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Beer in Your Hair....

Beauty Wonkette just read an interesting interview with top Australian hairstylist Joh Bailey. One of his tips:

"Beer. It’s fantastic as a setting lotion – it’s something to do with the fermentation process. Put it in a spray bottle and mist it in before a blow-dry. The effect is really beautiful. Really. I like Heineken but even Toohey’s will do!"

Beauty Wonkette first heard of Joh Bailey on Australia’s Next Top Model when he personally did the makeovers for the girls. He's pretty cool. (BW has been secretly watching AusNTM5 online during downtime at work and loving it. Such a guilty pleasure :D)

Anyway, back to the beer - I’ve heard the trick of rinsing out your hair with beer for extra shine, but not as a setting lotion!

Someone want to try this and tell us what you think? :-P

10 Songs to be Circumsized to.....

Why, oh why, you may ask, is Beauty Wonkette posting this? LOL. I really don't want to explain here. Let's just say that sometimes you have to think beyond the tip of ummmmm WHATEVAH!!!

Now, then, Beauty Wonkette gets down to serious business. A new study by scientists at the University of Alberta looks at whether music can help babies cope with pain better. In one specific study found, male babies who heard music during their circumcisions had lower heart rates and decreased pain. But what soundtrack do you choose as a parent?

Wellllll, Beauty Wonkette has got some ideas!

"The First Cut Is The Deepest" is an obvious choice.

As is Basement Jaxx's "Where's Your Head At?"

A male colleague said "Help" by the Beatles was the first song to come into his head, no pun intended. Ahem.

If the father is himself circumcised, Garbage's "Bleed Like Me" probably makes sense.

But if you're feeling a little guilty, Jann Arden's "In…

Beauty Wonkette's 5 Fav Lip Balms (of the moment...)

Having already established that Beauty Wonkette has a certain fetish for lippies of all types, she thought it time to devote some space to lip balms. Not lipstick. Not lip gloss. Not lip stains. LIP BALMS!!! During our Lake Como vacation, lip balm was just about all Beauty Wonkette needed (ah, okay, along with the occasional mascara; good lip balm doubles as eye shadow btw :D ). Here are Beauty Wonkette's 5 favorites. At least, for right now:

Eve Lom Kiss Mix: In the realm of luxe lip balms, this one, from the renowned British facialist, is our favorite. The formula feels amazing on the lips and leaves the slightest pale, glossy tint on lips. $25 at Space NK

Clarks Botanicals Ultra Rich Lip Balm: An effective all-around balm with an amazing jasmine oil scent we can’t get enough of. $19 at Clarks Botanicals

A POT OF SWEET (and Beauty Wonkette's favorite favorite)
Julie Hewett Camelia Lip Balm: For those who don’t like a thick, heavy balm, thi…

Beauty Wonkette is soooo BACK !

Greetings and salutations my fellow wonkettes. I'm baaaaack. Sigh. Sigh. Sigh. I wish I could say I'm glad to be back but I most definitely am NOT. Ten days in Lake Como, Italy makes Beauty Wonkette want 10 more days, 10 weeks, 10 months, 10 years, 10 decades.... Uh did I mention that I REALLY liked Lake Como?

BEAUTY BREAKTHROUGH !!! the first effective mix of vitamin C and copper

Ask any expert and they will tell you that two of the most significant collagen-boosting ingredients you could find in skincare products are L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and copper. Until now, however, it has been virtually impossible to benefit from both ingredients at once, as copper oxidizes vitamin C, making it ineffective.

Amazingly, one of Beauty Wonkettes FAVORITE skincare lines, IS CLINICAL, has found a way for a more stable, time-released form of 15% vitamin C and copper tripeptide growth factor to live in harmony in their Super Serum Advance+. Since the vitamin C used contains a more stabilized molecular structure, it can be combined effectively with copper. This unlikely but outstanding pair stay balanced, working in tandem to promote the repair and creation of skin cells and consequently, encourage younger-looking skin.

Also in this uber-formula is mushroom extract, a source of kojic acid, which addresses hyperpigmentation and overall dullness. Antioxidant powerhouses zinc su…

Concession to the recession aka Beauty Wonkette plays mad scientist.....

With a little experimentation, my fellow Beauty Wonkettes, it is possible to have custom beauty down to a science...

Hypothesis: "Reformulating" our makeup stash will give us more mileage from our products...and yield some very positive reactions.

Materials: Tired, broken and neglected makeup; small airtight containers (like empty baby food jars); Q-tips for mixing.


• Foundation + face lotion (SPF if possible) = tinted moisturizer
• Powder blush + clear balm/salve = lip gloss
• Lipstick + concealer + clear balm/salve = cream blush
• Powder bronzer + liquid concealer = cream eye shadow
• White/shimmery eye shadow + moisturizer = highlighter
• Lipstick + liquid concealer = matte lip color (alter the shade with powder or blush)
• Too-dark face powder + eye cream = cream bronzer
• Dark eye shadow + clear balm/salve = cream eyeliner
• Powder bronzer + face powder = brow powder (use a tissue to pack loose powder back into a container)
• Mascara + clear …

Hanging by a thread(er)......

