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Go EAST my lovelies....

There are many reasons why Beauty Wonkette loves her "real" job, but one biggie is that it affords the opportunity for lots of travel. And, in Beauty Wonkette's world, travel translates into SHOPPING. Yayyyyy shopping!!!

Any make-up artist will tell you that European pharmacies are a well-known treasure trove of otherwise elusive cosmetics. However, these days, take a close look at any face-painter’s kit and you’re bound to find something from Japan: teensy-weensy Q-tips, perfectly packaged blotting papers, or, complexion-perfecting products by Koh Gen Do.

Fashion week meant visits with a few old friends, including one well known New York-based stylist who is a recent convert to the line. Said she, “I was looking for an all-natural foundation and concealer in light of my pregnancy (HER pregnancy - Beauty Wonkette is MANY things, but PREGGO is NOT one of them, thanks be to god) —the things one reads on the internet can be so alarming! I discovered the foundation and conc…

Beauty Wonkettes spies the Split Nail Polish Trend, The "V Gap"

Okay, okay... Beauty Wonkette loves to look at this stuff, but her fingernails are usually bare. MMMMmmmm hmmmmm - Beauty Wonkette is a follower of the buff, buff, buff cult. Although BW DOES go all wild and funky with her toes :). ANYWAYYYY... this looks kinda cool, no?

London-based nail guru Sophy Robson is taking the lead on a new nail trend, a style she's christened the "V-Gap." An angular riff on the half-moon, the beauty of the look is its versatility: Keep it subtle with dark or neutral shades, like Robson's petrol blue-black V-Gap nails at Antonio Beradi's fall '11 show, or take it to the next level and channel Robson's own pink, studded V-Gapped talons.

Kate Somerville's Spring Skincare Secrets

Beauty Wonkette brings you legendary skin guru Kate Somerville's top three tips to update your spring skin and get a fresh face now.

Kate’s ultimate expert tips for getting beautiful spring skin now:

1. Sunscreen: "I recommend looking for sunscreens with ingredients that contain either physical or chemical blocks, and broad-spectrum protection, which means protection from all UV rays. One of my favorite forms of sun protection is mineral makeup. The minerals that comprise these powders protect against UV rays—they create a physical barrier between your skin and the sun and usually have an SPF of 15 to 22.”

2. Safe Tanning: "Use Somerville 360ยบ Tanning Towelettes. These are simple-to-use, streak-free tanning towels that give your body a golden (not orange) glow. They deliver that beautiful color without the damage associated with tanning. This product is revolutionary because it’s a tanning towelette that’s clear. Just put it on and in two minutes you can put a white dress o…