HAIR TRAVELS: reinvigorate in the Caribbean

Beauty Wonkette is back from her international travels.... 'Twas great and although I love the good ole USA, the fact that the only traveling Beauty Wonkette is going to be doing for the next few months is INSIDE the United States, she's a little bit bummed atm. In any case, to help escape the doldrums of a mundane schedule with little or no time for exotic escapes, Beauty Wonkette has decided to bring you some bringing globally-inspired hair products. Cleanse, condition, treat and style your hair with these and both of us may feel just a teensy bit better about not traveling any exotic locales for a little while. Just wait till next year though...

Okay - first up!

Launched last year, and inspired by Caribbean notes of zesty citrus, clean florals and warms spices, Hair Rules is a line of products developed for all textured hair, designed to be easy to use and effective. The line's Wavy Mouse bares the brand's wavy logo that will remind you of your college spring break ;-)


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