A new cult is about to be born!

If you're not familiar with Yu-Be, its cult following (which includes almost the entire population of Japan) and Beauty Wonkette collectively pities you. Around for half a century, this pharmacist-founded brand is best-known for its medicated Moisturizing Skin Cream; and for years, it's all they made. Recently, however, they launched a few new products, one of which is decidedly not a moisturizer.

When Beauty Wonkette saw that Yu-Be had stepped outside of their specialty to create a Foaming Skin Polish, we were initially skeptical. "Stick to what you know," is common advice. But ultimately, we're sooo glad Yu-Be expanded their horizons with this face-and-body cleansing scrub because it has rocked Beauty Wonkette's world.

Rice bran, walnut and bamboo are used for exfoliation, ginger and ginseng provide toning benefits, and camphor, geranium and green tea simultaneously calm and energize your skin. The paraben- and sulfate-free formula washes without harsh consequences.

And while this may not be a moisturizer, per se, it does, indeed, moisturize. The glycerin found in Yu-Be creams is also in Foaming Skin Polish, so your now-smoother skin feels softer and healthier, too.

a 7oz tube is $18 at Sephora - online only !


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