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From highlights to twilights.....

Well, tousle my tresses!

Beauty Wonkette knows that young girls line up to see Rob Pattison in the Twilight films. Not only has the film spawned a love for vampires, but Pattison's highlights have started a new trend. That is, all thanks to Beverly Hills colorist and salon-owner, Stuart Gavert, who coined the word for Pattison’s hair “twilights.” It’s something Beauty Wonkette thinks we should all know about since it can save money
and time with fewer trips to the hairdresser.

Beauty Wonkette: This all came about because you needed Robert Pattison’s hair to look the same through out the movie.

SG: Exactly. Since consistency is so important in filming, we designed Rob’s highlights to last the whole shoot (7-8 weeks).

BW: You called them twilights. What are “twilights”?

SG: Since many clients are concerned with their color lasting longer in our economically stressed age, I developed “Twilights.”. When we highlight the hair, we keep the light pieces about ¼-inch off the part and face lin…

Tricks of the Trade: Holiday Hair

Beauty Wonkette's first choice is to let her locks air dry - undoubtedly, it's good for the hair and, with the right products, air dried hair is just a little tousled and very sexy. For days when Beauty Wonkette wants to look all polished and serious, she reaches for the blow dryer or some other hot tool. But, on very special occasions, 'do's with hot curlers are fun. Beauty Wonkette brings you the tricks of the trade:



BaByliss PRO Ceramic and Ionic Hair Setter $79.95 Heats up in 3 minutes with ceramic technology for even heat distribution while eliminating damaging hot spots and frizz.


Conair Instant Heat Jumbo and Super Jumbo Rollers $34.99 These jumbo rollers create big bouncy curls or sexy waves while adding shine and reducing frizz.


Conair Hot Sticks Hairsetter

Conair Hotsticks – $20.99 That’s right! The eighties are back and so are these fab rubber sticks.

Pricey but interesting......

Recently, Le Métier de Beauté’s new Peau de Vierge Anti-Aging Collection caught Beauty Wonkette's eye. The line includes a concealer and foundation-like treatment fluid, makes getting your dose of clock-stopping retinol even easier. Clinicals found that the line’s vitamin E-encapsulated retinol reduced wrinkles and discoloration in just a week.

Now, Beauty Wonkette may have born at night, but she wasn't worn LAST A week is a very short period of time for any product to work. Nevertheless, the stuff looks interesting. On a recent trip to Neiman Marcus, BW had the opportunity to try out the Treatment Fluid. No doubt about it, the stuff is really LOVELY. We didn't purchase it, but we now are using and generous sample. Read more about it below.

Peau de Vierge Anti-Aging Complex Tinted Treatment Fluid
As seen in InStyle magazine (November 2009 issue, p174) and Harper's Bazaar magazine (November 2009 issue, p182).

A luxurious tinted treatment fluid that stimu…

Strong nails, matte finish

Matte nails are ALL the rage these days, and Beauty Wonkette loves some of the new matte nail laquers. And, when Beauty Wonkette is "mattefying" a favorite old standby shade, she relies on Opi's Nail Envy (the matte finish one, of course ;-) ). Well, kudos to Bella Sugar, who discovered a similar look for less!

"OPI Nail Envy ($12) is a nail-strengthening treatment that helps to prevent cracking, peeling, and splitting. However, if you'd like to save a few bucks, hit up the Wet 'n' Wild aisle at the drugstore and look for the brand's MegaLast Lengthener Strengthener, which does pretty much the same thing for a whole lot less."

When you're feeling thrifty.....

Beauty Wonkette doesn't skimp when it comes to products for her skin and hair. BUT, she doesn't spend when she doesn't have to either. You all have heard me rave about Moroccan Oil, and I do indeed love the stuff.

Well, Beauty Wonkette's beloved Moroccan Oil, which helps create instant shine on hair without leaving behind oiliness, IS a fabulous multitasking product - no going back on that! But, at $41, it's a bit harsh on the wallet. Well, my fellow Beauty Wonkettes, ead over to Sally's and try out One 'n Only Argan Oil Treatment, a VERY similar product, with identical ingredients, which costs just $9.

Moroccan Oil ingredients:
Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone, Cyclomethicone, Butylphenyl, MethylPropional, Argania Spinoza Kernal Oil (Aragan Oil), Linseed (Linum Usitatissimum) Extract, Fragrance Supplement, D&C Yellow-11, D&C Red-17, Coumarin, Benzyl Benzoate, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone

One 'n Only Argan Oil Treatment ingredients:
Dimethicone, Cyclop…

You sleep wit da fishes......NOT ANYMORE

Beauty Wonkette has never heard of a fish pedicure, but is betting it tickles :D

NY State Senator Jeffrey Klein drafted legislation to ban fish pedicures — a treatment that uses small fish to eat away dead skin on the feet — in New York State on the grounds that they are "dirty and dangerous and a serious risk to one’s health," Klein said in a statement. "Women may think it’s the latest in luxury nail treatment but it’s not." If legislation passes, New York will be the fifteenth state to ban it.

Beauty Wonkette is speechless.

Healthy Beauty

Beauty Wonkettes may not be familiar with the makeup brand W3ll People (pronounced Well People) just yet, but when they make their debut in one of the biggest department stores come spring, you will be. Cosmetic dermatologist Renée Snyder, former NARS makeup artist Shirley Pinkson, and self-proclaimed tree hugger James Walker banded together to create a line of organic cosmetics that not only come in amazing shades and have great texture, but also happen to be toxin-free. One of the superstars of the line is the Universalist ($33), a richly pigmented stick (available in eight colors) that can work on the eyes, cheeks, as well as lips. Anyone with acne or oil-prone skin can attest that most multipurpose sticks cause breakouts reminiscent of your awkward high-school years, while mineral makeup seems to slide off after about five minutes and is extremely messy. But this dynamic trio managed to balance form and function perfectly, so even cynical divas like Beauty Wonkette falls in love.

