Etailer of the Week: Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Before I say another word, I must warn you: DO NOT VISIT BLACK PHOENIX ALCHEMY LAB'S SITE IF YOU ARE IN A HURRY ! Beauty Wonkette remembers the her first visit. She ended up staying for almost two hours! Aside from the fact that this California based company puts out some of the most unique and sultry fragrances EVER, the site is incredibly rich with literary references of every type imaginable. Take a look at the way their fragrance blends are organized. Categories include: Sin & Salvation, Rappaccini's Garden, Wanderlust, Marchen, Mad Tea Party... My current favorite blend is from the NOVEL IDEAS FOR SECRET AMUSEMENTS II collection. This is a limited edition Salon series celebrating the joy, humor, playfulness, and thrill of sexual intercourse through scent interpretations of Edo era Japanese erotic art. According to the site, this is a Limited Edition series that will run from 10 January 2009 until 13 March 2009. I'm hoping they'll keep it going a while longer, as they often do with their limited editions. Maybe they'll make my favorite a permanent offering. It's called - brace yourself ye of virgin ears - Giant Vulva ! I have no clue why they came up with that name exactly. The fragrance is a blend of Skin musk, sugar cane, honey, beeswax, vanilla flower, and copal. It really is gorgeous. I've never gotten so many compliments on a fragrance. Everyone from Mr. Beauty Wonkette to my Italian grandmother adores it. I stocked up on it, just in case they don't make it a permanent offering. But, even if they don't, there are SO MANY blends that Beauty Wonkette is dying to try, and they're always coming up with a host of new and original ones, that my heart is resting easy. When you have some time, head over there for a visit. You're likely to be overwhelmed, but you won't be sorry. AND, you will soon smell absolutely incredible.



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