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Does winter make you ITCHY !!!

For the most part, Beauty Wonkette's skin is on the oily side.  Not disgustingly so - except in the summer when BW is a walking oil slick - but most definitely on the oily side.  But THAT is BW's kisser; her body?  Not so much.  And, even though we are not big on turning on the heat unless it's truly frigid outside, preferring to depend on some very efficient fireplaces (with blowers), it still is the case that itchiness rises as the temperature drops.  If BW was to do nothing, we're guessing she'd be downright ashy by mid January.

     Slathering on butters, creams, lotions, etc. can be time-consuming, especially in the morning when time is short.  Beauty Wonkette tried that Vaseline Spray & Go moisturizer.  It's good for the summer, but the bottom line is that it really doesn't provide much in the way of real moisture.  Beauty Wonkette has a cabinet full of stuff that she's tried.  Alot of it is stuff that is pretty good.  But no holy grail.…

DIY Anti Aging Beauty Mask for Thanksgiving..... and NO it ISN'T a pumpkin mask!!!!

In honor of Thanksgiving, Beauty Wonkette brings you a DIY mask that she promises will transform an ordinary holiday grocery list item into a luxurious, anti-aging facial mask.
Sooooo, you ask - what's the mystery ingredient?
And no, smarty isn't PUMPKIN (although BW loves her DIY pumpkin masks....mmm) The "secret" ingredient is (drumroll pleez) CRANBERRIES!  Whether you’re making a sauce, side dish or dessert, there’s a good chance that this holiday staple will be making an appearance on your dinner table.

But something you might not know about this little red fruit is that it can be used for something even better than cooking or decorating…your beauty regimen!

When applied to the skin, this antioxidant-rich super fruit wards off wrinkles, reduces redness, and prevents any signs of skin damage.

Not only do cranberries help fight off the free radical damage that causes pre-mature aging and wrinkles, but the fruit's acid also acts as an exfoliant to r…