Grin and Bare it When in NYC

Always in search of a better--and more affordable--bikini wax, Beauty Wonkette's intrepid New York big sis ventured to Boom Boom Beauty Bar where prices have been reduced to a mere $39 for the whole shebang. Here's the scoop:

Having owner Malynda Vigliotti (aka Boom Boom) de-fuzz down there is sort of like having a pal do the job, which sounds weird but it's not. Malynda puts you totally at ease and gets the job done swiftly and efficiently.

No double-dipping. This is Malynda's motto. You can trust that she'll use a fresh stick with every swipe. (For coarse patches, she also uses dry wax--it pulls off hair in one quick tug.)

Take a brow. Congratulate yourself on a bikini wax well done and enjoy some expert brow grooming for only $18. Malynda gently tidies up rogue strands and creates a natural shape.

Looks like smooth sailing from here on out.

Boom Boom Beauty Bar, 35 7th Ave., (212) 229-BOOM,


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