The Cheapest Manicure Ever - FUN FUN FUN !

during the New York shows, Beauty Wonkette was mainly preoccupied with figuring out where she was going to get the big bucks to snag some of the fierce fashions that marched down the runway. So, you can imagine Beauty Wonkette's relief when she saw something she COULD snag without selling her favorite non-human companion into slavery (he'd be worthless btw - Beauty Wonkette is HIS slave): the models at Trovata showcased a subtle, but different take on the French manicure—delicate pink nails with a skinny black tip. At Akiko Ogawa, the girls had a rather springlike pink-ombré nail. So for the DIY (read POOR)types out there — and who hasn't started to become one in this day and age — Sally Hansen's new Nail Art Pen allows you to follow the trends at home. They come in seven different colors, work over any nail polish, and easily wipe off (smudge free) if you make a mistake. Just apply a topcoat to seal the deal.


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