The fate of Beauty Wonkette's eyebrows is hanging by a thread...device.

Having never tried threading (I know, I know--it's super effective and long-lasting blah blah blah), Beauty Wonkette wasn't sure what to expect from the Sun Maita At-home Threading kit, the first of its kind.

Beauty Wonkette felt a little safer reading Sun Maita's promise to be gentle (it doesn't tug the skin like waxing, so there's no irritation). So after setting up the gadget's threads in a criss-cross pattern, it was time for a test run on my arm. The threads crossed over the hair, grabbing and pulling a few at a time with minimal pain. Not bad.

Next stop: eyebrows, where BW hoped to replicate the exactness of her trusty Rubis.

No such pluck (sorry, I couldn't resist ;-) ). At least not right away. It was easy to remove small groups of hairs from the area, but it was clear a bit more practice was required for more precise landscaping.

In the meantime, Beauty Wonkette will continue …

CEW 2009 Beauty Award Winners List

Beauty Wonkette has been meaning to post this list but uhhhhhhhhh...... Aw c'mon now. It isn't Beauty Wonkette's fault that she also has to work :(



Avon Products, Inc.
Anew Clinical Professional Stretch Mark Smoother

Using our exclusive, first-to-market TriLaser Technology, the formula works to visibly reduce the appearance of stretch marks and help prevent new ones from forming. The technology is designed to help boost elastin and stimulate collagen, while utilizing glycolic acid to help smooth the texture and even the tone and color of existing stretch marks. In eight weeks, over 90% of women show improvement in length, depth and visibility of stretch marks.

Vickery & Clarke Natural Apothecary
Eucalyptus & Peppermint Cold & Sinus Soak

Over 94% natural, Eucalyptus & Peppermint Cold & Sinus Soak is a calming and soothing bath soak that naturally relieves symptoms of the common cold. Eucalyptus & Peppermint Cold & Sinus Soak uses Euc…

Ugleeee feet ?

It’s pedicure season! But there are some things a salt scrub and pumice stone just won’t fix (cough cough, corns). Hey, no judgments — wearing women’s shoes is rough stuff. That’s why head makeup artist for The Bold and the Beautiful, Allyson Carey, created a line of foundation for your feet. T!ntalize (Beauty Wonkette can't make this stuff up, people) is smudge- and sweatproof (errr supposedly) makeup designed to conceal corns, scars, blisters, veins, tan lines, and other discolorations. Of course, Beauty Wonkette had to see for herself. She recruited a few co-workers with various foot situations (corns, scars, and callouses were represented) and put it to the test. Colors range from Vanilla Mousse to Chile Chocolate (ahem.... Beauty Wonkette REALLY can't make this stuff up) and are applied just like regular foundation. The darker colors concealed more naturally, while the lighter colors — as one colleague put it — made skin resemble Barbie’s foot, in both color and texture. …

Mother's Day !!!! Do it right.

Last night, Beauty Wonkette was exhausted and her SO was working late, so she vegged out in front of the boob tube. Well, let me tell you, BW was overwhelmed by the outdated and thoroughly unappealing gift ideas for Mother’s Day. Why oh why (insert popular department store here) are your pre-Mother’s Day sale items all kitchen appliances, household cleaning tools and bedding? I know that if I showed up to my mother’s house with a basket full of cleaning products she’d sure as hell Swiffer my ass to death! So take a cue from Beauty Wonkette and pamper Mom with what she really wants - massages, beauty products, or even just a lunch date with you, because last time we checked, yo' Mamma ain’t raised no fool!

P.S. Beauty Wonkette's Mom is a NYC mom, but you can find your mom's hometown equivalent...

Now through Saturday May 9th Bond No. 9 will be hosting a Mother’s Day raffle, where Mom could win a year’s supply of Bond No. 9 – this means one bottle of the eau de parfum…

Pssssst....Beauty Wonkette shares some of the best beauty secrets she's heard of late...

Every now and then even Beauty Wonkettes make a concession to the Recession. Here are some great and uber CHEAP beauty secrets...

Want to perk up dry winter strands? Try Jet Rhys’s (of San Diego's Jet Rhy's Salon) recipe for a shine- and moisture-enhancing conditioner: “Put 1/4 cup mint and 1/4 cup rosemary into glass jar, and pour 1 cup apple-cider vinegar over the herbs. Seal the jar, leave it in the refrigerator for two weeks, strain it into a spray bottle, and then apply a few squirts post-shampoo.”

Booze may not cure a broken heart, but it can ease your hair woes. “Reach for the vodka to remove product buildup, and rinse your hair in a mixture of 1 part beer to 3 parts water to add shine and body,” Rhys suggests. Or for an alcohol-free option, pour Sprite into a spray bottle, and spritz it onto damp hair to create a sexy texture.

