Claire's lashes ?!?!?!

Are Claire Danes' luscious lashes giving her hell? The Emmy Award-winning actress joined Brooke Shields this summer as a celebrity spokesperson for Latisse, the eyelash growth treatment from the makers of Botox -- but she seems to have suffered one of the product's side effects.

Danes, in a flouncy dress, touts, "When Your Lashes Grow, Your Lashes Show," while showing off longer, darker lashes in a TV and online commercial with the list of possible adverse reactions.

In a video diary on the Latisse Web site documenting her 16-week journey, Danes admitted, "When I first started using Latisse, I did actually have a side effect, the skin around my eyes was a little bit red that lasted for about a week. But since then, no, I haven't had any side effects."

However, a highly reliable source claims that Danes' makeup artist has to plaster on concealer to cover the purplish and yellowish shade. "It is hard to cover it up," the source said.

Beauty Wonkette first read about this whole affair in the NY Post when they ran this story in their uber famous gossip column Page Six. Apparently, a Latisse spokesperson told Page Six, "We can only speak to what Claire has shared with us regarding her experience with Latisse, which is that she has been pleased with her results and continues to use the product. "Claire's team has shared with us that she has not experienced skin hyperpigmentation following use of Latisse," the spokesperson told us.

"Skin-darkening is a less common side effect . . . and typically occurs close to where Latisse is applied on the skin. This has been reported to be reversible in most patients upon discontinuation of Latisse."

A rep for Danes insisted to us, "Your claims are entirely false. We will pursue legal action if you print anything to the contrary. This story should be killed." Well, not only was the story NOT killed, but Page Six has continued to run variations and updates. No legal action in sight.

Who are you gonna believe? Beauty Wonkette is perplexed. It's your call really. Is the promise of long lashes were taking a chance with increased pigmentation around the eye when dark circles is probably the number one complaint Beauty Wonkette sees? Yup. It's your call.


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