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If you're still buying commercial soap, STOP !!! I stopped buying commercial soap a long time ago. It all started when I purchased some gorgeous looking soap at a craft fair. Turned out it wasn't just beautiful. It also was wonderful for my skin. And so a new addiction began. I learned all about cold process soap.....

The type of soap Grandma made is called “Cold Process” soap (commonly referred to as “CP” soap). It is made by combining fatty acids and sodium hydroxide (lye) together. Fatty acids can be almost any oil – from beef tallow to olive oil to hemp oil. The combinations for making a soaper's own personal recipe are endless.Cold process soapmaking is a combinations of an art and science. The condensed version of this type of soapmaking is that there is a certain proportion of lye (sodium hydroxide) and water to fatty acids that forms a chemical reaction called “saponifaction.” During saponification, the oils and lye mix and become soap – the process takes appr…

Beauty tip of the day....

I've learned that no matter where I am, I always feel better if I maintain my regular workout routine. Ahem. Ok - I may as well admit it. Beauty Wonkette is basically a jock! Believe me, it pays. I'm addicted to the Stairmaster, Pilates has kept me free of the backaches that used to plague me, and I swear by the Firm's workout dvds (ESPECIALLY the early ones). With all that said, though, swimming at least 4 times per week not only keeps me physically in shape, it keeps me centered and calm as well. It does NOT, however, do wonders for my hair. What to do? Beauty Wonkette normally seeks recommendations on the cutting edge of science. But, today's beauty tip is in a category all it's own.

If your locks take on a green (if you're a golden hair beauty) or brassy (for the raven haired among us) tint from too much time in the pool, neutralize the color caused by chlorine by dabbing a bit of red wine into your hair (hiccup). You can also use it before ente…

Flat Iron Showdown - the T3 vs the GHD

Lately, I have become obsessed with flat irons. Thus began my search for the perfect flat iron. I started with the ghd IV styler, it was what my stylist used, the gals over at Make Up Alley rave about it, and I thought I was investing in the best. I came home and of course did not get the results my professional stylist got even though I'm generally very good with my hair. I have alot of really thick, long hair and the ghd promised it would power through with its high temperature. It didn't :( . Instead I had to slowly and painfully iron small bunches of hair, over and over again. And did I mention I have a TON of hair?

I almost gave up until I decided to give the T3 Duality Iron a try. It turns out, at $80 less, the T3 was the better of the two! I can't tell if it is actually hotter, both are pretty hot. But I was able to get through more hair without a second pass with the T3. Both have rolled barrels so you can do waves and curls, but the T3 was so much e…

Easy wrinkle remover: YOUR FLAT IRON !!!

EEEEEEEEEEEKKKK!!!! Read the post pleez! Not on your face, my lovely beauty wonkettes, your clothes.....

You learn a lot about muli-purposing when traveling. I was off on what I considered a grueling multi-city business trip with several (male) associates and I HAD to pack light. One thing I certainly did NOT bring was an iron. Not being a great packer under any circumstances, I was faced with what to do with a crinkly wrinkly shirt? Well, I didn't pack so light that I did not bring my flat iron with me, so in a bind, I decided to try it out on my shirt. Amazing! I thought it was going to be a major hassle but it turns out to be so much easier than ironing with a regular iron (well, maybe because I don't actually know how to iron). The small surface actually was easier to negotiate collars and button placket. I couldn't actually do the entire shirt, only the edges but it got me through the day and it was definitely good enough. Who would have thought! Now I lov…

We're baaaack!

Ah did you think Beauty Wonkette took a vacation? I wish, I wish. It was all about work, work, work. But things are back to normal, so let's get started...

Being a bag lady never looked so good.....

