Beauty tip of the day....

I've learned that no matter where I am, I always feel better if I maintain my regular workout routine. Ahem. Ok - I may as well admit it. Beauty Wonkette is basically a jock! Believe me, it pays. I'm addicted to the Stairmaster, Pilates has kept me free of the backaches that used to plague me, and I swear by the Firm's workout dvds (ESPECIALLY the early ones). With all that said, though, swimming at least 4 times per week not only keeps me physically in shape, it keeps me centered and calm as well. It does NOT, however, do wonders for my hair. What to do? Beauty Wonkette normally seeks recommendations on the cutting edge of science. But, today's beauty tip is in a category all it's own.

If your locks take on a green (if you're a golden hair beauty) or brassy (for the raven haired among us) tint from too much time in the pool, neutralize the color caused by chlorine by dabbing a bit of red wine into your hair (hiccup). You can also use it before entering the pool as a preventative measure. Use before shampooing for best results. Drink the rest of the wine. Mama was right. It is a sin to waste.

Want to clarify your hair without stripping it? Mix 1/4 cup mouthwash with 1 cup of water. Apply it to your scalp for a tingly good cleanse (it removes build up on scalp without stripping it of its natural oils). Do not rinse! Use after shampoo.


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