$… $$$$$$

Wanna glow like the stars. Beauty Wonkette hears that Demi Moore and Sarah Jessica Parker love The Organic Pharmacy's line of healthy beauty products. Pamper yourself and save 25% with the code VITAL.

Just like a well-oiled machine....

If you are anything like Beauty Wonkette, visiting the spa is a rare occurrence. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to make time for that kind of thing. Still, it never hurts to pamper yourself from home with some spa-like essentials. One of Beauty Wonkette's new favorites? Kiehl’s Superbly Restorative Argan Dry Oil.

No matter what the situation, Beauty Wonkette has been depending on this delicate oil to give her skin a radiant, never-greasy sheen. BW has been a longtime, avid fan of Kiehl’s ever since she was just a wee wonkette. The subtle vintage packaging is cool, but it is truly the quality of their products that keeps them at the top of their game. The aforementioned Argan Oil is a personal fave, but for those of you who aren’t into the oil thing, Beauty Wonkette also puts her stamp of approval on the Argan Body Lotion. Throw on either product any time, any place to create your own spa moment.…

You're never too old for an all nighter ;- )

Let’s be honest—who wants to wash their hair every day? Beauty Wonkette certainly does not. For years, Beauty Wonkette's friends observed the old trick of dousing their locks in baby powder to absorb oil and add volume. Beauty Wonkette never did - too much hair AND hair that was just too dark for this trick to work, or at least for it to work well. Well, my sweeties, there is a newer and cooler way of extending your blow dry. Yes,you heard me right! It is time to leave the baby powder for the babies and reach for a bottle of The All Nighter Styling Powder.

Made with real silk particles, this magic dust is the best way to soak up dirt, build volume and add a satiny texture to your hair without shampooing. BW is addicted. Whenever you are in a bind for time or want to get the most out of your salon blowout, just sprinkle it on your roots and work it into your hair. There is no need to be delicate — the messier, the better — go crazy! The All Nighter is available in six shades and po…

Combat fat.....

Beauty Wonkette is LOVING her super skinny jeans. Seems like this season, the skinnier your jeans, the better. Get them a little bit too long and let them bunch at the ankle and don a pair of high heel booties. Woooo hooooo!

Now if you want them to look really good, you may have to drop a couple of those extra lbs. The best way? EAT!!! At least, that's what Self Magazine says. Is it true? Beauty Wonkette isn't sure, but she likes anybody and anything that tells her to eat. :D

Here's what Self has to say:

Swiss cheese

Holy cow: "Calcium-rich foods reduce fat-producing enzymes and increase fat breakdown," says Michael B. Zemel, Ph.D., director of the Nutrition Institute at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. Put toe to toe with some of its cheesy counterparts, Swiss is a heavy hitter in the calcium department; layer a slice on a lunchtime sandwich, or stack some on high-fiber crackers.

Sweet potatoes

Trade up to sweet taters. They're high in fiber, whic…

a little diy spa action from Beauty Wonkette ;-)

It's been unseasonably cold and wet and yucky. Beauty Wonkette plans on lighting the fire, opening some good wine, and treating herself to a little bit of homemade spa action before Mr. BW gets some tonite. Want to treat yourself to a little handmade spa action, too? Check out these facial scrub recipes for dry, normal, and oily skin! Beauty Wonkette has seen other recipes that might be more interesting, but these are all made of things you probably have in the kitchen, so no special prep is required....

Now, first off, regardless of skin type, the best way to apply your scrub is to gently massage it on with a damp washcloth, and make sure you rinse your face thoroughly when you’re done. Also, don’t miss the easy toner recipe at the very bottom!

A word of caution about these scrubs: you don’t want to exfoliate every day. Once or twice a week is just perfect for maintaining healthy, glowing skin! More than that can cause oiliness, dryness or breakouts as your skin compensates for …

Smoaking hot....

The former Miss USA, actress, TV personality, and generally pretty hot mother of 3, Shanna Moakler, has just launched a new cosmetic line called Smoak which is smokin’…She created the line with the assistance of her personal makeup artist Daniel McFadden.

Her launch party was held just the other day at Cafe Wes in Hollywood, a fabulous & quaint little French Bistro on Vine Street with Brett Young singing live and press flashing away. Her makeup line ranges from shadows, lip plumpers, face & eye primers to sinfully soft brushes made of goat hair. There are no chemicals, dyes, artificial fillers, preservatives or synthetic ingredients. Smoak is fragrance free, oil free, and used no animal testing in the creation of the line.

After touring the country and making appearances, Shanna realized the importance of having quality makeup and knowing how to use it. So, she put together a small cosmetic line that truly reflects what all women need. Krissy Gimenez photographed the “Smoak…


If you're like Beauty Wonkette, you've seen enough episodes of Gray's Anatomy to know that a code blue is bad. Very, very bad.

But Beauty Wonkette has discovered a Code Blue that's actually good for you. The relaunched recovery drink is now completely natural with electrolytes to rehydrate and antioxidants to help detoxify.

Even doctors are downing the drink--it's a fave of the staff at Cleveland Clinic. (Paging Dr. McDreamy. We see a product placement opportunity!)

The 60-calorie can of Code Blue is sweetened with agave nectar and gets its hue from blueberries.

So how's it taste? Suffice it to say that Beauty Wonkette isn't sharing her samples with the rest of the office. (tip: Mix Code Blue with H20 to get twice the drink and a subtler sweetness.)

Try two and call us in the morning.

Code Blue - $3

Calling all Beauty Wonkettes who suffer breakouts!!! This Suds For You!

Do you suffer breakouts? You've tried every blemish potion on the market. You've endured painful facials. You even changed your diet. You aren't alone. Beauty Wonkette gets more email about this problem than almost any other.

Beauty Wonkette went to work and may have found the real culprit - or at least ONE of them - behind your breakouts.

Hint: Look up. No, not your forehead. Higher.

