Suffering a Summergency? Read this before calling 911

Summer isn't all scoping out hot lifeguards and ditching work early on Fridays. Oh, no. The season is rife with nasty surprises -- sunburns, bikini lines gone wrong, and shaving mishaps. Here, Beauty Wonkette helps you treat some of these common summertime snafus.

The Summergency: A painful sunburn in a lovely shade of Carrot Top red.
The Remedy: For starters, try wearing sunblock next time, genius. Until then, ease the pain of the burn by popping a couple of aspirin, bathing in cool water (adding oatmeal to the bath can help soothe skin), and applying a healing aloe gel and/or after-sun treatment to the affected areas. Drinking lots of water will help you feel less dehydrated. You can also try applying honey or white vinegar to the damaged skin to help it heal.

The Summergency: Your skin is peeling off in big sheets.
The Remedy: For some, peeling skin is like bubble wrap -- you just can't get enough. For the rest of us, it's gross, unsightly, and makes us think of Buffalo Bill's fleshwear (shudder). To avoid the dreaded Saran Wrap-skin syndrome, take a cold shower or bath, which will slow down the peeling process. Post-shower, apply a hydrating aloe vera lotion, which will soothe the skin, fight dryness and help you avoid infections. Do your best to avoid picking and peeling at the skin, even if it itches. Scratching can lead to scars and infections, so simply trim excess skin with a small pair of scissors and apply an antibacterial cream over the area. The bright side: It will all be over in a few days.

The Summergency: Your sweaty pits are leaking onto your clothes.
The Remedy: Sweat stains are the pits, aren't they? Showering daily and wearing a strong, effective deodorant is the first step to avoiding this pitfall. You should also avoid synthetic fabrics in favor of something breathable like cotton; also wear loose garments rather than tight tops that hug the armpit. If you do sweat through a shirt, try to remove the sweat soon as you can, because sweat is acidic and can cause a permanent stain if left untreated. A trick to try: Apply shampoo to the sweaty area, then rinse in cold water. Many also swear by white vinegar and aspirin mixed with water to treat pit stains.

The Summergency: You were too broke for the Brazilian so you went for the recessionista bikini shave ... and have the rash to prove it.
The Remedy: Using a razor to keep our bikini lines tidy is cheaper than a wax or hair removal cream, but it increases the risk of inflammation and ingrown hairs. For the latter, use tweezers to pick out any rogue hairs. As for those painful red bumps, hydrocortisone cream, witch hazel, aloe vera and apple cider vinegar can all help soothe the burn. You can apply lotion to the area, but be sure that it is free from perfumes or dyes, which will further irritate the area. Try to stay out of the water until the rash goes away, as salt water can make the area sting. And to avoid this pesky problem next time you shave, be sure to use shaving gel, shave with the grain, and use a new, sharp razor blade.


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