At least, that is what my fellow Beauty Wonkettes are telling me about this new product! It's called BAG LADY (love it!) by Intelligent Skin Sense. They call it an "age rebelling eye gel" that will yield results in as little as FOUR weeks. Beauty Wonkettes seem to agree. So, here's the poop on it..
Age-rebelling eye gel de-puffs and minimize lines. Active purified Peptide Proteins from Soybeans and Rice work to increase collagen production. Botanicals of Raspberry and Green Tea extracts help to constrict and tighten the skin while Chamomile soothes and reduces inflammation. The product features "ISS Freezer Spoon", a specially designed applicator that partners with Bag Lady to massage away under eye puffiness.
Ingredients: water, roman chamomi…

New Revaleskin product w/ SUPER discount !

Revaleskin is the first anti-aging skin care line formulated with CoffeeBerry, which is billed as the most potent natural antioxidant available in skin care today. CoffeeBerry is derived from the fruit of the coffee plant. and its antioxidant properties have only recently been discovered, making the NEW BIG THING in skincare. Apparently, it has a higher antioxidant capacity than green tea, pomegranate and Vitamins C and E. It's also exceptionally rich in polyphenol antioxidants, such as chlorogenic acid, condensed proanthocyanidins, quinic acid and ferulic acid. So, the hype that surrounds this skincare line, which up to now has boasted !% CoffeeBerry (the highest concentration available) is understandable.

I've been using the Night Cream (which really isn't a cream at all), and I've gotta say, my skin LOVES this stuff.

Well, now, Revaleskin has released it's new Intense Recovery Treatment with 1.5% CoffeeBerry extract! I can't wait to try the stuf…

Product Picks for Rocking the Waves....

Playing it straight......

Styling Tips for Wavy Babies

It’s not curly; it’s not straight. With the right cut, tips and tools, stylists say wavy hair can be the best of both worlds, playing it straight one day, and riding your waves the next.
“There is a return to waves because of the retro glamour trend,” says Rodney Cutler of New York’s Cutler Salons, “But the resurgence of glam doesn’t mean they have to be big, full curls.”The first step is finding the right cut to maximize the type of waves you have.“When you see your stylist, don’t come with a ponytail in your hair or after it has been blown out or flat-ironed, ” says Amie Zimmerman of Dirty Little Secret Salon & Spa in Portland, Ore. “They have to get a good grasp on the S-shaped pattern waves as they tumble down. You want to make sure they’re cutting for the curl, which means they should be cutting the hair dry.”Layers will help your waves show up. But stylists warn against going too short.“For people with wavy hair, the front can have a lot of cowlicks,” says Dana Kaplan of M Sa…

Cheap Healthy Eats - 11 items you don't have to buy organic.....

With alot of us having to tighten our budgets, eating healthy can start to seem like a challenge, especially if you try to buy organic. According to Dr. Andrew Weil, if organic produce is cutting into your overall budget, it's okay to prioritize a bit and use non-organic varieties of the fruits and vegetables listed below, which tend to contain the least amount of pesticides. You should still make it a habit to wash them thoroughly before eating or cooking to remove dirt and bacteria.AsparagusAvocadosBananasBroccoliCabbageCorn (sweet, frozen)KiwiMangosOnionsPineapplesPeas (sweet, frozen)

Psssst.... 15% off EVERYTHING during Inauguration Week!

Happy Monday my fellow beauty wonkettes! is a great site with everything you could want in doctor recommended skincare. To celebrate this week's historic changing of the guard, they're offering 15% off everything sitewide. Check it out! Use code PRES09

DIY Color Depositing Hair Conditioner

If you color your hair, no matter how well you care for it, after a couple of weeks, your color will start to fade. I've tried various store bought hair depositing conditioners and hated all of 'em. I whined about this so much, that my hair stylist finally gave me the ultimate solution. Because I'm in a generous mood (and because I'm not planning on going into the hair coloring business anytime soon :D ), I decided to share.....DIY COLOR DEPOSITING HAIR CONDITIONERFirst, mix equal amounts of your color of choice and 10 or 20% developer (I use between 1/2 and 1 oz. of each).Add an approximately equal amount of your favorite lightweight conditioner, i.e. about 2 oz
Apply to towel dried hair. Leave on for 15 minutes. Rinse.N.B. If you only want a temporary color boost, similar to the packaged color depositing conditioner like they sell at Sephora, omit the developer.Finally, don't be tempted to mix a batch of this stuff. It won't keep. Just make enough…

Looking for a good cleanser? Here's one that'll also help you loose the pooch!

