Easy wrinkle remover: YOUR FLAT IRON !!!

EEEEEEEEEEEKKKK!!!! Read the post pleez! Not on your face, my lovely beauty wonkettes, your clothes.....

You learn a lot about muli-purposing when traveling. I was off on what I considered a grueling multi-city business trip with several (male) associates and I HAD to pack light. One thing I certainly did NOT bring was an iron. Not being a great packer under any circumstances, I was faced with what to do with a crinkly wrinkly shirt? Well, I didn't pack so light that I did not bring my flat iron with me, so in a bind, I decided to try it out on my shirt. Amazing! I thought it was going to be a major hassle but it turns out to be so much easier than ironing with a regular iron (well, maybe because I don't actually know how to iron). The small surface actually was easier to negotiate collars and button placket. I couldn't actually do the entire shirt, only the edges but it got me through the day and it was definitely good enough. Who would have thought! Now I love my flat iron even more! If you don't already have a flat iron, now you have the perfect excuse to go get yourself one.


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