Bring on the humidity! Beauty Wonkette ain't skeered...

The weather had gotten truly gotten to Beauty Wonkette and, more importantly, to Beauty Wonkette's locks. A couple of weeks ago, work took me to a city on the Gulf at the height of absolutely gross, soupy, swampy weather. As usual, Beauty Wonkette was in a hurry when packing and failed to bring her beloved Moroccan Cream. Nor did she remember the No Frizz. Soooooo, without a decent beauty supply store in sight (or on site), she did what she could with what was at hand. She oiled, sprayed, puttied, and even gelled ( do NOT ask ) her tresses in hopes of taming the frizz. All to no avail.

Then, roaming around a mall that did NOT have a Sephora, in low spirits (read utter despair), Beauty Wonkette happened upon a Lush store (in the most unlike place, it seemed)! Although no fan of Lush, BW was desperate, and so, on a whim, bought the Jasmine and Henna Fluff Eaze treatment. Skeptical at the saleswoman's claims that this would cure BW's puffball hair, she purchased it anyway and trudged back to her hotel and piled a dollop on her locks. (Note: Use a lot less than the jar says.) After letting it sit for twenty minutes and shampooing (twice), previously puffy hair was silky smooth, not greasy, and smelled amazing. And it was shockingly knot free. Humidity, do your worst- BRING IT ON! :D

7.8oz - $20.45


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