Nooooooo not for your skin! Everyone I know is doing some kind of "cleanse" to recover from the holidays and start the new year right. I find most of the routines way too drastic for my taste and they don't look particularly healthy. I'm also a workout fiend and I think I'd die if I didn't eat for more than 5 hours. BUT, I do think the overall idea has some merit.

Alot of diet and fitness sites are recommending the 4 Day Jumpstart to the Flat Belly Diet as a perfect cleansing routine for those of us who just are not going to subject ourselves to drinking some foul potion for days on end.

It isn't practical for me to do it during Inauguration Week, but as soon as that's over and done with, I'm going to give it go. Wanna join me?

Ok, here are the Cliff Notes regarding the Jump Start.

The four bad guys of bloat: stress, lack of fluid, lack of sleet, air travel.

Four Days, What to avoid:
1. The salt shaker, salt-based seasonings, and …

Drink Sassy Water for a Flat Belly!

My mom is active and still slender, but she HATES the fact that for the first time in her life, she says she has a belly! She generally is all that big on diets - never has been - BUT she decided to try something called the Flat Belly Diet. I've seen it referred to here and there, but didn't know much about it until she started doing it. All in all, it seems to be very palatable and healthy and easy to follow, although I can see that vegetarians might have some difficulty finding enough variety without utilizing the recipes that include chicken and fish. And, yes, there IS such a thing as a chubby vegetarian!

Anyway, if you want to learn more about the diet, there's plenty of info, sample meal plans, recipes, etc. available all over the 'net. But there is one thing in the diet - actually in the 4 Day Jumpstart to the diet - that I found to be VERY useful for all of us. We've all read a gazillion times how important it is to drink 8 glasses of water p…

Did you say dramatic results in ***TWO DAYS*** !?!?!

TWO DAYS???? Geez, I'm ecstatic if I get results from a product in two weeks! More reasonably, I've learned to wait more like two MONTHS if what I'm looking for actually amounts to skin remodelling. And, yes, anyone who spends any amount of time surfing the 'net is familiar with all kinds of hyped products that promise you voluptuous breasts, smooth silky skin, thicker, more lustrous hair, and a bigger penis (which is quite a promise if you don't even have a teenie weenie to start with....ahem) in 37 seconds. But, this claim is made by one of New York's most highly aclaimed dermatologists, Dr. Steven Victor.

Victor has spent more than 25 years working on cutting edge skincare and his new skincare line's literature talks alot more about the science behind it than most. "Bio-Fusion™ Technology transforms every stevenvictormd cream, lotion and serum into a beneficial powerhouse by enabling up to five ingredient complexes to interact in a complementary…

Cosmetics lawsuit means we can get stuff FREE....

Ah yes, fellow wonkettes, I did indeed say FREE. FREE! Totally and completely FREE. God, I just LOVE free.

Several high-end retailers will be giving away $175 million in free cosmetics as part of a class-action lawsuit settlement.

Stores including Macy's, Bloomingdale's, Filene's, Lord & Taylor, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, and Saks Fifth Avenue will give away up to $25 in free cosmetics to customers under settlement.

Under the lawsuit, the department stores and cosmetics companies "conspired to sell products at the manufacturers' suggested price only - never at a discount." The lawsuit also alleged that special promotions were coordinated so that other stores could not compete.

The giveaway will start Tuesday, January 20.

In order to get the free merchandise, customers must sign a form stating they purchased products at one of these stores between May 29, 1994 and July 16, 2003.

No receipt or proof of purchase is necessary and products will be distributed …