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Sexy NOT Sticky

Although Beauty Wonkettes everywhere SWEAR by MAC products, this Beauty Wonkette is not a MAC fan.  But, the moment someone started talking about a NON-STICKY LIPGLOSS, they had Beauty Wonkette's undivided attention.  And, as it turned out, this stuff is very worth of attention.  Looking for an easy fix to update your Spring/Summer look?  Get thee to the nearest MAC counter and pick up a tube of MAC Reel Sexy Cremesheen Lipglass ($20 and available in four shades).  Then, proceed to paint your pout to totally non-stickly perfection with this glassy pink finish.  Smooch!

Avah Goes to the Head of the Class

How did it come to be that Beauty Wonkette would be attending THIS many graduations?  Hmmmm.  It does have it's upside (listening to high school chorus' do the whole GLEE thing NOT).  That being that it brings BW to the Big Apple for stuff other than work and THAT means lots of time to roam around Barneys New York, Soho, and, more recently, Brooklyn.  My oh my, the things Beauty Wonkette has discovered that she simply must have.  Read on....  Soon you will have to have this too!

     BW relishes the sensation of post-salon tresses, not only for our newly styled ‘do, but because of the heavenly-fresh scent locked in our strands that seems to last for days and days. Well, my lovelies, the time has come to keep those “oh-god-your-hair-smells-amazing” compliments coming with Serge Normant’s new perfume, Avah, formulated specifically for your locks!

     Beauty Wonkette does not do the dry shampoo thing.  Not that we have anything against the concept; we just haven't …

C'mon baby, let's do the twist !!!

Errrrrp 'scuse me!  (Beauty Wonkette was dancin'....)

     Now that the warm weather is here, Beauty Wonkette was suddenly faced with something of a crisis.  Remember when BW told you all that she was sporting a long, layered bob and loving it?  Well, she still is, BUT when we enter the realm of those hazy, hot, humid days, Beauty Wonkette was always able to very easily twist, twirl, braid, wrap her uber long locks into any number of different updo's.  Sometimes the look was very polished.  Sometimes it was planned to be a little messy (which can be very secksy).  But Beauty Wonkette was so well practiced she didn't even need a mirror.

     Sigh.  Hazy, hot, and humid is coming and BW has found that it is no longer quite as easy as it was.  Time to find more updo's for more medium length hair!  Here's a good one for ya...

TOOLS: bobby pins, accessory, hairspray.
Prep: You’ll want the hair to have some texture before you pin it up. If you have curly hair,…

Got milk? Make room in your fridge for DAIRYFACE!

Dairyface is probably the only skin-care line that’s ever been mistaken for a tiramisu ingredient. That’s because you’ll find it stocked in a fridge, within arm’s reach of formaggi and gelato at Mario Batali’s mega-emporium, Eataly.

     The purveyor of all-things-Italian is expanding its culinary offerings to include cosmetic ones. And that includes Dairyface, a brand that may be teased for its name, but loved for its simplicity and fondness for natural ingredients. A lot like Batali’s Meatless Mondays.

     Oksana Panasenko, originally from Turkmenistan, based her four treatment products (she calls them “refreshers”) and an eye cream on the traditionally simple yogurt mask. But by consulting with a “world-class dairy microbiologist,” as well as herbalists and cosmetic chemists, her live skin-care line blends inresults—while passing on preservatives. “Fresh food is the future, and that’s also true for skin care and the beauty industry,” says Panasenko, who launched the b…