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Cheap thrills!!! Go Down Deep...

With increasing frequency, Beauty Wonkette comes across news reports that happily report that the economic downturn is over and that everything is BEE YOO TEE FUL. Ah well, Beauty Wonkette does wish somebody would explain all of this to her ever dwindling bank account and ever increasing debt. Either way, though, any true Beauty Wonkette is going to find a way to look fabulous. However, it definitely is a high priority to spend less doing it. And so, Beauty Wonkette is going to feature more - ALOT MORE - cheap thrills for recessionistas everywhere. So, my lovelies, here we go:

Beauty Wonkette has been testing products from Formula 10.0.06 (the line is available at Ulta). This one is definitely a Beauty Wonkette fav.

When Beauty Wonkette was just a mini-me version of herself, much to Mama BW's dismay, she just loved making mudpies. Uh huh - Beauty Wonkette has been most fond of mud of a longggg time. Now that she's all grown up, she k…

Go EAST my lovelies....

There are many reasons why Beauty Wonkette loves her "real" job, but one biggie is that it affords the opportunity for lots of travel. And, in Beauty Wonkette's world, travel translates into SHOPPING. Yayyyyy shopping!!!

Any make-up artist will tell you that European pharmacies are a well-known treasure trove of otherwise elusive cosmetics. However, these days, take a close look at any face-painter’s kit and you’re bound to find something from Japan: teensy-weensy Q-tips, perfectly packaged blotting papers, or, complexion-perfecting products by Koh Gen Do.

Fashion week meant visits with a few old friends, including one well known New York-based stylist who is a recent convert to the line. Said she, “I was looking for an all-natural foundation and concealer in light of my pregnancy (HER pregnancy - Beauty Wonkette is MANY things, but PREGGO is NOT one of them, thanks be to god) —the things one reads on the internet can be so alarming! I discovered the foundation and conc…

Beauty Wonkettes spies the Split Nail Polish Trend, The "V Gap"

Okay, okay... Beauty Wonkette loves to look at this stuff, but her fingernails are usually bare. MMMMmmmm hmmmmm - Beauty Wonkette is a follower of the buff, buff, buff cult. Although BW DOES go all wild and funky with her toes :). ANYWAYYYY... this looks kinda cool, no?

London-based nail guru Sophy Robson is taking the lead on a new nail trend, a style she's christened the "V-Gap." An angular riff on the half-moon, the beauty of the look is its versatility: Keep it subtle with dark or neutral shades, like Robson's petrol blue-black V-Gap nails at Antonio Beradi's fall '11 show, or take it to the next level and channel Robson's own pink, studded V-Gapped talons.

Kate Somerville's Spring Skincare Secrets

Beauty Wonkette brings you legendary skin guru Kate Somerville's top three tips to update your spring skin and get a fresh face now.

Kate’s ultimate expert tips for getting beautiful spring skin now:

1. Sunscreen: "I recommend looking for sunscreens with ingredients that contain either physical or chemical blocks, and broad-spectrum protection, which means protection from all UV rays. One of my favorite forms of sun protection is mineral makeup. The minerals that comprise these powders protect against UV rays—they create a physical barrier between your skin and the sun and usually have an SPF of 15 to 22.”

2. Safe Tanning: "Use Somerville 360ยบ Tanning Towelettes. These are simple-to-use, streak-free tanning towels that give your body a golden (not orange) glow. They deliver that beautiful color without the damage associated with tanning. This product is revolutionary because it’s a tanning towelette that’s clear. Just put it on and in two minutes you can put a white dress o…

Get ready for Spring by getting a leg up

Once upon a time, there was a damsel in distress. "My thighs are too dimply," she cried into a mirror. "I would do anything to get rid of my cellulite!" No amount of exercise seemed to help.

Then, one day, her fairy godmother (aka Beauty Wonkette) arrived with a pair of magic pants. "Wear these Farmacell Milk Shorts to bed for at least two weeks," Fairy Godmother Beauty Wonkette said. "The fabric is made from milk proteins, and they're designed to moisturize your skin and smooth the appearance of cellulite while you sleep. And yes, they are supposed to be snug--compression helps trim your thighs."

