Beauty Wonkette Learns About Plopping....

Yes, my lovelies, that is PLOPPING, not kerplopping... You see, Beauty Wonkette's mane is not CURLY, it's kind of wavy. If it's allowed to dry and no hot tools are used, wavy translates in WILD - i.e. not suitable for anything that resembles civilized social activity. So, some of my fellow beauty wonkettes were good enough to introduce me to the world of plopping. Now, they are genuine curly girls, but the secrets of the curly world have proven to be most useful to Beauty Wonkette. Now that she has plopping down, she can even get away with going to work post-plop, provided it's a relatively informal day. And now, for all of you with less than stick straight manes, whether you are truly a curly girl, or just a wavy kinda girl, or you just need to fight the dreaded frizz, Beauty Wonkette presents (drum roll please) THE ART OF PLOPPING:

Although it sounds like some new exercise trend. ‘Plopping’ refers to a method of helping to create curl structure prior to diffusing or air drying that has become a favorite among wise curly and wavy gals.

As described to Beauty Wonkette, after one washes and conditions the hair, you apply product to wet hair and get ready to PLOP. Put a t-shirt or (preferably) a large microfiber towel down on a chair - some use the toilet with seat down. Leaning over the towel/t-shirt with your head hanging down bent over from your waist, position the wet hair onto towel so the curls are all concentrated on top of the head. Then pull the towel taut against the top and sides of the head, grabbing the 2 sides and twisting them into long sausage rolls near each ear. Take these rolled up towel extensions and pull them to the nape of the neck and secure them by tying them together.

Says one PLOP PRO, “Then I put go about my morning routine — makeup, coffee, etc. The towel helps to absorb excess water while letting the curls ’set’ into clumps. When you take the towel off, gently shake down the curls and diffuse ’s’ shaped, individual curly locks, with some volume at the roots.”

If you want extra control, try spritzing on on some spray gel or scrunch in a bit more gel after you take the towel off.

BellaSugar posted a less wordy version of PLOPPING not too long ago. Beauty Wonkette quotes: In order to decrease drying time and frizz, instead of air or towel drying, try plopping:

1. Spread a t-shirt or microfiber towel on a flat surface.
2. Bend over with your head down until your hair is in the middle of the cloth.
3. With your head touching the cloth, pull part of the material up so the back of your head is covered with it (to the nape of your neck.
4. Twist the two sides to form sausage rolls and clip them.
5. Remove cloth after about 30 minutes to reveal less frizzy, "plopped" locks.


  1. Thank you for this post. I must try plopping on my daughter's hair :)

  2. You're most welcome! My SO laughs at me when cause I have special "plopping" tshirts. I GOTTA get a big microber towel :D


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