Cheap thrills!!! Go Down Deep...

With increasing frequency, Beauty Wonkette comes across news reports that happily report that the economic downturn is over and that everything is BEE YOO TEE FUL. Ah well, Beauty Wonkette does wish somebody would explain all of this to her ever dwindling bank account and ever increasing debt. Either way, though, any true Beauty Wonkette is going to find a way to look fabulous. However, it definitely is a high priority to spend less doing it. And so, Beauty Wonkette is going to feature more - ALOT MORE - cheap thrills for recessionistas everywhere. So, my lovelies, here we go:

Beauty Wonkette has been testing products from Formula 10.0.06 (the line is available at Ulta). This one is definitely a Beauty Wonkette fav.

When Beauty Wonkette was just a mini-me version of herself, much to Mama BW's dismay, she just loved making mudpies. Uh huh - Beauty Wonkette has been most fond of mud of a longggg time. Now that she's all grown up, she knows just how good a thing mud is! Now enter this face masque / mask . Besides the always-purifying mud, this mask also contains orange to h tone the skin, bergamot for its antiseptic benefits, and sea salt to aid in banishing impurities for a clear, smooth, and balanced complexion. And, it smells sort of delicious. So, spending the extra 15 minutes, 1 to 3 times per week depending on your skin type, is a slam dunk for a brighter complexion. Beauty Wonkette would not mislead you! Your face AND everyone who looks at or touches it will notice the difference.

JUST $6.99 at Ulta, this baby definitely qualifies as a CHEAP THRILL


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