The damsel was skeptical, but after just five days of testing, she was hooked. (She's still wearing them a month later.) "I noticed firmer, thinner thighs and a more toned butt," she gushed to her fairy godmother. "There's more space than usual between my thighs. They feel like bike shorts and I had no problem sleeping in …

Stressed? Depressed? PMS? Overindulged? Moody?

Chances are that whatever it is that ails you, 21 Drops has an aromatherapy blend to soothe you. After extensive surveys and questionnaires, this company's founders identified 21 everyday woes that seem to plague every one of us at one time or another and came up with an aromatherapy blend to address them.

Beauty Wonkette loves the bright, rubbery, hi-tech packaging that houses each precise concoction of plant extracts AND you can tuck them neatly into even the slimmest makeup bag so you'll have 'em when you need 'em. Lucky Magazine called them LIFE CHANGING! Beauty Wonkette isn't prepared to go that far, BUT she does have a few favorites among the 21:

13 Carry On - Blended from rose flower oil, helichrysum flower oil, sandalwood wood oil, lavender flower oil and frankincense resin oil to help manage loss, ease sorrow and soothe the heart. The oils in this blend help settle the effect of emotional trauma on the nervous system. It’s intended to support th…

It's a TRAP !!!

Eeeeeeek! It's a trap! A spin trap that is. Which is a good trap. Or so I'm told.....

It's all about free radicals. Huh? Unless you're an aging baby boomer who, thanks to Timothy Leary, has been left with synapses that don't quite fire like they should, you do KNOW that free radicals are not hairy people who stick flowers in guns when said guns are pointed at them. Fast forward to 2011 and anyone who has ever slapped moisturizer on their mug knows allllll about free radicals. Free radicals = B A D. Very bad.

Free radicals contribute to skin aging as unstable molecules that damage everything from cell walls to DNA. The good news is that now you can fight free radical damage anywhere you need it. With THIS:

YOUR BEST FACE Skincare (which is a very cool indy skincare line) has put out Antioxidants Concentrate, a new lightweight (VERY concentrated) skincare serum that helps you bring together powerful anti-aging antioxidants with fresh items at ho…

I'll never complain about stress again!!!

Okay, that's a lie. I will. Complain. About stress, enlarged pores, bad hair days, carbohydrate overload, stupid people, crappy skincare products, my boss, Congress, the President.... BUT, after being forced to do NOTHING for a week, and then being on limited duty for two more weeks, your prima Beauty Wonkette is currently craving STRESS! The stress of my "real" job, the stress of my (new, but still a pain in the ass) inlaws, the stress of my crazy family (nah, they're not new), the stress of standing on line behind an idiot at the (fill in your favorite blank)bank, supermarket, Department of Motor Vehicles... ALL of it - ANY OF IT ! BEAUTY WONKETTE WANTS IT ! BRING IT ON BAYY BEEE !

Whew. I'm so glad I got THAT out of my system! If Beauty Wonkette sounds crazy (crazier?), she has good reason. A few weeks back, Beauty Wonkette joined countless other victims of this Winter From Hell (but with snow and ice) and went FLYING across a patch of ice…

Possibly the best eye firming treatment gel in the world?!?!

This is one of those times that Beauty Wonkette is glad that she was too busy to sit down and post, because had Beauty Wonkette NOT been too busy and HAD posted when she was going to, then Beauty Wonkette would be correcting herself, pleading forgiveness, etc. etc.

WHAT the hell is this crazy woman going on about? you ask as you grumble under your breath that you do wish Beauty Wonkette would get to the damn point! Ok, ok - Beauty Wonkette hears ya...

Beauty Wonkette adores MLab's skincare line. In fact, the Anti Aging Serum is truly her hg, go to, just try and pry it out of my hands product. So, when the lovely folks over at MLab ran one of their 50% off specials, BW scooted over to the site, with her new hubby's amex in her hot little hand. When she arrived, she learned that MLab had come out with a new eye product (in addition to their eye cream that has been around from the start and which BW is NOT crazy about) that sounded very promising. It's called Sonic Tensor …

Tar Baby !!!

TAR BABY?!?!?!? WTF?

No, no - not at all. You see, Beauty Wonkette recently discovered Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (Beauty Wonkette would have loved this line for its name alone!)and has been playing with their products. Now, as some of you have probably figured out, BW is really not all that big on make-up, but their are a few things that EVERY self-respecting Beauty Wonkette covets - great lip products, stupendous mascara, tinted moisturizers, fine powders that make you look air-brushed.... Hehe - good thing Beauty Wonkette is NOT that into makeup, eh? But, BW does digress.

