Beauty Wonkette warns you that you will NEVER look at soda (or condiments, or salad dressing) the same way after seeing this.

Beauty Wonkette believes we may all have a problem. A sugar problem.

Now, now, hear Beauty Wonkette out.

You try reading nutrition labels. But who the hell knows just how much a gram of sugar actually is, anyway? Luckily, a spanking-new site called Sugar Stacks does all the work for you. It uses photos of sugar cubes to show you just how the sugar in your favorite foods stack up, literally (there's 4 grams of sugar in each cube).

Are you sitting down? That bottle of orange juice in your hand? It contains about 11 cubes of the sweet stuff. That translates to 192 calories from sugar alone!

That energy bar in your purse? That's like gobbling 5.5 sugar cubes in one sitting.

Beauty Wonkette is only doing this because she loves you. The first step is admitting you have a problem. Soon, you'll kick your sugar habit (and cut empty calories) for good. Remember, O N E D A Y A T A T I M E ;-)


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