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Coming soon..... Bond No 9 Astor Place

Coming in April is Bond No. 9 Astor Place, a fragrance inspired by New York's most vibrant arts and style intersection. The flacon echoes the angles and cubes of the famous Rosenthal sculpture that is the marker of neighborhood, and renders them in an array of rich colors. The golden background pays homage to the Astor fortune and philanthropy.

And the scent? Downtown meets uptown in a seductive and fresh freesia-poppy-violet leaf composition that dries down into smooth notes of teakwood and musk. Beauty Wonkette is loving the smell of Astor Place. The top notes of violet leaf and mandarin zest, middle notes of freesia, red poppy buds and iris root, and bottom notes of teakwood, musk and amber combine to form something that is just, well, dare I say MAGICAL -- all fresh, springy, feminine, light and yet seductive. It's the perfect Spring scent and Beauty Wonkette thinks it is definitely something that you should sample. And Beauty Wonkette thinks the flacon is simply bitchin&…

Heal Thyself - This Stuff is a Near Miracle in a Bottle

For almost 40 years, stylist Linda Rodin (one time fashion editor of Harper's Bazaar) has worked with every celebrity from the late Herb Ritts to Madonna. Of course, she had access to every big-ticket “miracle” potion on the market through her connections, but like many of us, she was always disappointed. Rodin researched and experimented for two years until she found a concoction of essential oils that left her middle-aged skin soft and subtle. After positive feedback from her famous friends and even her doctor, her Olio Lusso hit shelves. It is an aromatic blend of eleven essential and botanical oils all known for their skin-softening, soothing, glow giving properties. It delivers a potent dose of antioxidants, fatty acids, and antibacterial benefits to moisturize and heal all skin types. When Beauty Wonkette was a wee bit overexuberant in the use of Retin A and a myriad of other stuff, her naturally oily skin was painfully dry, tight, and flaky-- and, dare I say, magically tra…

HEADS UP! PRIVATE SALE...Keratase is discontinuing 10 products....

Kérastase is discontinuing ten products. While Beauty Wonkette is deeply saddened that some of the liquid gold of hair products are disappearing from the market, Beauty Wonkette is thrilled that they are now on sale. Receive 30 percent off your purchase at the brand's website when you type in "VIP30" at checkout. Beauty Wonkette suggests the Bain de Force, a fortifying shampoo for weakened or fragile hair and the Bain Aprés-Soleil, a balancing shampoo for sun-exposed hair, both of which are $22.40 each (down from $32). Get other serums, creams, and gels until April 10, when the sale ends and these products are gone forever.

Do you have BUTT ACNE?!?!?!?!?!

Just for the record (ahem), Beauty Wonkette does NOT have butt acne. Butt (no pun intended :D ), apparently, although it is one of those embarrassing beauty issues that few women like to admit to, butt breakouts are relatively common - enough so that a lotion has been created specifically for the purpose of eliminating butt acne. Beauty Wonkette really never has heard of butt acne. However, Beauty Wonkette's butt is one of her great beauty assets (oh god, that sounds like another bad pun) and so she takes especially good care of it. The fact is, that even if you don't have the accursed butt acne, you probably do want smooth silky skin, not only on your butt, but your arms, etc.

Beauty Wonkette was delighted to learn about a product on the market dedicated solely to your ass!!!! Booty 911 will take care of rough, scaly, and yes, even pimple ridden skin on your butt with its powerful mixture of 15% glycolic and lavender!

Booty 911 is so effective that if you use it twice a …

A drycleaner for your makeup brushes...

Did you know that the best way to remove oily liquid foundation or waxy lipstick from your makeup brushes is by using dry corn starch? Beauty Wonkette is always looking for a stupendous new way to keep her makeup brushes clean, and rarely finds one. This was welcome news. It really works!

Here's what you'll need and what to do:

•Fill a plastic bag with corn starch (make sure it's the sugar and preservative-free kind).
•Drop the brush inside (hair down) and hold the mouth of the bag closed.
•Shake for one minute and then remove the brush. Dust off the corn starch and repeat two more times until all of the greasy residue is gone.

Here comes the sun......