It's your hair. Shampoo, conditioner and styling products can contain pore-clogging ingredients that may worsen acne. Enter Kairos Acne Care, the first hair care line that treats and prevents breakouts. The products are designed to purge pores and curb oil production. (And make hair silky and shiny.)

Get splashing with balancing shampoo and conditioner to detox strands and wash away product buildup. As you rinse, let the later wash down your face (eyes closed!) so the potent salicylic acid can banish blemish-causing bacteria. Finally, polish your look with the noncomedogenic styling aid of …

Chic relief.....

As the first blast of fall sets in, Beauty Wonkette is guessing that for some of you, your dewy summer glow is starting to morph into a dry, irritated, cracked mess. A new line debuted on Tuesday and vows to keep skin in its moisturized glory so winters aren't always so dreadful. First Aid Beauty's Ultra Repair Cream is an intense all-purpose cream loaded with ingredients like eucalyptus oil (to heal and soothe), colloidal oatmeal (to protect), and shea butter (to moisturize) to calm everything from eczema to post-cosmetic treatments. Instead of being a thick, greasy balm with an odd medicinal smell like all those other multipurpose potions that Beauty Wonkette finds uber gross, First Aid Beauty is fragrance-free with a lightweight frothy texture that still manages to deeply hydrate. Rub it everywhere from your face to feet, and even on your new tattoo (guaranteed to the itch away BW is told), for ultimate relief and moisture.

$28.50 at

Tips for Creating Sultry, Smoky Eyes For Fall

Beauty Wonkette has always been rather fond of Cleopatra. Why? Ah, well, for many reasons. And, there is no doubt that Cleopatra was definitely onto something when she would use kohl to smudge around her eyes paying homage to her sun god, and thus paving the way for goddesses like Giselle to hit the runway in the now very popular smoky eye.

Honestly, Beauty Wonkette isn't all that into makeup, but, there is nothing sexier than a smoky eye. However, layers of black eye shadow will just not do. And, going goth, or rocker girl is really not Beauty Wonkette's thing. “The best way to achieve the perfect smoky eye is to start with softer colors like a shimmery or matte gray in place of a charcoal matte, or a taupe shimmer or matte taupe instead of a dark brown”, says make-up artist Beth Bender.

To get the look Beth recommends using a creamy eyeliner pencil with an eye shadow. “Powders work best and last much long than a cream shadow”. Start first by lining your eyes with a creamy …

A Must Buy for Recessionistas.....

Yes, Beauty Wonkette loves to splurge. But when something thoroughly affordable (read CHEAP)comes along, you can count on BW for a shout out...

So, my pretties, you have just got to check out these hot new eyeliners by Styli-Style. They are flat! Flat you say? Yes, flat. What makes them so unique is that the flat shape of the pencil gives you the option to create a thick or thin line above your lashes. Colors include shades of black, brown, blue and purples (8 shades in all).

When using the “Blendable Innovations Flat Eye Pencil” your end result can be subtle or dramatic depending on your mood! Plus Styli-Style has a sharpener specifically made just for their flat pencil.

They're available for a song at CVS, Rite Aid, and your finer beauty supply stores.

How to get ridiculously perfect looking skin.....

Beauty Wonkette always picks up some great tips during Fashion Week!

Makeup artist Hung Vanngo has secret weapon: MAC Strobe Cream. It’s loaded with green tea and other antioxidants to perk up dull skin and contains all kinds of iridescent particles that reflect the light in a way that’s glowy—as opposed to Paris Hilton glittery (ugh)—and blinds anyone gazing upon your beautiful mug to any and all imperfections. In short, it’s the easiest way to fake perfect skin ever. Just use it as a primer, dab a bit of concealer around your nose and any problem areas, and you’re done. That’s it. Now get outta here. :D

Beauty Wonkette explores the world of yoga pants

LET'S HEAR IT FOR YOGA PANTS!!! We all have them, and we all wear them for a million things in addition to yoga, Pilates, and generally working out. But, if you want a really good pair of yoga pants that will actually work for, you know, yoga, there are a few things to look for.

Beauty Wonkette is a big fan of Lucy (capris and pants range around $60 to $90). They've recently come out with a new material called lucy powermaxTMv, which is used in their newest styles, the Vinyasa Pant and Vinyasa Capri. They offer: Compression to reduce muscle fatigue, moisture-wicking properties, anti-chafe flat locked seams, four-way stretch that retains its shape, plus, a flattering crossover waistband.

But don't just rely on Beauty Wonkette's favs. BW has scoured the 'net for the opinions of well-known yoga instructors about what brands and styles they like best, as well as how pricey is too pricey.

Jenny Gammello, the instructor leading NY Yoga's Yoga for Runners classes, prefer…

Get Orlando Pita’s “really cool girl walking down the street” hair

Over the past week, Beauty Wonkette has seen the top hairstylists from around the world create amazing looks for various designers’ fashion shows. At Doo.Ri, however, Beauty Wonkette fell in love. Orlando Pita’s “really cool girl walking down the street” hair, as he called it, was beautiful. Lucky for you and me, it’s super easy to replicate and truly perfect if you're growing out your bangs!

You see, Pita WANTED the models to look as though they had grown tired of their bangs and were in the midst of growing them out (even if they weren't). He described the style as “real people hair,” but not all of the models were growing out bangs, so extensions had to be added. “The look is natural and normal, but it takes time,” he told me. Beauty Wonkette, however, IS in the process of growing out her bangs (sorta), which means no extensions are required!

To start, Pita flat-ironed the bangs and hair, applying Moroccanoil Treatment since the models’ hair was fried from all the styling tha…

buzzworthy........ buzzzzzzzzzz

You know by now that wherever there is beauty buzz, there is also likely to be Beauty Wonkette, oui?

