Chic relief.....

As the first blast of fall sets in, Beauty Wonkette is guessing that for some of you, your dewy summer glow is starting to morph into a dry, irritated, cracked mess. A new line debuted on Tuesday and vows to keep skin in its moisturized glory so winters aren't always so dreadful. First Aid Beauty's Ultra Repair Cream is an intense all-purpose cream loaded with ingredients like eucalyptus oil (to heal and soothe), colloidal oatmeal (to protect), and shea butter (to moisturize) to calm everything from eczema to post-cosmetic treatments. Instead of being a thick, greasy balm with an odd medicinal smell like all those other multipurpose potions that Beauty Wonkette finds uber gross, First Aid Beauty is fragrance-free with a lightweight frothy texture that still manages to deeply hydrate. Rub it everywhere from your face to feet, and even on your new tattoo (guaranteed to the itch away BW is told), for ultimate relief and moisture.

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