Bathroom erotica......hehe

Ahhhhh Beauty Wonkette got your attention didn't she??? Now on to serious business. Beauty Wonkette has mentioned before that she has declared this the year for ensuring that she treat herself well and has proposed that her fellow wonkettes do the same. 2009 is the year to do those things that we find beneficial.

Now, when it comes to bodycare, the most essential element for Beauty Wonkette is whether or not the feelings evoked enhance her femininity. Do they make her feel like a sex kitten who needs to be ravaged?

When using the new Diptyque line of body products, the word that comes to mind to describe it is... EROTIC (and hence the title of this post :D). For some of us, especially in these difficult economic times, the price of the line screams LUXURY. But even Beauty Wonkette, who is sometimes downright cheap, has decided to break down and shell out $78 for the body oil. The company states that, "the products are designed for the well-being of both the body and soul, and the formulas do not contain any phthalates, parabens, synthetic coloring agents, TEA, DEA, glycols, silicones, PEG, aluminum or sulfates derived from petrochemicals." Yeah, yeah - green is virtuous, but that doesn't explain why BW is shelling out the dough.

When BW first tried these products the only thing she thought about was that she needed to wear these scents not only for herself, but for her so. Before long, BW's thoughts drifted to him taking her foot in his hand, licking her painted toes, then him trailing his tongue from her ankle to mid-thigh and breathing in the scents that bring to mind an afternoon of lounging in each others arms, spent and satiated.

When BW spread the body oil over her body it was like "ahem" pleasuring herself. C'mon know, ladies, don't be coy. Surely you know the pleasure of a silky orgasm that is felt from limb to limb, and leaves you laying there like a wilted flower. And so it has happened that now, Beauty Wonkette looks forward to using the body oil like an addict awaits the next high; like a stolen sexual encounter with a forbidden lover. Indeed, BW grows almost sad as she nears the end, knowing she simply must re-supply.

Some lines have lost sight of the power of scent and make it secondary, or treat it as an after-thought. Others scent their products to smell like the corner bakery. Nice, maybe, but not Beauty Wonkette's (or her so's) idea of sexy. Diptyque, however, understands the allure of an aromatic blend in an equally well-made product. They understand that even the most type-A power woman, wants to feel sexy, to feel taken, to feel spent. That the dance of sensuality and attraction is often enhanced by the components of desire that are applied over the body and experienced and blended with lust.

These products are exquisite and the blends sensual. Use them and consider what your lover will think when he leans in close to nuzzle your neck, your thigh. Allow yourself to wonder whether, when he leaves, will he still be able to smell the scent of you on his own body and smile... and lust for you again. And, that, my dear wonkettes, beats the smell of "Cotton Candy Foaming Body Scrub" ANY day. :D

Available online at Ron Robinson and Diptyque Boutiques worldwide.


  1. After the review from Head Nurse I had to come and find this... and although I haven't tried this oil - you are so right. Scent is being badly underrated by manufacturers... and the right one - mmmmmmmmmmm



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