Well, as a follow up to last year’s skin product sensation “h” Serum, comes 3LAB’s new Super “h” Serum. This new serum is causing quite a stir amongst Hollywood celebs, as well as being sold out and wait-listed in Selfridges in London. Erica Chung, co-founder of 3LAB, and adds some meat to all the buzz…

Question: What’s the difference between ‘h’ Serium and Super ‘h’ Serum”?

Erica Chung: Super “h” Serum contains Nano-Claire GY (our bio-engineered growth hormone), plant stem cell technology from a rare Swiss Apple and EUK-134, a powerful antioxidant. It is a super powered anti-aging booster that gives an immediate and long-term effect. “h” Serum is wonderful for prevention and Super “h” Serum contains the most technologically advanced ingredients. It utilizes the newest technology to fight the signs of aging. When I use it, my skin glows! “h” Serum is hydrating and anti-aging but the Supe…

HAIR TRAVELS: Amazon Beauty secrets

YES, YES, YES !!! Beauty Wonkette vacationed in Brazil. But, alas, she didn't make it to the rain forest. Now, apparently, in the Amazon rainforest, you may not have the luxury of an everyday shampoo session. But no matter - bringing the Amazon to use is easier than bringing us to it. With Amazon Beauty Rahua, your shampoo and conditioner will transport you there instantly by way of the unique Rahua nut ingredient that fortifies hair. It's 100 percent natural and will definitely help you channel the beauty of tribal Amazonian women.

WAIT !!! There's more! The Brazilian wonderland has another native hair product for dry hair sufferers: Amazonia Preciosa Brazil Nut Nutritive Hair Mask from Surya Brasil. Named after the Preciosa tree, the products have essential oils that emit an exotic and ohhhhh so seductive fragrance. Beauty Wonkette doesn't have dry hair, but this stuff smells so incredibly good that she had to try it. Only you're a truly oily haired gi…

HAIR TRAVELS: go east young Beauty Wonkette...

Beauty Wonkette has had her eye on this for QUITE some time! While the Japanese surely have a hold on sushi and eyelash curlers (Shu Uemura, of course), they also have a few hair tricks up their sleeve that - fortunately - they are sharing with the rest of us. New Japanese hair care system OOKISA incorporates natural botanicals like white peony tea and lily as well as Japanese lime and camellia oil. The Nighttime Follicle Renewing Serum is Beauty Wonkette's favorite product in the line. It contains a blend of bioflavonoids, vitamins, and patented Procapil, proven to nourish the hair shaft and thicken hair. It is LOVELY stuff.....

check out the line at

HAIR TRAVELS: calling Casablanca...

Next up in the Beauty Wonkette travelogue...

Yes, Beauty Wonkette has sung the praises of the line before. With a well deserved cult following, Moroccanoil products have become a must for any exotic-ingredient-loving wonkette. The products use Argan oil harvested under a free trade program to strengthen and recondition each individual strand. If you can't get to Casablanca, slap some of this on your hair, grab the popcorn, and watch Bogie navigate the city...

HAIR TRAVELS: reinvigorate in the Caribbean

Beauty Wonkette is back from her international travels.... 'Twas great and although I love the good ole USA, the fact that the only traveling Beauty Wonkette is going to be doing for the next few months is INSIDE the United States, she's a little bit bummed atm. In any case, to help escape the doldrums of a mundane schedule with little or no time for exotic escapes, Beauty Wonkette has decided to bring you some bringing globally-inspired hair products. Cleanse, condition, treat and style your hair with these and both of us may feel just a teensy bit better about not traveling any exotic locales for a little while. Just wait till next year though...

Okay - first up!

Launched last year, and inspired by Caribbean notes of zesty citrus, clean florals and warms spices, Hair Rules is a line of products developed for all textured hair, designed to be easy to use and effective. The line's Wavy Mouse bares the brand's wavy logo that will remind you of your college spring brea…

Make-up for your alter ego....

From across the pond comes Illamasqua, an edgy line of makeup with a heart of gold. (The never-tested-on-animals brand also supports worthy causes.) Known for their intense colors and dramatic makeup, Illamasqua is your go-to brand for nighttime makeup—whether it's an evening out at the opera or the dance club. Conceived amidst the dark drama of Berlin in the 20s, Illamasqua was developed by professional makeup artists and launched in 2008 in the U.K. Embraced by celebs and alternative cultures alike, their colors allow you to express your most daring, boldest, and most intense sides with professional nighttime makeup that's richly pigmented and long lasting. Are you ready to release your night-vixen alter ego?

Currently, it's sold only at Sephora and you simply have got to check it out!

• Eye-catching Nail Varnishes ($14) help you make a bold statement. Try the daring hues on your tootsies if you just want to dip your toe in the trend.

• Eye Liner Cake ($21), a pressed-powd…

Everybody MUST get STONED....

Is Beauty Wonkette celebrating the 40th anniversary of Woodstock? Nahhhhhhh..... This is about getting a spa-worthy massage for $25!

Regular massages fight colds, PMS and the blues--plus they feel blissful, to boot. But who has the time (and cash) to see a masseuse every week?

So when Beauty Wonkette stumbled on JimmyJane's Contour M ceramic massage stone, our tense shoulders and stiff neck practically yelped at the chance to get some much-kneaded attention. Use these tricks and you'll be addicted, too:

Rub the right way.
The domed side of the stone serves as an all-over muscle relaxer; the flip side features four small nodes that go deep into muscle tissue to iron out serious kinks.

Turn up the heat.
Dunk the stone in a bowl of hot water for a soothing rubdown. Just add a drizzle of your favorite massage oil and you'll turn your tight muscles to jelly.

Take a chill pill.
One morning, our A/C wasn't working fast enough, so we stuck the stone in the fridge for a few minutes…

Beauty Wonkette's Plea to Guys Everywhere: DON'T SHAVE YOUR JUNK

A few weeks back, Gillette launched this giant campaign encouraging guys to manscape. It really grossed Beauty Wonkette out, even more so than their women's "mow the lawn" ads, which were just dumb (and this from a gal dedicated to brazilians).

