Flat Iron Showdown - the T3 vs the GHD

Lately, I have become obsessed with flat irons. Thus began my search for the perfect flat iron. I started with the ghd IV styler, it was what my stylist used, the gals over at Make Up Alley rave about it, and I thought I was investing in the best. I came home and of course did not get the results my professional stylist got even though I'm generally very good with my hair. I have alot of really thick, long hair and the ghd promised it would power through with its high temperature. It didn't :( . Instead I had to slowly and painfully iron small bunches of hair, over and over again. And did I mention I have a TON of hair?

I almost gave up until I decided to give the T3 Duality Iron a try. It turns out, at $80 less, the T3 was the better of the two! I can't tell if it is actually hotter, both are pretty hot. But I was able to get through more hair without a second pass with the T3. Both have rolled barrels so you can do waves and curls, but the T3 was so much easier to achieve what I wanted with curling. Even when I let my hair dry and the frizz was seemingly set in stone, the T3 was able to smooth it out, so even if I couldn't achieve flips or curls at that point (which as it turned out I could), at least I would have shiny smooth hair. And that is all a girl with altered genetics can hope for in a flat iron! And, since I saved so much money, I took my gorgeous hair and went shopping....


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