HAIR TRAVELS: Amazon Beauty secrets

YES, YES, YES !!! Beauty Wonkette vacationed in Brazil. But, alas, she didn't make it to the rain forest. Now, apparently, in the Amazon rainforest, you may not have the luxury of an everyday shampoo session. But no matter - bringing the Amazon to use is easier than bringing us to it. With Amazon Beauty Rahua, your shampoo and conditioner will transport you there instantly by way of the unique Rahua nut ingredient that fortifies hair. It's 100 percent natural and will definitely help you channel the beauty of tribal Amazonian women.

WAIT !!! There's more! The Brazilian wonderland has another native hair product for dry hair sufferers: Amazonia Preciosa Brazil Nut Nutritive Hair Mask from Surya Brasil. Named after the Preciosa tree, the products have essential oils that emit an exotic and ohhhhh so seductive fragrance. Beauty Wonkette doesn't have dry hair, but this stuff smells so incredibly good that she had to try it. Only you're a truly oily haired girl, this WILL work for you. And that fragrance - OMG OMG OMG - this stuff will stimulate your senses as well as your hair follicles.


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