After a few conversations with guy friends drunk on hairless-ball kool-aid, Beauty Wonkette realized that, holy cow, these ads were indeed making men think they should be shaving their balls. Guys. Please. Take it from us, the ones on the, uh, receiving end of this grooming trend. A shorn coinpurse is about as sexy as a raw cornish game hen. Seriously.

Suffering a Summergency? Read this before calling 911

Summer isn't all scoping out hot lifeguards and ditching work early on Fridays. Oh, no. The season is rife with nasty surprises -- sunburns, bikini lines gone wrong, and shaving mishaps. Here, Beauty Wonkette helps you treat some of these common summertime snafus.

The Summergency: A painful sunburn in a lovely shade of Carrot Top red.
The Remedy: For starters, try wearing sunblock next time, genius. Until then, ease the pain of the burn by popping a couple of aspirin, bathing in cool water (adding oatmeal to the bath can help soothe skin), and applying a healing aloe gel and/or after-sun treatment to the affected areas. Drinking lots of water will help you feel less dehydrated. You can also try applying honey or white vinegar to the damaged skin to help it heal.

The Summergency: Your skin is peeling off in big sheets.
The Remedy: For some, peeling skin is like bubble wrap -- you just can't get enough. For the rest of us, it's gross, unsightly, and makes us think of Buffalo Bil…

Pucker up!

Wouldn't you like to brighten your teeth, freshen breath and prettify your pout with just one swipe? Beauty Wonkette surely would! Well, my sweet wonkettes, read on...

They say the pen is mightier than the sword.

And when it comes to getting a brighter, more beautiful smile, using IntelliWhite's Pout & Polish pen regularly might keep you from ever needing a harsh laser or bleaching kit.

The dual-sided pen packs a gentle stain remover on one end, and a vitamin-packed lip-plumping gloss (in clear or sheer pink) that freshens your breath on the other. And thanks to a breakthrough peroxide-free formula, it's the first stain remover that's safe to use all day long (and on dental work). Whip it out after a cup of tea, coffee or a glass of red wine to polish your pearly whites before stains set.

Pencil us in for a stellar smile.

Have you got Moxie?

Beauty Wonkette is grateful to Australia for Eric Bana, Russell Crowe, and shrimp on the barbie. Now, we can add Moxie to the list.

The down under import for down there just arrived at Duane Reade stores. And they ain't your mama's pads. The super-slim and sleek feminine hygiene goods come in cute candy-striped containers that just beg to be toted around. Besides being adorable, the tins mean gone are the days of fishing out your wallet, only to have a crumb-crusted, ink-stained panty liner fall out instead.

The 100% recyclable products include Slenders Pads ($6.50 for 12), Sleepover Pads ($6.50 for 10) so you can snooze through the night without worry, and the Slenders Panty Liners ($6 for 24) for light days.

Your white pants--and your handbag--have never looked so good.

A new cult is about to be born!

If you're not familiar with Yu-Be, its cult following (which includes almost the entire population of Japan) and Beauty Wonkette collectively pities you. Around for half a century, this pharmacist-founded brand is best-known for its medicated Moisturizing Skin Cream; and for years, it's all they made. Recently, however, they launched a few new products, one of which is decidedly not a moisturizer.

When Beauty Wonkette saw that Yu-Be had stepped outside of their specialty to create a Foaming Skin Polish, we were initially skeptical. "Stick to what you know," is common advice. But ultimately, we're sooo glad Yu-Be expanded their horizons with this face-and-body cleansing scrub because it has rocked Beauty Wonkette's world.

Rice bran, walnut and bamboo are used for exfoliation, ginger and ginseng provide toning benefits, and camphor, geranium and green tea simultaneously calm and energize your skin. The paraben- and sulfate-free formula washes without harsh conseq…

Arm yourself!!!

No matter the body type, one particular part of the female physique seems to garner the most complaints from its owners: the upper arm. (And almost all of us have two of them! Alas!) Whether you feel they're too thick or unforgivably flabby, their current condition may have you moving sleeveless tops to the back of your closet.

Now Beauty Wonkette thinks the ultimate solution to this problem is fairly easily solved with lots and lots of bicep curls, tricep extensions, dips, (pant, pant, sweat, sweat....), but Beauty Wonkette's lovely Aunt Suzy is, shall we say, not from the sweat set.

Well, there are lots of firming body creams out there, but Beauty Wonkette has to give Orlane kudos for recognizing the unique changes our arms go through with age—loss of density and elasticity, slowed circulation, fat accumulation—and formulating a cream specifically for this area. The ingredients of Refining Arm Cream were meticulously selected for the impact they can have up our sleeves.


Cross the Bklyn Bridge for Skinny Skinny :D

It's easy to get stuck in a beauty rut, but trust Beauty Wonkette, it's just as easy to break out of one. Typically use a body lotion to moisturize? Try switching to an oil. Never pay attention to what's in your products? Give organic ingredients a shot. And it just so happens that today, Beauty Wonkette can recommend something that fits both bills.

Wind-powered, Brooklyn-based brand skinnyskinny — there are multiple meanings behind its name, none of which involve weight — offers a host of certified-organic goods, of which Beauty Wonkette's current favorite is the Botanically-Infused Jasmine & Green Tea Body Oil.

Packaged in a recyclable glass pump with a biodegradable label, this vegan recipe infuses skin with the soothing, nourishing benefits of oils from its title ingredients, jojoba, chamomile, rose, lavender, calendula, hemp seed, coconut, and borage. Almost magical in so many ways, it absorbs instantly, leaving behind only soft, subtly scented skin—and that sce…

Happy happy feet :D

Woof woof!

Your dogs are barking.

You put your toesies through a lot: Unsupportive flip flops, impossible high heels and the occasional running blister.

