Eye spy

Although Beauty Wonkette is not all that big on makeup, the one product that she DOES use with moderate fanaticism is mascara. Seriously, Beauty Wonkette is happy when her lashes are sufficiently blackened, lengthened, and separated before she hits the road.

And with all of the random oscillating and polymer-coating mascaras out there, BW is frankly shocked that it took so long for someone to come up with this awesome one-handed mascara applicator.

We haven’t tried it yet, but we’re totally loving its pen-like structure.

The cap can be put onto the end of the wand, and the brush appears when you move a tiny slider. Plus, it’s designed so that air can’t get into the container so your mascara stays clump free and fresh for a super long time.

And really, no one wants to search the floor of their bathroom for their mascara cap that always manages to roll away the second it hits a flat surface.

Mascara Noir is made by Belvada and will retail for $25 when it hits salons later this month. Keep an eye out for it (no pun intended ;-)


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