless chicas feel ridiculously bad-ass, disappeared from shelves so quickly that nobody could get a backup. And Moth Brown eyeshadow — the perfect neutral — is even a staple in Beauty Wonkettes makeup bag (but we're down to th…

Warm weather updo numero dos!

Lulu Abroad's Flavia was kind enough to share this. Beauty Wonkette loves it. You will too ;-)

Warmer weather calls for an UPDO !

If you've ever spent a summer in NYC, you know that once the weather starts to warm up, you start thinking UPDO! At least, Beauty Wonkette sure does. No biggie, right? WRONG! You see, when Beauty Wonkette's tresses were down to her (rarely worn) bra strap, all manner of updo's were easy peasy. In fact, Beauty Wonkette didn't even need a mirror. But now that Beauty Wonkette is all grown up, she has "medium length" hair and things are no longer so simple.

Well, fortunately, one of my favorite blogging sisters, Lulu Abroad has posted a couple of cute styles for those of us who have gone all professional and stuff. Grin.

Memoirs of a Geisha Lead to Awesome Skin

Few women have captured the imagination like the Japanese icon of female beauty - the Geisha. Some three hundred years ago, the Geisha discovered that the papers artisans used to pound gold into wafer-thin flakes were the perfect texture to absorb excess oil from the skin without causing overdrying. These women, whose job it was to wear heavy makeup on a daily basis, were able to preserve their flawless complexions by blotting the skin first thing in the morning and after washing their faces in the evening, as well as throughout the day.

Fast forward to about three years ago. That was when Beauty Wonkette first discovered Victoria Tsai's Tatcha blotting papers. It didn't take Beauty Wonkette long to realize that these blotting papers effectively performed the task of at least 6 messy and inconvenient beauty products taking up space in the bottomless pit otherwise known as Beauty Wonkette's purse.

If Victoria Tsai never came out with another product, those blotting papers w…

Oil and Water Mix and Produce Luscious Locks

Beauty Wonkette (who has oily Mediterranean skin btw) was totally won over to oils when it comes to facial cleansing a long, long time ago - first with the standard OCM, then with Go Bare Skincare's absolutely addictive Deep Cleansing Oil. Oh, it took awhile to convince me, but the disappearance of what were previously crater-like pores (ok, perhaps BW is exaggerating; they were merely Philly potholes, not craters)helped quite the conversion. Oils definitely have made my skin less oily, not more so. Which might sound a little strange. But Beauty Wonkette is in good company!

Back in the late fifties, the brilliant makeup artist Shu Uemura developed his cleansing oil. At the same time, he made a revolutionary statement: “Oil removes oil.” Hmm…sounds crazy, but it’s logical – oil plus oil negates itself? But, even though Beauty Wonkette had become a total convert to the idea of using oil blends to cleanse her puss, the prospect of washing her hair with a product packed full of oils s…

A Whole New Way to Get Naked !

Beauty Wonkette has vivid memories of what happened when Urban Decay first released its Naked Palette two years ago: people lost their damn minds! The 12-shade eyeshadow palette was the brand's take on the neutral look and quickly became the subject of tons of tweets, innumerable video tutorials, and a raging resale business on eBay. People looking to purchase could be found weeping piteously when they learned that yet another store had sold out. Beauty addicts everywhere were put on mile-long waiting lists. Well, my lovelies, the frenzy has started all over again since the December launch of the most anticipated sequel of the decade - Naked2.

The new collection of nudes centers around a taupe color palette, in contrast to the original's bronze tones. Naked2 has 12 pigment-rich, taupe and greige neutral eyeshadows, including FIVE NEW shades. Beauty Wonkette has to agree that the new palette proves once again that neutral is anything but boring(and is downright sexy when worn N…

Sunday's best?

Any Beauty Wonkette worth her salt has gleaned tips on love, beauty, style, and, of course, cooking (Nonna’s meatball recipe!) from previous generations. The real trick is to take that generational knowledge and combine it with the most advanced developments in beauty science, don't ya think? Well, it's looking like beauty world newbie and Texas native Sunday Riley has succeeded in doing just that.

Marrying botanicals and biochemistry, Sunday Riley has launched a skincare line that is intended to heal, detoxify and recharge the skin.What she's done is launch a skincare line based on a very happy marriage of botanicals and biochemistry whose aim is to heal, detoxify, and recharge the skin.

Beauty Wonkette has heard an awful lot of buzz about the line. Upon returning to the U.S., one of Beauty Wonkette's first stops was Barneys (of course) where she got a chance to check the line out alive and in person. Further research (hey you read this stuff because BW is, afterall…


Did ya miss me? Errr wait. DON'T ANSWER THAT! I suspect that not everyone was as patient as you were when I was on my bloggy break, but I promise to be the best Beauty Wonkette I can be as a way to say thank you if you stuck around and, yes, to rebuild a readership.

I was soooo naive to think I could continue to blog during an overseas posting. Duh. Not all countries have the kind of internet access that we have here. Duh duh.


I DO have lots of great stuff to tell you about; much of it learned abroad. So, my fellow Beauty Wonkettes, DO stay tuned.....