Lip Tint Mania !!!

Beauty Wonkette is building an addition to her house so she will have a place for her vast collection of lip stains, tints, balms, glosses... Here's one that Beauty Wonkette is having fun with. SERENLIPITY lip tints combine a perfect touch of confident color, sheer shine, non-sticky coverage and crucial UVA/UVB sun protection in a one-of-a-kind ball that is easily found in the bottom of your bag. The first time you use it, you'll be the instant envy of lip novices everywhere, but then again, weren't you always? Beauty Wonkette's collection includes: Berry Brazilicious (Light ruby color/berry shimmer with acai berry flavor), Passion Payday (Garnet color/silver shimmer with passion fruit flavor), and Glisten Here Missy (Bronze color/copper shimmer with safari spice flavor). At only $12.50 per, Beauty Wonkette is just getting started....


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