Well, Spring has sprung. At least, that is what the tell Beauty Wonkette. Beauty Wonkette is a little bit doubtful, because it has been cold and rainy here, but still.... It can't be tooooo far away. Beauty Wonkette pays close attention to sun protection all year round, and you should too. But, there's no question that we spend more time outdoors when it's all warm and sunny and delightful out, so sun protection becomes even more important. Now, with that said, Beauty Wonkette wonders if an SPF100 product is really necessary.

Neutrogena has made a numberically astronomical announcement! Come May, they're launching Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 100+ (choke choke). A fellow blogger called up dermatologist, and author of The Youth Equation, Jeffrey Dover, to find out if this was overkill. After having a good laugh, he deadpanned, "It's an arms race!" then continued, "if it's winter and you live on the east coast, SPF 15 is perfectly fine.…

BARGAIN OF THE WEEK: Bird poop facials only $50 !

Reservations just opened up for New York Spa Week, which will be held this year from April 13 to April 19. Spotted on the list of specials: The Geisha Facial at Shizuka New York Day Spa — a.k.a. the Bird-Poop Facial. With this 60-minute treatment, the spa uses sanitized nightingale droppings to re-texturize the skin. Originally priced at $180, the price plummets to $50 during Spa Week. Yes, isn't it about time they opened up the luxury of spreading poo on your face to the common folk? Like you're not getting crapped on enough already....ahem.

Lest you think Beauty Wonkette is suffering a Friday meltdown, we bring you this from Shizuka Spa's site:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Bird Droppings?

Shizuka remembered hearing about uguisu no fun (that's BIRD POOP btw) from her mother while growing up in Tokyo. Japanese women have always prized pale, porcelain complexions and Shizuka's mother always stressed proper skincare and limiting sun exposure. When Shizuka was researc…

Beauty Wonkette predicts things are going to get VERY hairy in NJ

New Jersey has long been known for hair-related disasters. I mean, it IS the birthplace of the mullet (think Bon Jovi) and mall bangs. A recent bit of news isn't doing much to help that rep.

In a move that's sure to freak out hyper-groomed women in the state, New Jersey's Board of Cosmetology and Hairstyling is considering a proposal to ban Brazilian bikini waxes in response to the complaints of two women who claim they were injured and hospitalized from botched jobs (major ouchies). According to the Philadelphia Daily News, the up-close-and-personal waxes have actually always been illegal, but the statute wasn't explicitly spelled out. The new proposal would make things perfectly clear by outright banning, ahem, "genital waxing."

The board is set to meet, and presumably vote on the ban on Brazilians, on April 14th and Gov. Corzine is ready to get tough about enforcement. If you live in Jersey, Beauty Wonkette suggests booking your next (and possibly last)…

STRESSED OUT no excuse for looking like crap :D

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh these stressful days! Yes, Beauty Wonkette feels your pain. My assistant recently sent me a video clip of an appearance that Allure Editor in Chief Linda Wells made on (I think) the Today Show. She had a lot to say. Bottom line: Your stressed, I'm stressed, we're all stressed. BUT that doesn't mean we have to look like hell! Read on....

In fact, an poll showed that 87 percent of us notice a difference in our skin when we’re freaking out. (And it's not all in our heads—one Miami derm we talked to said about 50 percent of her patients are coming in with stress-related skin problems.)
In case you're stressing out, here's a rundown of the products that won't necessarily lower your blood pressure, but will at least make you look like you weren't tossing and turning all night.

If you're breaking out:
Clean & Clear Continuous Control Acne Cleanser, $5.99, is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and hey, the price is …

When Beauty Wonkette's feet are happy, so is she :D

Beauty Wonkette LOVES high heels. And, even more than generic high heels, Beauty Wonkette LOVES sexy, strappy, high heel sandals. But Beauty Wonkette also HATES them. Why, you ask??? Well, if you ask, you don't wear high heels! It is apparent to Beauty Wonkette that right up there with the 2nd law of thermodynamics is a universal principle that dictates that the higher, the strappier, and the sexier a shoe is, the more pain it will inflict on the wearer. Hence the "hate." "Ah, Dr. Freud, what we have here seems to be a classic love-hate relationship..."

Beauty Wonkette is not about to give up wearing the gorgeous shoes she's been wearing for years. So, you can well understand why she broke out in joyful song after coming upon these babies! Foot Petals Killer Kushionz are full insoles that provide the ultimate in cushioned support AND can be worn in sandals. They’re designed to cushion the heel, arch and ball of your foot and also work like grip tape…

if you love Suki like Beauty Wonkette loves Suki....

