Body beautiful....

In Beauty Wonkette's perfect world, we all would (and COULD) be spending copious amounts of time and money on spa treatments every week. Alas, that may not be feasible for everyone (errrr ANYONE), so Beauty Wonkette urges you to take time out for yourself, even if only once in a while. If it’s in your budget, do what BW recently did, and go for a full-body overhaul, like the African Red Tea Body Cocktail purifying treatment at a Ole Henriksen spa. It will exfoliate and allow your skin to detox while someone rubs you down (moannnn). If you can’t splurge for the on-site real deal, fork over some dough for an at-home DIY version. The African Red Tea Body Collection ($65;, which includes a body scrub, mask, and soufflĂ©, nourishes your skin from head to toe. The rejuvenating powers of African Red Tea are Ole's secret to beautiful skin thanks to the tea's skin-strengthening minerals and free-radical-fighting antioxidants that help slow down the signs of aging. Beauty Wonkette's verdict: most definitely worth the time spent.


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