Now you can get the body benefits of yoga--for your feet. Pamper your tootsies with the new Flex-Tastic foot exerciser.

It looks like the toe separators you use while your pedicure dries, but this little gizmo makes your feet feel pretty, too. Just wriggle your toes through the Flex-Tastic to stretch, straighten and realign your tootsies. The company claims regular use will help ease tension in your feet and legs and boost flexibility and circulation. You're supposed to get results with as little as 5 minutes a day, but Beauty Wonkette likes to flex her feet while watching her favorite trashy TV show.

And unlike other similar gadgets, the Flex-Tastic costs less than $10.

Calling all NYC Wonkettes!!!

They say that the most beautiful women in the world reside in New York City and well who is Beauty Wonkette to argue? Sure, alot of it is due to the innate confidence of NYC gals, but we can’t turn a blind eye to the salons, spas and beauty events on every corner and at our disposal 24/7. So in celebration of NYC beauty, here’s an event sure to keep you as fabulous as ever.

One of Beauty Wonkette's favorite natural beauty brands is offering up a serious deal for you. The Aveda Institute New York is offering complimentary mini-facials chock full of Aveda’s botanically-derived skincare. All treatments last 30 minutes, are customized to your specific skincare needs and are performed by senior Aveda Institute students under the guidance of experienced instructors. After each treatment, students will recommend a regimen of Aveda products best suited for your skin type and if you purchase $50 in Aveda products, you’ll receive $20 off of any Institute service. Be sure to schedule your app…

You've been a VERY bad girl !!!

You've got a secret, and you're desperate to keep it under wraps. You surely don't want Beauty Wonkette to find out now, do ya?

Maybe you played hooky to hit the beach. Or perhaps you threw caution to the wind and sauntered outside sans sunscreen. Either way, you got burned.

Beekman 1802 After-the-Sun soap hides the evidence--no questions asked. The bars are made with goat's milk to remove chemical residue from sunscreen and keep skin soft and moisturized. Ingredients like organic green tea extract, olive oil, lavender and aloe vera help jump start the healing process. And because the soaps are free of chemicals and artificial fragrances, they won't irritate scorched skin. Each package contains 10 mini bars, so you can sneak one in your bag and discretely lather up after a beach tryst or an afternoon romp. Yes, you have been BAAAD! But being a kind and forgiving Beauty Wonkette, I'm gonna help you out... You can grab this magic soap here :D

Grin and Bare it When in NYC

Always in search of a better--and more affordable--bikini wax, Beauty Wonkette's intrepid New York big sis ventured to Boom Boom Beauty Bar where prices have been reduced to a mere $39 for the whole shebang. Here's the scoop:

Having owner Malynda Vigliotti (aka Boom Boom) de-fuzz down there is sort of like having a pal do the job, which sounds weird but it's not. Malynda puts you totally at ease and gets the job done swiftly and efficiently.

No double-dipping. This is Malynda's motto. You can trust that she'll use a fresh stick with every swipe. (For coarse patches, she also uses dry wax--it pulls off hair in one quick tug.)

Take a brow. Congratulate yourself on a bikini wax well done and enjoy some expert brow grooming for only $18. Malynda gently tidies up rogue strands and creates a natural shape.

Looks like smooth sailing from here on out.

Boom Boom Beauty Bar, 35 7th Ave., (212) 229-BOOM,

Eye spy

Although Beauty Wonkette is not all that big on makeup, the one product that she DOES use with moderate fanaticism is mascara. Seriously, Beauty Wonkette is happy when her lashes are sufficiently blackened, lengthened, and separated before she hits the road.

And with all of the random oscillating and polymer-coating mascaras out there, BW is frankly shocked that it took so long for someone to come up with this awesome one-handed mascara applicator.

We haven’t tried it yet, but we’re totally loving its pen-like structure.

The cap can be put onto the end of the wand, and the brush appears when you move a tiny slider. Plus, it’s designed so that air can’t get into the container so your mascara stays clump free and fresh for a super long time.

And really, no one wants to search the floor of their bathroom for their mascara cap that always manages to roll away the second it hits a flat surface.

Mascara Noir is made by Belvada and will retail for $25 when it hits salons later this month. Keep a…

Another reason to love NY (AND Andy Cuomo....

Beauty Wonkette remembers when a couple of years ago, there was a bit of a stir in the film industry about manufactured critic quotes being used in trailers and DVD releases to deceive audiences. And while the studios took some flack, no major legal battles ensued that Beauty Wonkette is aware of.

Now, fake reviews of a different sort are the focus of an initiative by New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo - and the beauty industry is up first. The AG’s office has recently been going after websites that post phony consumer reviews and comments about their products and procedures. It’s referred to as “astroturfing”, referencing the fake surface used on sporting fields.

A settlement has now been reached in the first case against a company called Lifestyle Lift which offers a “face-firming” procedure where they’ve agreed to pay $300,000 to the state of New York.

Like with any website that allows reader input and interaction, it can be difficult to discern which reviews/comments are legit an…

Brush stroke....

A well-made makeup brush doesn't come cheap; you can easily spend $50 on a single foundation brush, or three figures on a ritzy set. However, to celebrate Nordstrom's annual anniversary sale, Beauty Wonkette's good friends (ahem, ok, ok - I don't know those people from Adam but still....) at Lancôme have created a four-piece set that's running for a paltry $52 ($119.50 value). "Declaring Indigo" comes with a high-gloss patent case, brushes for foundation, blending, blush, and a dual-tip one for eyes — all in chic indigo and black. Take it from Beauty Wonkette: makeup utensils never looked so fabulous.

$52 at

Dr. Look Good is making free mouse calls....

Ok my fellow Beauty Wonkettes, this is too good to pass up!

Nab some free face time with a Beverly Hills dermatologist.

The doctor is in...your inbox.

Suffering from skin that's itchy? Sun damaged? Acne-prone? Are you buried under jars of face potions?

