if you love Suki like Beauty Wonkette loves Suki....

In beauty speak, tossing organic, scientific, and pharmaceutical grade around in the same sentence is the same as saying seven-inch spiked heels are muy comfortable. However, after years of research and development, Suki Kramer seems to have managed to deliver a new line of potent serums, creams, and peels that manage to be high-tech and organic at the same time! Suki has long been one of Beauty Wonkette's favorite skin care wizards. Now, mixing everything from copper complex and cranberry glycolic to retinol liposome polypeptide and white willow bark, Suki's newest line of highly active products promise to lighten the darkest spots, brighten the dullest skin, and zap the peskiest of zits. Ah, but do they really?

Well, Beauty Wonkette needed a guinea pig. Didn't take too long to find a willing one. After being diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome (which apparently has a side-effect of absolutely scream inducing high-school acne), Beauty Wonkette's guinea pig tried several (aka "a gazillion" in her words) other brands, and was put on medications. Nothing worked. The poor gal was out of ideas was getting desperate, so she was more than happy to try something new.

After using the Renewal Bio-Surfacing Facial Peel ($75), Bio-Active Purifying Serum ($75), and the Sensitive Cleansing Bar ($4.95 to $10.95), her hyperpigmentation lightened and the breakouts diminished after three weeks. She's now about 7 weeks into her new regimen and reports that she is now able to go out without makeup. Impressed? Beauty Wonkette surely was!

Head over to Suki's website and click on the Sukispa tab orrrrrr just click here to check it out.


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