Etailer of the Week: Xandra Renouvelle

In order to explain why Beauty Wonkette has bestowed the (better late than never...ahem) Etailer of the Week spot to Xandra Renouvelle, she has to start in lovely, far away land.... It was during a trip to Morocco that Beauty Wonkette discovered a line called Kaeline, whose sublime argan oil based products are found in the country's most exclusive hotels and spas.

Argan oil is only found in Morocco and has been used by Moroccan women, in beauty rituals, for centuries. Beauty Wonkette learned that argan oil is the world's richest natural source of vitamin E and contains 80% essential fatty acids, endowing it with phenomenal anti aging and skin protecting qualities. No wonder it has become that latest rage in all aspects of especially natural bath, body, and skin care ! Well, Kaeline's Argatherapie, elegantly packaged in glass flasks, offers the most indulgent way to enjoy argan oil in your beauty rituals. So, naturally, Beauty Wonkette shoved as much of this stuff that she could (along with half the nation of Morocco) in her luggage before returning home. But, alas, Beauty Wonkette eventually ran out and began her search for Kaeline products here in the USA. THAT'S HOW BEAUTY WONKETTE DISCOVERED XANDRA RENOUVELLE !!! You see, they are the ONLY place to find these extraordinary products in the USA. The story of their website is also very odd and unique: Xandra Renouvelle and the launch of the Kaeline line in the U.S. was the dream of Eric Boesinger, his wife, AND his ex-wife. When Eric died suddenly at the age of 43 in January 2008, his wife and former wife pledge to fulfill his dream. Xandra Renouvelle is a LOVELY site, with extraordinary customer service, and Kaeline's products are just off the charts! When you visit Xandra Renouvelle, DO NOT LEAVE without a few jars of Kaeline's Original Moroccan Savon Noir Black Soap. It is extracted from the olive nut is renowned for its exfoliating and skin softening qualities. Beauty Wonkette cannot live with it !!!


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