According to Rhys, standard condiments can solve hair quandaries. “Ketchup neutralizes green tints from chlorine exposure, while sea-salt scrubs …

Orient Express

By popular demand, Beauty Wonkette has put together a list of some of the most sought after Asian imports to the world of beauty. And, while Beauty Wonkette admits that she has not tried all of them, if it's on this list it comes with the highest of recommendations from Wonkettes that BW trusts without reservation :D

Angel Heart by Parfums Clandestine: Touted as Japan’s most popular fragrance, just a single spritz will leave you feeling super kawaii (“cute”). The scent also has various spin-offs, such as Lion Heart, Baby Heart, and Angel Heart Gorgeous.

Yu-Be Medicated Moisturizing Cream: Formulated by Japanese pharmacist Yoshikiyo Nowatari, this leading cream rehabilitates rough skin, heels, and elbows. Mountain climbers reportedly rely on it to combat the effects of cold, dry air, and it can be used to soothe eczema.

Two Girls (The House of Kwong Sang Hong) Hair Oil: From Hong Kong’s long-venerated brand, this elixir is rich in nourishing ingredients like vitamin E and makes a wo…

Have a sexy Spring ;-)

It's SPRING!!! the sun has finally shown itself (been raining here for daysssss). And now, my fellow Beauty Wonkettes, it's your turn. Why not get rid of all those bulky layers in the most pulse-pounding way possible? Have him do it. What's the easiest way to persuade him to start unzipping? Irresistible perfumes -- scents so alluring Beauty Wonkette shall call them aphrodisiacs. To get him going, hand-pick the aromas that will lure him closer, then closer... then, well, the rest is your business.

Since Agent Provocateur makes some of the sexiest, yet sophisticated lingerie on the planet, it only makes sense their latest perfume would have a naughty air. This eau du parfum infuses white lotus flowers (Beauty Wonkette realizes now that she adores the scent of white lotus)and delicate nuances of white ylang-ylang, but also hits a warm and musky tone. The sexy scientists at A.P. headquarters crafted Maitresse as a naughty sister scent to their original scent, and she's ver…

A Quick RANT from Beauty Wonkette....

While celebrities often babble on and on about how they want nothing on their bodies too fleshy or fat, they aren't talking about their faces. The latest beauty trend seen on the red carpet is chunky cheeks. It's called "pillow face," and it's a term used to describe faces that are soft and round. It's popular because, DUH, cheeks hollow out with age, so rounder faces signify youth. Take Nicole Kidman, whose arms and legs are thin but whose cheeks are puffy and full. Same with Catherine Zeta-Jones. "A pretty youthful face has fullness in the cheeks, like Disney's Pocahontas," says Dr. Michael Prager, a Dallas plastic surgeon. "An older plain face has it in the jaw, like Shrek." The message here: Emaciated faces are for old hags, chubby cheeks are for youthful women. Either you look like Pocahontas or Shrek. Is there no happy medium? Because as of right now, Beauty Wonkette refuses to equate herself with ogres and pillows. Pffft.

Can luxury survive in this economy? Welcome to Darwinism!

The Wall Street Journal's magazine, WSJ., asks a question Beauty Wonkette has been wondering: Can the luxury-retail market survive the recession and the resulting everything-must-go 70 percent off sales that consumers are growing accustomed to? When was the last time you paid full price for anything designer? If BW thinks back to the big Saks sale last year, at first, everyone was scandalized at just how low the prices fell. But now, we expect it. Frankly, Beauty Wonkette won't pay old-economy prices for her bags again.

So what will happen to the high-end stores of yore? The Journal doesn't really answer this, of course. Who can, unless they have one helluva great Magic Eight Ball. But the article does look at the new world of shopping, which isn't really new to most fashion fanatics. Net-A-Porter changed the way houses looked at web retail, after Natalie Massenet started bypassing runway shows and buyers — with RM and Halston selling directly on her site. And she recen…

Bathroom erotica......hehe

Ahhhhh Beauty Wonkette got your attention didn't she??? Now on to serious business. Beauty Wonkette has mentioned before that she has declared this the year for ensuring that she treat herself well and has proposed that her fellow wonkettes do the same. 2009 is the year to do those things that we find beneficial.

Now, when it comes to bodycare, the most essential element for Beauty Wonkette is whether or not the feelings evoked enhance her femininity. Do they make her feel like a sex kitten who needs to be ravaged?

When using the new Diptyque line of body products, the word that comes to mind to describe it is... EROTIC (and hence the title of this post :D). For some of us, especially in these difficult economic times, the price of the line screams LUXURY. But even Beauty Wonkette, who is sometimes downright cheap, has decided to break down and shell out $78 for the body oil. The company states that, "the products are designed for the well-being of both the body and soul, an…