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Exfoliators: The Unsung Heroes of Skin Care

Hopefully, by now, Beauty Wonkette has convinced beauty wonkettes everywhere that if you’re not regularly buffing your skin, it’s not living up to its total hot potential. Indeed, almost all dermatologists agree that exfoliators are the unsung heroes of skin care. It’s easy enough to understand.

As teens, our skin cells flake off and reveal a more luminous layer ever 14 days. But for every year past the age of 20, that rate increases by a day. Put your shoes back on! Calculations are NOT necessary. If you’re old enough to be reading Beauty Wonkette, you should be exfoliating ! Now, although there are loads of exfoliators out there – some of ‘em gritty, others packed with acids in the form of fruit enzymes – the fact is that Beauty Wonkette doesn’t want you to slap just any crap on your kisser. Furthermore, please remember that truly seeing results that last more than an hour or so after exfoliating, you need to do it consistently. Hence, you have to find what’s right for you. …

New Year's Guide 2011

New Year's Eve is most definitely NOT Beauty Wonkette's favorite holiday. In fact, it's probably below Flag Day on Beauty Wonkette's list of favorite holidays. But, since it's unavoidable, here are thirteen sparkling-cocktail recipes from some favorite NY drink dens to help you ring in the New Year with a pop.

Aperol Spritz (View Recipe)
From The Mermaid Inn
This simple cocktail has just two ingredients: the tart, rhubarb-infused spirit Aperol, and the wallet-friendly prosecco. Finish with a twist.

Aviators Tipple (View Recipe)
From Martim Ake Smith-Mattsson at Double Crown
This drink gets a pop of color from maraschino syrup and a swirl of creme de violette.

The Bianco Royale (View Recipe)
From BLT Bar & Grill
VeeV acai liqueur, honey syrup, lemon juice, and rose water mingle with chilled prosecco in this floral cocktail.

Black Mission Fig Mimosa (View Recipe)
From Marc Forgione
For a dose of farm-to-table in a glass: This drink marries homemade fig syrup with walnut l…

5 quick fixes using stuff you probably DO have

Holy Guacamole!!! Beauty Wonkette was NOT ready for yesterday's storm. Fortunately, the holidays left BW well-stocked with food and spirits. But, it always seems to be the case that even a hoarder like Beauty Wonkette finds herself without certain essentials - and there needn't be a snowstorm to cause it. Anyway, anyway, here are a few gems we've collected for what happens when you just are OUT of something...

Shampoo as makeup remover: It's not ideal, but this will do until you can make it to your beauty supply store to pick up makeup remover. Baby shampoo with water will help remove thick layers of makeup from your face, and it won't irritate your eyes.

Conditioner as shaving cream: You may have forgotten to put shaving cream on your shopping list, but no worries. You probably have conditioner, which will do the job for now. Its moisturizing ingredients should help the razor glide over your skin smoothly and help avoid razor burn. In fact, Beauty Wonkette uses …

Claire's lashes ?!?!?!

Are Claire Danes' luscious lashes giving her hell? The Emmy Award-winning actress joined Brooke Shields this summer as a celebrity spokesperson for Latisse, the eyelash growth treatment from the makers of Botox -- but she seems to have suffered one of the product's side effects.

Danes, in a flouncy dress, touts, "When Your Lashes Grow, Your Lashes Show," while showing off longer, darker lashes in a TV and online commercial with the list of possible adverse reactions.

In a video diary on the Latisse Web site documenting her 16-week journey, Danes admitted, "When I first started using Latisse, I did actually have a side effect, the skin around my eyes was a little bit red that lasted for about a week. But since then, no, I haven't had any side effects."

However, a highly reliable source claims that Danes' makeup artist has to plaster on concealer to cover the purplish and yellowish shade. "It is hard to cover it up," the source said.

Beauty …

les perles de chanel.....spring 2011

Although Beauty Wonkette generally doesn't shrink away from the cold, (IN FACT, she likes the winter), for some reason she was longing for a little bit of Spring. Guess what? The ghost of Coco Chanel responded!

TAAAA DAAAAAA! (drum roll....)
Chanel's Spring 2011 nail polish lineup! Les Vernis in Pearl Drop, Black Pearl and Peche Nacree.

Coco Chanel believed the light-reflecting property of pearls enhanced a woman’s natural beauty by bringing a delicate luminosity to her skin. Peter Philips, Global Creative Director of CHANEL Makeup, captures this quality in a radiant Spring 2011 Collection, LES PERLES DE CHANEL. Pearlized shades of black and white are accented with pinks and corals, brightening the complexion and creating a natural glow."

Ohhh that Coco! The polish will be available in January on and Chanel counters for $23.

Beauty Wonkette needs a mani/pedi way before then.

A Model of Enduring Beauty....

Beauty Wonkette has always thought Iman was amazingly gorgeous, with her regal body and perfect skin. And — after 35 years as a beauty and fashion icon, she's still recognized as an enduring beauty by both the public and the industry (she received a Fashion Icon Lifetime achievement award this year from the Council of Fashion Designers of America.)

So how has she managed to keep her spectacular body and looks after 35 years in the public eye?

Iman told Allure that she credits her radiance in middle age to things that many of us could do better (like sunscreen everyday), and to things that some of us consider a luxury - like professional facials. And, of course, it doesn't hurt that she has her own makeup artist who uses things like mink false lashes to create her gorgeous looks.

But not all of her beauty secrets are highbrow. For instance, the former supermodel admits that she doesn't know how she ever lived without Moroccan Oil (neither can Beauty Wonkette, actually). Mo…

Beauty Wonkette wishes you a Merry Merry....

Ahhhh I know. Beauty Wonkette has been a bad girl. She hasn't posted for so long. Indeed, some would argue that all Beauty Wonkette deserves in HER stocking is a big, old, dirty lump of coal (that's right, you say, COAL not KOHL).

But, Beauty Wonkette has an excellent excuse. First, Beauty Wonkette is now MRS. Beauty Wonkette. No, no - I didn't marry somebody named Beauty Wonkette BUT I did marry. Yep. Again. Hehe.

AND, one of the perks of BW's real job is international travel. And travel BW did...

Okay - enough! Bottom line: BEAUTY WONKETTE IS BACK!

And, she's wishing you and yours a very MERRY MERRY...