BARGAIN OF THE WEEK: Bird poop facials only $50 !

Reservations just opened up for New York Spa Week, which will be held this year from April 13 to April 19. Spotted on the list of specials: The Geisha Facial at Shizuka New York Day Spa — a.k.a. the Bird-Poop Facial. With this 60-minute treatment, the spa uses sanitized nightingale droppings to re-texturize the skin. Originally priced at $180, the price plummets to $50 during Spa Week. Yes, isn't it about time they opened up the luxury of spreading poo on your face to the common folk? Like you're not getting crapped on enough already....ahem.

Lest you think Beauty Wonkette is suffering a Friday meltdown, we bring you this from Shizuka Spa's site:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Bird Droppings?

Shizuka remembered hearing about uguisu no fun (that's BIRD POOP btw) from her mother while growing up in Tokyo. Japanese women have always prized pale, porcelain complexions and Shizuka's mother always stressed proper skincare and limiting sun exposure. When Shizuka was researching new and interesting facial skin care ingredients, she thought back to her childhood and her mother's story about how geisha used nightingale droppings to keep their skin clear and pale.

Is uguisu no fun safe/sanitary to use on my face?

Yes, the uguisu no fun used at Shizuka New York Day Spa is professionally sanitized under UV light and powdered before being applied to the face.

Does the bird poop facial mask smell?

Although the uguisu no fun has a slight (define slight pleez ! ) musky aroma on its own, Shizuka's special mask formulation neutralizes this aroma, leaving a mild "organic" smell from the rice bran.

$180 for bird poop?

The Geisha Facial is a full facial skin care treatment that includes thorough cleansing of the face with Shizuka NY's Skin Care System, pore extraction, light massage and an antioxidant collagen mask in addition to the nightingale droppings mask.

Beauty Wonkette is going to skip this one. BUT, we'd LOVE to hear about it if YOU get "a bird poop facial". Really.


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