Beauty Wonkette predicts things are going to get VERY hairy in NJ

New Jersey has long been known for hair-related disasters. I mean, it IS the birthplace of the mullet (think Bon Jovi) and mall bangs. A recent bit of news isn't doing much to help that rep.

In a move that's sure to freak out hyper-groomed women in the state, New Jersey's Board of Cosmetology and Hairstyling is considering a proposal to ban Brazilian bikini waxes in response to the complaints of two women who claim they were injured and hospitalized from botched jobs (major ouchies). According to the Philadelphia Daily News, the up-close-and-personal waxes have actually always been illegal, but the statute wasn't explicitly spelled out. The new proposal would make things perfectly clear by outright banning, ahem, "genital waxing."

The board is set to meet, and presumably vote on the ban on Brazilians, on April 14th and Gov. Corzine is ready to get tough about enforcement. If you live in Jersey, Beauty Wonkette suggests booking your next (and possibly last) wax before then—and stocking up on a good depilatory just in case. (Veet Spray On Hair Removal Cream isn't bad...)

Beauty Wonkette note to self: one more reason not to live in NJ


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