Beauty Wonkette wishes you a Merry Merry....

Ahhhh I know. Beauty Wonkette has been a bad girl. She hasn't posted for so long. Indeed, some would argue that all Beauty Wonkette deserves in HER stocking is a big, old, dirty lump of coal (that's right, you say, COAL not KOHL).

But, Beauty Wonkette has an excellent excuse. First, Beauty Wonkette is now MRS. Beauty Wonkette. No, no - I didn't marry somebody named Beauty Wonkette BUT I did marry. Yep. Again. Hehe.

AND, one of the perks of BW's real job is international travel. And travel BW did...

Okay - enough! Bottom line: BEAUTY WONKETTE IS BACK!

And, she's wishing you and yours a very MERRY MERRY...


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