A Must Buy for Recessionistas.....

Yes, Beauty Wonkette loves to splurge. But when something thoroughly affordable (read CHEAP)comes along, you can count on BW for a shout out...

So, my pretties, you have just got to check out these hot new eyeliners by Styli-Style. They are flat! Flat you say? Yes, flat. What makes them so unique is that the flat shape of the pencil gives you the option to create a thick or thin line above your lashes. Colors include shades of black, brown, blue and purples (8 shades in all).

When using the “Blendable Innovations Flat Eye Pencil” your end result can be subtle or dramatic depending on your mood! Plus Styli-Style has a sharpener specifically made just for their flat pencil.

They're available for a song at CVS, Rite Aid, and your finer beauty supply stores.


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