Here comes the sun......

Well, Spring has sprung. At least, that is what the tell Beauty Wonkette. Beauty Wonkette is a little bit doubtful, because it has been cold and rainy here, but still.... It can't be tooooo far away. Beauty Wonkette pays close attention to sun protection all year round, and you should too. But, there's no question that we spend more time outdoors when it's all warm and sunny and delightful out, so sun protection becomes even more important. Now, with that said, Beauty Wonkette wonders if an SPF100 product is really necessary.

Neutrogena has made a numberically astronomical announcement! Come May, they're launching Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 100+ (choke choke). A fellow blogger called up dermatologist, and author of The Youth Equation, Jeffrey Dover, to find out if this was overkill. After having a good laugh, he deadpanned, "It's an arms race!" then continued, "if it's winter and you live on the east coast, SPF 15 is perfectly fine." Summer? Well, that's another story: Dover recommends SPF 30 or higher—and would reserve SPF 100 for those who burn really easily. Whatever the number, Beauty Wonkette DOES like the idea of Ultra Sheer's water- and sweat-proof, lightweight, matte finish, oil- and PABA-free formula—and most importantly, that it contains Helioplex, the company's long-lasting power block that works against both the burning and aging sun rays.


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