Dr. Look Good is making free mouse calls....

Ok my fellow Beauty Wonkettes, this is too good to pass up!

Nab some free face time with a Beverly Hills dermatologist.

The doctor is in...your inbox.

Suffering from skin that's itchy? Sun damaged? Acne-prone? Are you buried under jars of face potions?

Whatever ails you, Beverly Hills dermatologist Dr. Zein Obagi is here to help--and he won't charge you a penny for his expertise. Just surf over to his site and ask for a "Mouse Call." Instead of making an appointment and shelling out $300 for an office visit, you just fill out a fast questionnaire about your skin issues and the products you currently use. In about a day, you'll receive a detailed response directly from Obagi or his team. Online consultations are free until August, when the price goes back to the usual $75.

Beauty Wonkette was VERY pleasantly surprised that Obagi didn't try to push products on us when we told him our sensitive skin woes. Check out a sample consultation here.

Drop Dr. 90201 a line and stop playing cat and mouse with your skin care routine.


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