Whatever ails you, Beverly Hills dermatologist Dr. Zein Obagi is here to help--and he won't charge you a penny for his expertise. Just surf over to his site and ask for a "Mouse Call." Instead of making an appointment and shelling out $300 for an office visit, you just fill out a fast questionnaire about your skin issues and the products you currently use. In about a day, you'll receive a detailed response directly from Obagi or his team. Online consultations are free until August, when the price goes back to the usual $75.

Beauty Wonkette was VERY pleasantly surprised that Obagi didn't try to push products on us when we told him our sensitive skin woes. Check out a sample consultation here.

Drop Dr. 90201 a line and…

tip toe.... or TOE TIP :D

Ack! Tip toe, toe tip WHATEVAH! Bottom line (no pun intended here), Beauty Wonkette's (aka LOVER OF STILETTOS)feet are under ALOT of pressure. Yours too? Then it's time to some sole-searching and give your treasured tootsies some much-needed TLC. After all, you can’t get very far without them. Choose a scrub that’s developed particularly for feet, with granules for physical exfoliation and alpha hydroxy acids to chemically peel away dead skin. Beauty Wonkette is currently obsessed with Creative Nail Design’s Earth Warming Scrub because it becomes a moisturizing oil post-rinse, leaving your feet ready for your next step. Here's what CND says about it:


Warming, raw-sugar A.H.A. foot scrub that exfoliates, polishes, smooths and refines.


• Provides instant warmth when activated by water.
• Provides triple-action exfoliation:
– micro-abrasion with raw sugar.
– once dissolved, the citric acid can penetrate the skin.
– warming action opens pores allowing dee…

Body beautiful....

In Beauty Wonkette's perfect world, we all would (and COULD) be spending copious amounts of time and money on spa treatments every week. Alas, that may not be feasible for everyone (errrr ANYONE), so Beauty Wonkette urges you to take time out for yourself, even if only once in a while. If it’s in your budget, do what BW recently did, and go for a full-body overhaul, like the African Red Tea Body Cocktail purifying treatment at a Ole Henriksen spa. It will exfoliate and allow your skin to detox while someone rubs you down (moannnn). If you can’t splurge for the on-site real deal, fork over some dough for an at-home DIY version. The African Red Tea Body Collection ($65;, which includes a body scrub, mask, and soufflé, nourishes your skin from head to toe. The rejuvenating powers of African Red Tea are Ole's secret to beautiful skin thanks to the tea's skin-strengthening minerals and free-radical-fighting antioxidants that help slow down the signs of aging.…

Bring on the humidity! Beauty Wonkette ain't skeered...

The weather had gotten truly gotten to Beauty Wonkette and, more importantly, to Beauty Wonkette's locks. A couple of weeks ago, work took me to a city on the Gulf at the height of absolutely gross, soupy, swampy weather. As usual, Beauty Wonkette was in a hurry when packing and failed to bring her beloved Moroccan Cream. Nor did she remember the No Frizz. Soooooo, without a decent beauty supply store in sight (or on site), she did what she could with what was at hand. She oiled, sprayed, puttied, and even gelled ( do NOT ask ) her tresses in hopes of taming the frizz. All to no avail.

Then, roaming around a mall that did NOT have a Sephora, in low spirits (read utter despair), Beauty Wonkette happened upon a Lush store (in the most unlike place, it seemed)! Although no fan of Lush, BW was desperate, and so, on a whim, bought the Jasmine and Henna Fluff Eaze treatment. Skeptical at the saleswoman's claims that this would cure BW's puffball hair, she purchased it anywa…


Beauty Wonkette warns you that you will NEVER look at soda (or condiments, or salad dressing) the same way after seeing this.

Beauty Wonkette believes we may all have a problem. A sugar problem.

Now, now, hear Beauty Wonkette out.

You try reading nutrition labels. But who the hell knows just how much a gram of sugar actually is, anyway? Luckily, a spanking-new site called Sugar Stacks does all the work for you. It uses photos of sugar cubes to show you just how the sugar in your favorite foods stack up, literally (there's 4 grams of sugar in each cube).

Are you sitting down? That bottle of orange juice in your hand? It contains about 11 cubes of the sweet stuff. That translates to 192 calories from sugar alone!

That energy bar in your purse? That's like gobbling 5.5 sugar cubes in one sitting.

Beauty Wonkette is only doing this because she loves you. The first step is admitting you have a problem. Soon, you'll kick your sugar habit (and cut empty calories) for good. Remember, …

Saving face.......AND 25%

Beauty Wonkette knows that recessionistas everywhere are on the lookout for savings. Well, save your face (and your body and your hands and your lips...) with Juara.

JUARA is a unique fusion of natural Indonesian skincare treatments of ancient royalty and modern science. Utilizing high concentrations of pure and powerful active botanicals native to this lush tropical archipelago, JUARA's effective yet safe and gentle skincare line focuses on maintaining skin wellness, while feeling luxurious, elegant, and sensual to the touch.

For instance, Beauty Wonkette lovessss Juara's SPF20 Candlenut lip balm. It protects your pucker from UVA and UVB rays, is chicly packaged, odorless, paraben free, and loaded with linoleic rich candlenut oil and rich anti-oxidants.

Now, fellow Beauty Wonkettes, you can get 25% all Juara products AND shipping is gratis on orders over $75. Just enter code LUXEJUARA at checkout.

Unfortunately, zits are NOT just for kids :(

And because they are not, Beauty Wonkette brings you Sonya Dakar's Zit Zapping Recipe....

When you graduated from high school, you were probably looking forward to a life free of catty gossip, unrequited crushes, and ACNE.

Talk about a letdown. Turns out grown-up life is plagued with all the same problems. And the worst of it all? Breakouts. Clearly the most horrific reminder of adolescence this side of the yearbook photo. Still, adult acne calls for adult measures. Well, Beauty Wonkette is here to tell you to trade in those Stridex pads for this simple at-home zit-zapping recipe from L.A.’s skin guru Sonya Dakar.

