A Model of Enduring Beauty....

Beauty Wonkette has always thought Iman was amazingly gorgeous, with her regal body and perfect skin. And — after 35 years as a beauty and fashion icon, she's still recognized as an enduring beauty by both the public and the industry (she received a Fashion Icon Lifetime achievement award this year from the Council of Fashion Designers of America.)

So how has she managed to keep her spectacular body and looks after 35 years in the public eye?

Iman told Allure that she credits her radiance in middle age to things that many of us could do better (like sunscreen everyday), and to things that some of us consider a luxury - like professional facials. And, of course, it doesn't hurt that she has her own makeup artist who uses things like mink false lashes to create her gorgeous looks.

But not all of her beauty secrets are highbrow. For instance, the former supermodel admits that she doesn't know how she ever lived without Moroccan Oil (neither can Beauty Wonkette, actually). More notably, though, Iman's successful, 15-year-old company, Iman Cosmetics, was founded when she saw a need for cosmetics – with an emphasis on foundation – for women with of color. One of the things that BW loves about her line is that it's really affordable AND available (as in every supermarket and drugstore Beauty Wonkette has been in lately).

Part of Iman's lasting appeal is that, while she's exceptionally beautiful, her beauty philosophy is accessible. "Makeup should just enhance who you are," she's often been quoted as saying. And, by her own account, even though she looks much younger than 55 (YES, I SAID 55), Iman still faces some of the same aging problems that the other mortals do, i.e. she had something called "frozen shoulder" which sidelined her from working out for awhile. She may not have been able to work out regularly, but she's known for her striking figure, which stays model-thin even after giving birth in middle age (at 45.)

Beauty Wonkette tried to find out just how Iman manages to stay so slim. According to the Mail Online, Iman is a devotee of "clean eating", but that's contradicted by reports in People magazine, which say Iman eats what her family eats. The magazine then gives an example of her whipping up a shepherd's pie (Beauty Wonkette is no nutritionist, but is pretty sure that doesn't qualify as "clean eating.") Whatever her diet secrets are, they seem to be working...

BW has a ways to go before hitting 55, but if getting there means looking like this gal, BW ain't skeered at all. You shouldn't be either!


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