Go EAST my lovelies....

There are many reasons why Beauty Wonkette loves her "real" job, but one biggie is that it affords the opportunity for lots of travel. And, in Beauty Wonkette's world, travel translates into SHOPPING. Yayyyyy shopping!!!

Any make-up artist will tell you that European pharmacies are a well-known treasure trove of otherwise elusive cosmetics. However, these days, take a close look at any face-painter’s kit and you’re bound to find something from Japan: teensy-weensy Q-tips, perfectly packaged blotting papers, or, complexion-perfecting products by Koh Gen Do.

Fashion week meant visits with a few old friends, including one well known New York-based stylist who is a recent convert to the line. Said she, “I was looking for an all-natural foundation and concealer in light of my pregnancy (HER pregnancy - Beauty Wonkette is MANY things, but PREGGO is NOT one of them, thanks be to god) —the things one reads on the internet can be so alarming! I discovered the foundation and concealer and couldn’t be more thrilled that something so good can be so good for you." She went on to explain that she dabs it on with a Trish McEvoy foundation brush and, Beauty Wonkette can bear witness to the fact that while it looks fresh and dewy, it provides great coverage.

That “dewy, fresh” coverage is made possible by Aqua Foundation’s “golden ratio” of 45% water, 35% emollients, and 20% powder. The mineral formula is based on deep-sea water from Rausu, Japan, and infused with White Birch Sap extracts to keep skin hydrated. I’ve always avoided foundation because, for lack of better words, it’s just too much. Too cake-y, too drying, too shimmery (“glow” can go very wrong)…even an overpowering eau de SPF is a deal-breaker. This foundation is just right. Beauty Wonkette doesn't generally do the foundation thing, but tried smoothing a tiny amount over her skin. Oh yessss, it gives the perfect—barely perceptible—amount of enhancement.

And, you certainly don’t need a beauty school degree to reap the benefits of “Moisture Concealer for Professional”. The compact includes two creamy, Jojoba and Shea Butter enhanced shades, plus a miniature, retractable brush for finger-free application. There’s even a built-in trough for blending the colors together. Perhaps the best news is that you don’t need to hop on a plane (although a trip to Tokyo would be nice…), Koh Gen Do is sold stateside at Barney’s and via their website. Even better is the fact that the concealer is 30% at the Koh Gen Do website, and they give lots of freebies when you order.

Beauty Wonkette is tapping her foot and wondering WHAT you are waiting for !!!


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