When Beauty Wonkette's feet are happy, so is she :D

Beauty Wonkette LOVES high heels. And, even more than generic high heels, Beauty Wonkette LOVES sexy, strappy, high heel sandals. But Beauty Wonkette also HATES them. Why, you ask??? Well, if you ask, you don't wear high heels! It is apparent to Beauty Wonkette that right up there with the 2nd law of thermodynamics is a universal principle that dictates that the higher, the strappier, and the sexier a shoe is, the more pain it will inflict on the wearer. Hence the "hate." "Ah, Dr. Freud, what we have here seems to be a classic love-hate relationship..."

Beauty Wonkette is not about to give up wearing the gorgeous shoes she's been wearing for years. So, you can well understand why she broke out in joyful song after coming upon these babies! Foot Petals Killer Kushionz are full insoles that provide the ultimate in cushioned support AND can be worn in sandals. They’re designed to cushion the heel, arch and ball of your foot and also work like grip tape to keep your foot from slipping and sliding around. (Beauty Wonkette doesn't like it at all when her toes slide down the front of her sandals. Arghhh.)

They're made out of breathable foam. That means that in addition to providing the much needed cushion, you'll find that you're feet don't get hot the way they sometimes do when you've been walking or standing in heels. A super adhesive sticker keeps each pad in place, and they’re perfectly sized (although, you can still trim them to fit if need be). Bottom line: they fit well under your feet without obviously sticking out and making you look like some kind of orthopaedically challenged dork. Best of all, they work!


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