The OCC product that is BW's current obsession is called Lip Tar. It's such an unlikely name for a truly innovative and awesome product. TAR BABY - at best, it connotes a sticky situation. At its worst - well, nevermind - who wants to go to that uglee place. However, having thought it through, maybe it isn't such an icky name after all.

What are some of the words that spring to mind when yo…

BOOM! chicka BOOM! chicka BOOM!

OoOoOooooppps... sorry! Beauty Wonkette got carried away for a moment. But, the truth is, finding a cosmetic line that stresses a simple "one color fits all" approach to beauty AND attaches it to an insistence that there isn't anything wrong with being over 40 EXCEPT trying to look 18, makes Beauty Wonkette WANNA DANCE! BOOM! chicka BOOM!

Ok - here's the poop (so to speak). Cindy Joseph started out as a makeup artist, then launched a successful modelling career when she decided to stop camoflaging her gray hair (uh, yeah, her long, lovely locks are gray, but I think the modelling thing worked because the woman is SERIOUSLY gorgeous), and now, she has come out with an interesting and very simple beauty line that consists of just three pocket-sized twist-up sticks, perfect for tossing in your gym bag and dabbing on-the-go:

* Boomstick Glo: A deliciously hydrating olive oil and beeswax balm formulated by Cindy’s beekeeper friend in Hawaii that can be used on cutic…

Look Ma, No Water!

Even though Beauty Wonkette isn't a big sleeper, mornings around Beauty Wonkette's household can be a bit errrrrrr HECTIC (ok - BW confesses: some mornings, this place is a loony bin), and (BW confession numero dos) Beauty Wonkette doesn't always have time to wash, dry and style her hair. BESIDES, (excuse alert - but actually a true one)it's really not good to wash your hair EVERY day. And, (another excuse alert) with the time you save you could be doing something really important - like sitting down and having something that resembles a healthy breakfast (with hubby even!). Okay - time to cut the crap.

In reasonably warm weather, Beauty Wonkette has zero problems leaving the house with wet hair and letting it air dry. Yeah, sure, it looks a little "undone", but ain't that secksy??? Besides, if something more "adult" is in order, BW can always do a ponytail or a loose chignon or something. But in this freaking cold? Unless you want your …

Like White on Rice ! DIY haircare from Peter Lamas

Beauty Wonkette can tolerate very few products in her hair. A couple of drops of Moroccan Oil is pretty much the limit. However, recent holiday hoopla reminded Beauty Wonkette that sometimes you really do need a little more body and hold.

BW is sure you've been there. We all have. But, before you start loading gunk into your hair, here's a neat little DIY tip from Peter Lamas. If you've tried (and loved) his Rice Protein sulfate free volumizing products - and if you have tried them, chances are you love them - you'll know at least a little about why this works so very well...

To build body and create hold: Bring 2 cups water to a boil. Throw in a fistful of rice - about half a cup should do it. After just a few minutes, long before the rice has absorbed all the water, turn off and let cool. Then drain and reserve the water. Transfer the water into a spray bottle and leave in the fridge. Mist on towel-dry hair before styling.

The starch from the rice creates volume an…


There was a time, way back in the olden days, when Beauty Wonkette thought that pale lipstick - yeah yeah almost WWWWHITE - was just the most bitchin' thing. Beauty Wonkette makes this admission here even though she once went to great pains to destroy all evidence (read photos) of this unfortunate predeliction. So, you can imagine her shock when she encountered what appeared to be a blast from the past - a WHITE lipstick!!!!

Oh my! Would Beauty Wonkette become a victim of recidivism even after years of rehab and good grooming? Well, fortunately (or not), we'll never know.

You see, although at first glance, YSL's Rouge Pur Couture lipstick in Blanc looks like an intense opaque white, it turns out the shade is more a tribute to sheer shimmer than to '80s, frosted ice queen. When worn alone, Blanc gives a hint of slivery glimmer to lips and when layered, it mellows out super-saturated shades while also adding an extra boost of shine. Plus, the entire Rouge Pur Couture c…