If you're like Beauty Wonkette, you've seen enough episodes of Gray's Anatomy to know that a code blue is bad. Very, very bad.

But Beauty Wonkette has discovered a Code Blue that's actually good for you. The relaunched recovery drink is now completely natural with electrolytes to rehydrate and antioxidants to help detoxify.

Even doctors are downing the drink--it's a fave of the staff at Cleveland Clinic. (Paging Dr. McDreamy. We see a product placement opportunity!)

The 60-calorie can of Code Blue is sweetened with agave nectar and gets its hue from blueberries.

So how's it taste? Suffice it to say that Beauty Wonkette isn't sharing her samples with the rest of the office. (tip: Mix Code Blue with H20 to get twice the drink and a subtler sweetness.)

Try two and call us in the morning.

Code Blue - $3


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