In beauty speak, tossing organic, scientific, and pharmaceutical grade around in the same sentence is the same as saying seven-inch spiked heels are muy comfortable. However, after years of research and development, Suki Kramer seems to have managed to deliver a new line of potent serums, creams, and peels that manage to be high-tech and organic at the same time! Suki has long been one of Beauty Wonkette's favorite skin care wizards. Now, mixing everything from copper complex and cranberry glycolic to retinol liposome polypeptide and white willow bark, Suki's newest line of highly active products promise to lighten the darkest spots, brighten the dullest skin, and zap the peskiest of zits. Ah, but do they really?

Well, Beauty Wonkette needed a guinea pig. Didn't take too long to find a willing one. After being diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome (which apparently has a side-effect of absolutely scream inducing high-school acne), Beauty Wonkette's guinea pig tr…

Beauty Wonkette wants to keep your pout soft and purdy....

With subzero temperatures and a bad economy, Beauty Wonkette really wanted/needed an inexpensive pick-me-up that was also useful. Lucky for her, she discovered Ballmania's new Garden Party lip-balm collection, which happens to be effective and extremely adorable at the same time. Made with shea butter, aloe vera, vitamins A, C, D3, and E, with SPF 20 thrown in for good measure, the balms keep even the most chapped lips nourished and protected. The paisley, floral, and leopard-print sphere containers with names like Mrs. Baumgartner, Petticoat Luncheon, and Wild Thing are charming without being too juvenile. And they only cost $6 - $8 at etailers like

Lip Tint Mania !!!

Beauty Wonkette is building an addition to her house so she will have a place for her vast collection of lip stains, tints, balms, glosses... Here's one that Beauty Wonkette is having fun with. SERENLIPITY lip tints combine a perfect touch of confident color, sheer shine, non-sticky coverage and crucial UVA/UVB sun protection in a one-of-a-kind ball that is easily found in the bottom of your bag. The first time you use it, you'll be the instant envy of lip novices everywhere, but then again, weren't you always? Beauty Wonkette's collection includes: Berry Brazilicious (Light ruby color/berry shimmer with acai berry flavor), Passion Payday (Garnet color/silver shimmer with passion fruit flavor), and Glisten Here Missy (Bronze color/copper shimmer with safari spice flavor). At only $12.50 per, Beauty Wonkette is just getting started....

Etailer of the Week: Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Before I say another word, I must warn you: DO NOT VISIT BLACK PHOENIX ALCHEMY LAB'S SITE IF YOU ARE IN A HURRY ! Beauty Wonkette remembers the her first visit. She ended up staying for almost two hours! Aside from the fact that this California based company puts out some of the most unique and sultry fragrances EVER, the site is incredibly rich with literary references of every type imaginable. Take a look at the way their fragrance blends are organized. Categories include: Sin & Salvation, Rappaccini's Garden, Wanderlust, Marchen, Mad Tea Party... My current favorite blend is from the NOVEL IDEAS FOR SECRET AMUSEMENTS II collection. This is a limited edition Salon series celebrating the joy, humor, playfulness, and thrill of sexual intercourse through scent interpretations of Edo era Japanese erotic art. According to the site, this is a Limited Edition series that will run from 10 January 2009 until 13 March 2009. I'm hoping they'll keep it going a whi…

Beauty Wonkette !

Ok, ok - I know it has been a full week since Beauty Wonkette has posted... I KNOW I didn't say a word before I left. I didn't know I was leaving. I swear. Really. It's the nature of my job. Look at it this way: it probably saved you a few bucks (giggle). Anywayyyyy, I'm back. So, please, read on!

