You've been a VERY bad girl !!!

You've got a secret, and you're desperate to keep it under wraps. You surely don't want Beauty Wonkette to find out now, do ya?

Maybe you played hooky to hit the beach. Or perhaps you threw caution to the wind and sauntered outside sans sunscreen. Either way, you got burned.

Beekman 1802 After-the-Sun soap hides the evidence--no questions asked. The bars are made with goat's milk to remove chemical residue from sunscreen and keep skin soft and moisturized. Ingredients like organic green tea extract, olive oil, lavender and aloe vera help jump start the healing process. And because the soaps are free of chemicals and artificial fragrances, they won't irritate scorched skin. Each package contains 10 mini bars, so you can sneak one in your bag and discretely lather up after a beach tryst or an afternoon romp. Yes, you have been BAAAD! But being a kind and forgiving Beauty Wonkette, I'm gonna help you out... You can grab this magic soap here :D


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