Goods: one package of dry yeast, water (opt for the Evian), and fresh lemon juice.

Method: Pour yeast into a bowl and add water one drop at a time (approximately two tablespoons of water). Mix well after each drop until the mixture turns to a medium paste. Add a drop or two of lemon juice once the yeast has been mixed with the water, and keep stirring until the juice is blen…

Maybe you CAN catch more flies with honey than with vinegar, buttttt......

What Beauty Wonkette wants to know is why would you want to (catch yucky flies, that is)?

Besides, Beauty Wonkette likes vinegar. Apple cider vinegar makes BW's hair all purdy and shiney and it makes a damn good skin toner. Now, there is new evidence that vinegar may truly be a natural fat fighter!

Researchers in Japan are reporting new evidence that the ordinary vinegar - a staple in oil-and-vinegar salad dressings, pickles, and other foods - may live up to its age-old reputation in folk medicine as a health promoter. They are reporting new evidence that vinegar can help prevent accumulation of body fat and weight gain. Their study is scheduled for the July 8 issue of ACS' Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, a bi-weekly publication.

Tomoo Kondo and colleagues note in the new study that vinegar has also been used as a folk medicine since ancient times. People have used it for a range of ills. Modern scientific research suggests that acetic acid, the main component of vi…

Assume the uhhhh POSITION....

Banish sunburns forever with the flick of your wrist.

Beauty Wonkette hears that ou've been a bad, bad girl. You've been criminally lax when it comes to your sunscreen routine.

Ohhhhhh sure, you stock up on the best lotions and potions, but somehow, you always forget to re-apply. The punishment? Sunburns (ouchies).

Luckily, Beauty Wonkette has found one accessory that doubles as your "get out of jail free" card. Just slip on the UVSunSense bracelet before you hit the beach or the pool!

Here's how it works: While you're applying sunscreen, use a dab of lotion to coat the wristband where it says "Apply sunscreen to this side." The band will turn purple, indicating it's been activated. When you've absorbed too many harmful UV rays, the band morphs to brown signaling it's time to reapply. And when the words dissappear altogether, it's time to abort your tanning mission and run for cover.

Beauty Wonkette is sooooo good to you :D. Grab these …

Put away that Dust Buster !!!

Have you ever been so frustrated by blackheads that you want to take a Dust Buster to your face and just suck them all out? Beauty Wonkette doesn't recommend doing that ( has Beauty Wonkette ever told you about the time she took a Dust Buster to her dog's ever shedding triple coat....), but BW DOES recommend a new symbolic solution from Dr. Brandt.

Pores No More Vacuum Cleaner is a 10-minute mask that helps loosen up clogged pores and extract those heinous blackheads. It uses silicone dioxide to essentially pull out debris and extra sebum, while alpha- and beta-hydroxy acids — salicylic and glycolic acids to be precise — soften and smooth. A special rose-sourced ingredient tightens pores back up when the cleansing is complete.

Beauty Wonkette loves the cooling feeling Vacuum Cleaner creates as it does its duty, not to mention the bottle-matching blue it turns while you wear it. (And, yes, Beauty Wonkette is willing to look like a Smurf for a few minutes if it means no blackheads…

Smooth operator....

You can call Beauty Wonkette demanding, but we don't want our pores to be just unclogged - we want them to be tiny, eensy-weensy, virtually invisible to the naked eye. Is that so much to ask?

Well, if you're asking Renee Rouleau, then no.

This spa-owning aesthetician has created a resurfacing cream that looks and feels more like a cream, but works more like a super-scrubbing resurfacer. Micro Crystal Cream is a gentle, dreamy exfoliator that uses super-small crystal particles to reduce pores while helping to keep them clear. As it refines, it smoothes skin into a younger-looking state, complete with less discoloration.

Beauty Wonkette loves that it nourishes and soothes as it sloughs, leaving behind vitamins and botanical extracts like ginseng, horse chestnut, lavender and comfrey.

$37.50 at Renee Rouleau

Look! Over there... It's a cream; NO, it's a concealer.....

It's Jemma Kidd's I-Rescue Bio-Complex Cover!!!

Beauty Wonkette happened upon this little gem when a bff complained that she thought she had a malfunctioning synapse in the beauty-routine section of her brain, specifically when it comes to the eye area. Apparently, when she remembers to apply eye cream, she forgets to apply concealer. When she remembers to apply concealer, she forgets to apply eye cream. She wept that she definitely needs both, so it's a rather inconvenient glitch.

Beauty Wonkette to the rescue! Fortunately for my friend and her flawed synapses, BW discovered a two-in-one wonder by Jemma Kidd, called I-Rescue Bio-Complex Cover. This tinted treatment is sheer genius! As it lightens up dark circles and sets a stable canvas for eye shadow, it also works to smooth fine lines, diminish puffiness and banish bags—not just conceal them for a little while.

It's more than makeup because of ingredients like palmitoyl oligopeptide (AKA Matrixyl) and beneficial botan…

A sad day ....


Wading through a sea of skincare...

Even though this skincare stuff is sort of Beauty Wonkette's gig, sometimes Beauty Wonkette just don’t know where to start. With products, that is; specifically, with the tidal wave of skin care that seems to arrive on the scene each month!

Each cream, serum and corrector is a little different from the next, yet they all promise something equally wonderful. But if you don’t take those promises at face value – and Beauty Wonkette absolutely does NOT – you need at least a few weeks to see if they actually work. So, how in the name of plump skin do you know what’s what?
I hooked up with two of my favorite dermatologists - one in D.C. and one in the Big Apple - to see what they had to say:

Beauty Wonkette: What advice would you give someone who is overwhelmed by the choice of moisturisers out there?
The Docs: Feel good about your choices and choose a product that’s right for right now. If your skin’s very dry at the moment, choose a thicker cream. When the weather warms up, you might go …