Beauty Wonkette's latest beef.... hehe

Okay, Beauty Wonkette is MAD! Can you believe that Armani's billboards have been rejected in NYC of all places by a man's butt! Beauty Wonkette wishes to add that it is a VERY nice man's but :D. Beauty Wonkette is serious btw. The new Armani|Exchange advertisement has all the key elements of a successful campaign — cleavage, sex on the beach, a Jeep, and model Parker Gregory's naked behind. Too bad you'll never see it plastered on billboards in the meatpacking district. The Van Wagner company rejected the ad, calling it "too racy." That's just preposterous. Sure we spotted the glutes before the cleavage, but this bare-bottomed dude is getting dressed, so he's promoting fashion. We're pretty sure if Armani cropped out the butt, the nearly exposed breasts would be fine with Van Wagner, which proves there is a double standard in fashion advertising. Objectifying men is not nearly as prevalent as it needs to be, so thanks to Armani for making …

The Cheapest Manicure Ever - FUN FUN FUN !

during the New York shows, Beauty Wonkette was mainly preoccupied with figuring out where she was going to get the big bucks to snag some of the fierce fashions that marched down the runway. So, you can imagine Beauty Wonkette's relief when she saw something she COULD snag without selling her favorite non-human companion into slavery (he'd be worthless btw - Beauty Wonkette is HIS slave): the models at Trovata showcased a subtle, but different take on the French manicure—delicate pink nails with a skinny black tip. At Akiko Ogawa, the girls had a rather springlike pink-ombré nail. So for the DIY (read POOR)types out there — and who hasn't started to become one in this day and age — Sally Hansen's new Nail Art Pen allows you to follow the trends at home. They come in seven different colors, work over any nail polish, and easily wipe off (smudge free) if you make a mistake. Just apply a topcoat to seal the deal.

Beauty Wonkette's favorite lippie of the moment: LE METIER DE BEAUTE

When Island Def Jam Chairman Music Antonio “L.A” Reid launched his cosmetics line, Le Metier de Beaute Luxury Cosmetics, at Bergdorf Goodman's last October, Beauty Wonkette didn't pay much attention. Yes, yes, OF COURSE Beauty Wonkette can happily wander around the BG lower level for countless hours in a state of sheer euphoria, but seriously, what the hell does L.A. Reid know about cosmetics??? Beauty Wonkette looked at the guest list that was headlined by Eve and Mariah Carey. Neither lady has a look that Beauty Wonkette particularly wanted to emulate, and so, she found other ways to spend her money.

Now, so many (wasted) months later, Beauty Wonkette has finally tried Le Metier de Beaute's Colour Core Moisture Lip Stain. OHHHHHHHHHHH MYYYYYYY GOD !!! (The kerplunk you may have just heard was Beauty Wonkette hitting the floor in an absolute swoon.) WHAT is this stuff? Is it a stain? A moisturizer? It is (be still my heart) both! Billed as a brand new concept in l…

Etailer of the Week: Xandra Renouvelle

In order to explain why Beauty Wonkette has bestowed the (better late than never...ahem) Etailer of the Week spot to Xandra Renouvelle, she has to start in lovely, far away land.... It was during a trip to Morocco that Beauty Wonkette discovered a line called Kaeline, whose sublime argan oil based products are found in the country's most exclusive hotels and spas.

Argan oil is only found in Morocco and has been used by Moroccan women, in beauty rituals, for centuries. Beauty Wonkette learned that argan oil is the world's richest natural source of vitamin E and contains 80% essential fatty acids, endowing it with phenomenal anti aging and skin protecting qualities. No wonder it has become that latest rage in all aspects of especially natural bath, body, and skin care ! Well, Kaeline's Argatherapie, elegantly packaged in glass flasks, offers the most indulgent way to enjoy argan oil in your beauty rituals. So, naturally, Beauty Wonkette shoved as much of this stuff that sh…

Beauty Wonkette Learns About Plopping....

Yes, my lovelies, that is PLOPPING, not kerplopping... You see, Beauty Wonkette's mane is not CURLY, it's kind of wavy. If it's allowed to dry and no hot tools are used, wavy translates in WILD - i.e. not suitable for anything that resembles civilized social activity. So, some of my fellow beauty wonkettes were good enough to introduce me to the world of plopping. Now, they are genuine curly girls, but the secrets of the curly world have proven to be most useful to Beauty Wonkette. Now that she has plopping down, she can even get away with going to work post-plop, provided it's a relatively informal day. And now, for all of you with less than stick straight manes, whether you are truly a curly girl, or just a wavy kinda girl, or you just need to fight the dreaded frizz, Beauty Wonkette presents (drum roll please) THE ART OF PLOPPING:

Although it sounds like some new exercise trend. ‘Plopping’ refers to a method of helping to create curl structure prior to diffus…