Heal Thyself - This Stuff is a Near Miracle in a Bottle

For almost 40 years, stylist Linda Rodin (one time fashion editor of Harper's Bazaar) has worked with every celebrity from the late Herb Ritts to Madonna. Of course, she had access to every big-ticket “miracle” potion on the market through her connections, but like many of us, she was always disappointed. Rodin researched and experimented for two years until she found a concoction of essential oils that left her middle-aged skin soft and subtle. After positive feedback from her famous friends and even her doctor, her Olio Lusso hit shelves. It is an aromatic blend of eleven essential and botanical oils all known for their skin-softening, soothing, glow giving properties. It delivers a potent dose of antioxidants, fatty acids, and antibacterial benefits to moisturize and heal all skin types. When Beauty Wonkette was a wee bit overexuberant in the use of Retin A and a myriad of other stuff, her naturally oily skin was painfully dry, tight, and flaky-- and, dare I say, magically transformed overnight with a few drops. With regular use, you will find your skin was more balanced, moisturized without greasiness; breakouts were less frequent, if breakouts are a problem for you; and literally glowing. Beauty Wonkette always tests lines on herself and those close to her and then moves on. But, Olio Lusso is now counted among Beauty Wonkette's all time classics. Recently, Rodin also came out with an Olio Lusso Body Oil. Beauty Wonkette just got her hot little hands on some and will keep you updated. One warning: this elixir isn't cheap, but you only need a couple of drops, so the bottle will last forever.

Ingredients: jasmine, sweet almond, apricot, jojoba, evening primrose, rosehip seed, arnica, calendula, neroli, sunflower, and argan oils.

“A few drops of this non-greasy oil made my skin glow, and I mean, glow. Which was no mean feat after four nights out in a row.” Sandra Ballentine, New York Times Style Editor

available for sale from the New York Dermatology Group

for more information, visit Olio Lusso's site


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