Avah Goes to the Head of the Class

     How did it come to be that Beauty Wonkette would be attending THIS many graduations?  Hmmmm.  It does have it's upside (listening to high school chorus' do the whole GLEE thing NOT).  That being that it brings BW to the Big Apple for stuff other than work and THAT means lots of time to roam around Barneys New York, Soho, and, more recently, Brooklyn.  My oh my, the things Beauty Wonkette has discovered that she simply must have.  Read on....  Soon you will have to have this too!

     BW relishes the sensation of post-salon tresses, not only for our newly styled ‘do, but because of the heavenly-fresh scent locked in our strands that seems to last for days and days. Well, my lovelies, the time has come to keep those “oh-god-your-hair-smells-amazing” compliments coming with Serge Normant’s new perfume, Avah, formulated specifically for your locks!

     Beauty Wonkette does not do the dry shampoo thing.  Not that we have anything against the concept; we just haven't found one we truly love.  Fear not.  This absolutely intoxicating spritz (NOT a dry shampoo in any way btw) will infuse your mane whenever you need a refresher, thereby extending the life of your blow dry. Concocted with delicious jojoba (Beauty Wonkette's second favorite oil after argan oil), vitamin E and aloe, Serge Normant dreamt up this spicy jasmine fragrance to be worn on the body and hair—and, as opposed to other perfumes, its ingredients won’t cause build up!

     Sleep through your alarm? Running late?  Waking from an after work errrrr "nap" with your so before heading out to dinner?  Revive your bed-head in a jiffy (yeah go ahead, use a little dry shampoo if you MUST) and Avah—your secret’s safe with Beauty Wonkette!

It will set you back $60 (cause delicious rarely comes cheap) and is available for order exclusively at Barneys New York.  For additional information, visit Sergenormant.com.


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